NBA Teams Are Resting Players Earlier And Earlier

This NBA season has produced plenty of eye-popping box scores, but some of the most talked about stat lines recently have been the ones filled with zeroes and marked by a controversial note: Did Not Play-rest.On March 11, Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr opted to keep his core players — Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, Klay Thompson and Andre Iguodala — out of his team’s marquee matchup with the San Antonio Spurs, citing a desire to protect his players’ health after Golden State’s 11,000 miles of travel over the preceding 13 days. One week later, the coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Tyronn Lue, held out LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love from the team’s own nationally televised game against the Los Angeles Clippers. Those benchings apparently did not sit well with the NBA’s commissioner, Adam Silver, who sent team owners a memo saying that the coaching practice of resting healthy players is an “extremely significant issue” for the league. And Silver’s comments didn’t sit well with James: “I don’t understand why it’s become a problem now, because I sit out a couple games?”James is right: NBA players have been getting extra days off for years. But lately teams are embracing rest more than they ever have before, perhaps because coaches are convinced that giving a player a night off here and there can help a team come playoff time. If you’re looking for someone to credit or blame for the recent popularity of this philosophy, look no further than San Antonio. Spurs coach Gregg Popovich is the guru of rest. Mike BudenholzerHawks1919 NBA players who have missed the most games because of rest Gregg PopovichSpurs61113 Paul PierceCeltics, Nets, Wizards, Clippers14 PLAYERTEAMGAMES MISSED FOR REST Rajon RondoCeltics, Kings, Mavericks16 Tim DuncanSpurs38 Tyronn LueCavaliers1515 Brett Brown76ers1515 Mike BrownCavaliers, Lakers—16 Dwane CaseyRaptors1919 Rick CarlisleMavericks3241 Doc RiversCeltics, Clippers2245 Tony ParkerSpurs17 Since 2006,1In our data set, the first instance of a rest notation is from a Phoenix Suns game on April 14, 2006. there have been 609 instances of a player missing a game because he was resting, according to a query of over 50,000 injury reports from Pro Sports Transactions Archive, a database containing NBA transactions dating back to the 1940s.2For all NBA games available in the archive, we queried injury reports for descriptions that included the word “rest.” In an email, the archive’s curator, Frank Marousek, said this would return “most (if not all) of the rest games” in the archive, whose injury data is drawn from internet sources, including media reports, as well as league and team contacts. Popovich has been responsible for 113 of those 609 games missed by healthy players — more than twice as many as any other coach — and even twice as many as any other franchise. (All the data in this piece is current through March 16 of this year.) And his influence has bled into the rest of the league, with many of his former coaching assistants (Mike Budenholzer, Mike Brown, Brett Brown) and former players (Steve Kerr) becoming some of the most enthusiastic adopters of the DNP-rest once they became head coaches for other teams.Popovich was also the first coach to unexpectedly rest four key players in the thick of the regular season for a nationally televised game — a strategy for which the Spurs were fined $250,000 by the league in 2012. His decision to send home Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, Danny Green and Tony Parker before a November game against the Heat was the prototype for the prime-time no-shows that have echoed through the league in recent weeks.Popovich has defended his approach to player rest. “It’s a trade-off,” he said earlier this month. “You want to see this guy in this one game? Or do you want to see him for three more years in his career? And do you want to see him in the playoffs because he didn’t get hurt because maybe he got rest?”It’s unclear if regular-season rest really can prevent playoff injuries, but that hasn’t stopped Popovich from trying. In the 2013-14 season, Pop strategically managed the workload of his 30-something star trio, choosing to rest Duncan, Ginobili and Parker 10 times combined over the course of the season. Duncan, in particular, was given ample opportunities to relax. The Ageless One skipped a game each month in November, December, March and April and had two