Toy Tuesday The Best Persona Toys

first_imgAtlus’s Shin Megami Tensei series is one of the most storied in Japanese RPG history, a sprawling supernatural epic that has seen myriad spin-offs and side stories (including dancing and fighting games). The Persona series takes the lore and mythos of the mainline and sets it in high school, delivering stylish and innovative storytelling bolted to rock-hard battles. The series’ character design is top of the line, so it’s no surprise that there are lots of dope Persona toys. Here are our picks for 11 of the coolest.Makoto Yuki FigureEach Persona game features different methods for the teenage protagonists to summon the supernatural manifestations of their inner selves that give the games their title. In the third installment, they pointed a device called an Evoker at their head and pulled the trigger. It’s a pretty edgy visual, which fits perfectly with the atmosphere. The game’s unnamed protagonist was dubbed Makoto Yuki for the movie adaptation, so that’s what we’ll call him. This Figma action figure features Max Factory’s unique jointing system that allows for smooth motion and durability, and flexible plastic over certain connections lends a smoother appearance. Comes with a stand and accessories.Get it at AmazonMorgana NendoroidThe second-in-command of the Phantom Thieves in Persona 5, Morgana might appear to be a humanoid cat but is in reality a human trapped in that form, and he won’t let you forget it. Good Smile’s Nendoroid line is perfect for capturing his proportions, and this poseable figure is a pitch-perfect rendition. Morgana stands a little over two and a half inches high and comes with his slingshot and saber, as well as a stand to pose him in his “All-Out Attack” stance. A total of sixteen different combinations of eye and mouth parts are available for a wide range of facial expressions.Get it at Amazon.comPanther Funko PopEach of the Phantom Thieves in Persona 5 have a unique costumed identity that they appear in as they raid the mind palaces of their targets. In the real world, Ann Takamaki is a kind if somewhat withdrawn high school student, but when she springs into action she takes the nom de crime Panther and, clad in a red catsuit with matching whip, acts as the team’s moral center while kicking ass. Funko has made a variety of Persona Pops, but this one is our pick for the sculpt quality and level of detail.Get it at AmazonTamashii Nations Raidou Kuzunoha FigureWe’re going to bend the rules here, as Raidou Kuzunoha is the protagonist of the Devil Summoner games and hasn’t popped his head up yet in the Persona series. But this totally badass figure from Bandai’s Tamashii Nations line is cool enough that we let him make the jump. Multiple points of articulation let you replicate his fighting style, and he comes with a massive amount of accessories and alternate parts — eight hands, a katana with removable eldritch energy effects, demon containment tubes, and even his feline companion Gouto. It’s just an incredibly solid and robust figure.Get it at Amazon.comJoker FigureThe leader of the Phantom Thieves in Persona 5, Joker is a high school student who is expelled following a false accusation and forced to transfer to a new school, where he joins other teens to explore a mysterious realm linked to the human subconscious. This Max Factory figure has the company’s classic articulation and attention to detail, measuring five inches tall and coming with weapons and his mask. Three different faceplates let you try out alternate expressions, and he even comes with a pint-sized version of Morgana to pal around with. A stand lets you execute more difficult poses with ease.Get it at AmazonTeddie PlushWhen we first meet Teddie in Persona 4, he meets the three main human leads in the Midnight Channel and ushers them to an exit so they can escape. When they return, the odd bear-shaped creature realizes they could serve as allies and joins their party in a support role. Teddie’s backstory and character arc is one of the weirder things the series has ever pulled, but we’ll always remember how we met him. If you’re taken by his cuddly form, this Great Eastern plush rendition is perfect for a quick snuggle. Measures eight inches high and has three plastic buttons on his midriff.Get it at AmazonD-Arts Thanatos FigureThe core gimmick of the Persona series is that human beings can be bonded with supernatural entities from throughout mythology and be granted incredible powers. In Persona 3, the protagonist first meets Thanatos when he attempts to summon another Persona, only to see him grotesquely murdered. After accomplishing a social link, he becomes awakened for use. This incredibly detailed figure from Bandai’s D-Arts has tons of articulation, with each of the creature’s floating coffins individually moveable. His jaw even opens and closes!Get it at AmazonPhat Futaba Sakura StatueUnlike the other leads of Persona 5, Futaba Sakura isn’t a student at the same high school — instead, she’s a hikikomori, a shut-in who communicates only over the Internet. When the Phantom Thieves start their adventures, she discovers their identity and invades her own mind palace alongside them to come to terms with her guilt over the death of her mother. She’s one of the game’s most popular characters and this detailed statue from Phat features interchangeable parts so you can pose her either in her jacket or without it. Sakura also comes with a smartphone and Morgana in cat form that she can hold.Get it at AmazonChie Satonaka FigureOne of the most popular characters from Persona 4, Chie is a bundle of energy who loves martial arts movies, so she naturally also appeared in the fighting game spin-offs. Clad in her signature green jacket and houndstooth skirt, Chie is ready to venture into the Midnight Channel to rescue her friend Yukiko and unravel the mystery. This is another Figma style toy from Max Factory, so it has a solid level of detail and poseability. Chie comes with three alternate faceplates and effect parts to illustrate the power of her kung fu attacks.Get it at AmazonTamashii Nations Jiraya FigureBandai’s Tamashii Nations line is one of our favorites on the market. They do figures that are both strikingly accurate to their source material and extremely playable and poseable. Their take on Yosuke Hanamura’s first Persona from the fourth game is incredible — the shapeshifting ninja is all sharp angles and hyper-extended limbs, and it can be moved into some seriously outrageous attack poses. The figure includes a special base to support Jiraya’s more ungainly poses.Get it at AmazonJack Frost NendoroidThe Shin Megami Tensei franchise has a number of iconic enemies, but none is as closely tied to the series as cheerful ice demon Jack Frost. He’s become the unofficial mascot of developer Atlus due to his popularity among fans, and he’s even served as the protagonist of his own game. This lovely rendition of the little guy comes with a number of accessories, including a magically created chunk of ice to blitz enemies with and alternate arm and leg parts. Buy four of them and you’ll be set to stage a battle scene.Get it at AmazonMore on Best Animal ToysThe Best ‘My Hero Academia’ ToysThe Best ‘Stranger Things’ Toyslast_img read more