games off in February. Later that year, the Spurs beat the Heat to win the championship in part because James suffered through painful cramps during his fourth consecutive playoff run to the finals after a 2,900-minute regular season. Duncan, Ginobili and Parker, meanwhile, poured it on during the series, playing an extra 3.9, 5.9, and 5.8 minutes per game, respectively, than they did during the regular season. It’s impossible to say what role the extra rest played — but it couldn’t have hurt.Like his rivals, James has been taking the occasional day off for years, but until recently, 90 percent of his rest days came in April, during the final two weeks of the season — including three games in the last week of the 2011-12 Heat campaign. But during the past two seasons, the Cavaliers have taken a page out of Popovich’s book and embraced a near Duncan-esque rest program for LeBron. During Cleveland’s championship run last season, James skipped at least one game in each of December, February, March and April. This season, he’s missed games in November, December and March, with more rest likely leading up to the playoffs.As a result, James finds himself rocketing up the all-time “DNP-rest” list for NBA players. Predictably, the Spurs’ Big Three hold prominent positions on the list. But with Duncan (No. 1) and his longtime foe Kevin Garnett (No. 3) resting comfortably in retirement, James is in position to eventually overtake the top spot.3Teams’ injury descriptions are taken at face value. In the case of Joel Embiid, for instance, another team might have chosen a different description for his injury, but the Sixers listed it as “rest.” Dwyane WadeHeat, Bulls12 Joel Embiid76ers11 George KarlNuggets, Kings1826 Kevin GarnettCeltics, Nets, Timberwolves23 Steve KerrWarriors1919 LeBron JamesCavaliers, Heat19 Source: Pro Sports Transactions Archive Manu GinobiliSpurs26 LeBron’s recent increase in games missed for rest is emblematic of broader league-wide trends. Each season, the number of games missed to rest is increasing, and the timing of the missed games is shifting earlier and earlier into the season. Coaches who have rested players the most Source: Pro Sports Transactions Archive Mike WoodsonHawks, Knicks—16 Dirk NowitzkiMavericks12 BENCHINGS ATTRIBUTED TO REST COACHTEAMLAST 3 SEASONSTOTAL From 2005-06 to 2010-11, the overwhelming majority of games missed for rest were in April — at the very end of the season. In 2011-12, as a result of a lockout-condensed schedule, teams started resting players in January, February and March. (I looked into why there was such a dip in 2012-13, and there wasn’t a clear explanation.4The number of total injury entries in the Pro Sports Transactions Archive for 2012-13 is comparable to other nearby years, so there’s no reason to think there were data reporting problems for that season.) More recently, the tendency has been to rest players even earlier — like, in October. From 2005-06 to 2007-08, only teams that were in position to make the playoffs5I.e., teams that ranked among the top eight in their conference’s standings at the time of the DNP-rest — meaning they would make the playoffs if the season ended that day — as opposed to teams that ranked ninth or worse. rested players. Since then, the practice has spread — teams outside the playoff picture have accounted for 36 percent of the games missed for rest so far this season. But it’s the rest decisions of contenders that make headlines and invite controversy. Consider the outcome of the two ambitious rest campaigns discussed above — Duncan’s in 2013-14 and James’s in 2015-16 — both were rewarded with the NBA championship. Compare that to the Warriors’s meltdown in last year’s finals after they spurned rest in the regular season and hard-charged their way to the all-time single-season win record. For teams with serious championship aspirations, the motivation for rest is clear. It’s likely going to take more than a strongly worded memo from the league office to convince them otherwise. read more

The Columbia Lions Are The Best Football Team In NYC

3Wagner Seahawks2-4 TEAMRECORD One of the greatest turnarounds in college athletics is occurring in the media capital of the world, and you probably haven’t heard about it.1Unless you follow The Columbia Lions football squad sits at 4-0 and on top of the Ivy League heading into homecoming against the University of Pennsylvania Quakers on Saturday. To say its undefeated start is shocking would be an understatement.Just three years ago, I wrote that Columbia was taking part in the worst college football game of the year. The 0-8 Lions were hosting the 0-8 Cornell Big Red in Upper Manhattan. Columbia would lose that game 30-27 and finish the year 0-10. That season was part of a 24-game losing streak, which one might call a baby version of the Lions’ 44-game losing streak in the 1980s.Indeed, Columbia hasn’t won more than four games in a season in more than a decade and hasn’t had a winning season since 1996. In fact, there have only been three seasons since 1982 when the Lions finished .500 or better:Perhaps the strangest thing about what’s happening at the top of Manhattan is this: Columbia is arguably the best college or pro football team in New York City right now. The Giants are 0-5, the Jets are 3-2 (talk about weird), and all the other college teams that play in the five boroughs have worse records. (Though being the best college football team in New York City is like being the most accurate Stormtrooper.) 2New York Jets*3-2 *Technically not New York CitySource: ESPN So how the heck did the constant losers turn it around and make this Lions fan2I went to every home game from 1994 to 2000 and still attend at least one game a year. very happy? It all started when the school hired former Quaker head coach Al Bagnoli in 2015. The team has progressed incrementally since then, and a look at the stats reveals that Columbia has improved in nearly every facet since entering the game against the Big Red three years ago. Simply put, the Lions are scoring a lot more points than they did then. Heading into that game against Cornell, they were dead last (out of 121 teams) in the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) with just 8.6 points per game. They had scored more than 7 points only once. But through four games this year, the Lions have scored at least 17 points every game and have put up an average of 30.3 points per game. That ranks 35th out of 123 teams.The main cause of the offensive explosion has been an improvement in the passing game. Three years ago, Columbia ranked 52nd with 221.6 passing yards per game (YPG). This year the Lions have jumped to 21st with 276.8 YPG, thanks in part to the strong play of senior quarterback Anders Hill. Of course, as I pointed out in 2014, Columbia was always so far behind that year that they needed to pass pretty much all the time. In passing efficiency — which takes into account completion percentage, yards per attempt, touchdown rate and interception rate — Columbia has jumped from 120th to 21st.Although the rushing game hasn’t improved anywhere near as much as the passing game, Columbia has shown it can move the ball on the ground. Heading into their 2014 game against Cornell, the Lions averaged just 51.3 rushing YPG. Again, that was dead last. This year, they’re up to 68th place with 136.0 YPG. As anyone who has ever watched football can tell you, the ability to both pass and run the ball gives you a better opportunity to fool the defense and score more points.On the other side of the field, the Lions put one of the worst defenses in the country on the field just three years ago. They were giving up an average of 273.8 rushing YPG (120th worst in the FCS) and 246.9 YPG (100th worst). It’s tough to win football games when you can stop neither the run nor the pass.This year, Columbia is doing a good job of stopping both. The Lions are giving up only 121.8 rushing YPG (32nd least in the FCS) and 194.8 passing YPG (39th least). In total defense (which combines both of these), Columbia ranks 26th for the least yards by giving up 316.5 YPG. That has allowed them to give up the 17th least points per game overall at just 17.3.The Lions have also excelled at special teams, where their kicking, punting and return games have all improved dramatically.3Three years ago, Columbia made just two field goals in its first eight games and was ranked 111th and 75th in average yards per kickoff and punt return, respectively. This season, the Lions have already made three field goals in four games, and are ranked 23rd in yards per kickoff return (with 23.27) and 13th in yards per punt return (with 13.00). And they have a point differential average of +13.0 points per game, which is 16th best in the country. That’s 44.2 points better per game than when they had a -31.2 point differential that ranked 118th when heading into their game against Cornell in 2014.So can this streak continue?Columbia’s season is not even halfway to completion. The rest of the games are against Ivy League opponents, which will help to determine whether Columbia wins its first league title since 1961.The team has had a little luck on its side. The Lions seem to be doing a little better on third down than their overall offensive and defensive ranking. Such success usually reverts to the mean. I’d also be worried about the fact that they rank 92nd in fewest penalty yards per game. Older Columbia fans may remember that a pivotal Marcellus Wiley penalty hurt the team dearly in its unsuccessful bid for a perfect season in 1996.Even so, Columbia is off to an impressive start. It’s been strong in all facets of the game — offense, defense and special teams. Other New York area football teams (OK, mainly the Giants) could only dream of doing so well. Bizarro New YorkCollege and pro football programs in New York City as of Oct. 13, 2017 5New York Giants*0-5 4Fordham Rams1-5 1Columbia Lions4-0 read more

Russias Group Is The Easiest In Modern World Cup History

2002CBrazilTurkeyChinaCosta Rica1750-51.8 1994DArgentinaGreeceNigeriaBulgaria1757-43.6 Powerhouse France, coming off a loss in the finals of the 2016 European Championship to Portugal, will be looking to move through and claim its second ever World Cup trophy. Peru owns a 47 percent chance to make its second-ever knockout stage appearance and first since being defeated by Pelé’s Brazil in Mexico in 1970. Group B is projected to be the strongest in the tournament, according to FiveThirtyEight’s Soccer Power Index, and will be headlined by an early game between old rivals Portugal and Spain, which will face off for just the second time at a World Cup. The Iberian Peninsula neighbors met for the first time in 2010, when the Spaniards won 1-0 on their way to the country’s first ever World Cup victory. And the duo could meet again on the grandest stage of them all: They have the highest combined chance of making the final of any two teams in the same group. 2018ASaudi ArabiaEgyptRussiaUruguay1720-97.8 2010FParaguayItalySlovakiaNew Zealand1713-66.9 Luck of the draw?The easiest groups in expanded World Cup history based on the difference between average Elo rating of group and the average of the tournament, 1986-2018 YEARGROUPTEAM 1TEAM 2TEAM 3TEAM 4AVG. ELO RATINGDIFF. FROM TOURNAMENT AVG. 2006HSaudi ArabiaTunisiaUkraineSpain1744-44.7 2014HAlgeriaBelgiumSouth KoreaRussia1734-92.0 1998BAustriaCameroonChileItaly1747-52.3 2002BParaguaySouth AfricaSpainSlovenia1749-53.0 Belgium and England will be extremely pleased with how the draw turned out for them, as they’re combined chances of making it out of the group stages are the highest of any two teams in the same group. What’s more, they don’t play each other until the final round of group-stage matches, so depending on how they fare against Tunisia and Panama, the Belgians and English could have already qualified by the time they meet. Before the World Cup draw on Friday, there was reason to suspect that Russia would get off easy. As the host country, it was slotted into Pot 1, which made it impossible for them to be grouped with a powerhouse like Brazil or Germany. But it looks like the Russians also had a little luck on their side. In fact, by one metric, Russia’s Group A is the weakest group in modern World Cup history.Based on Elo ratings — a measure of a team’s quality that takes into account factors such margin of victory, game importance and game location — Russia’s group with Uruguay, Egypt and Saudi Arabia has an average rating of 1720, which is 98 points worse than the average of all World Cup teams. That’s the largest gap between group strength and the World Cup average for any group in the World Cup since the expansion to the modern format in 1986.1With group play and a 16-team knockout tournament; 24 teams from 1986 to 1994 and then 32 from 1998 onward. 1986BBelgiumMexicoIraqParaguay1757-45.0 Using Elo averages, no group in this next World Cup cracks the top 10 most difficult since 1986, but all are obviously tougher than Group A. Here’s a look at which teams should advance from each: The Russians avoided a whammy each time a pingpong ball was selected. After Uruguay joined them as the group’s Pot 2 team — Uruguay is middle of the pack, with an 1849 Elo rating — things really started going Russia’s way. Egypt, which has the second-weakest Elo of any team in Pot 3, was drawn, and the group was rounded out with Saudi Arabia, which has the lowest Elo in the field of 32. Compared with all of the potential ways Russia’s draw could have played out, its group ended up being among the easiest 2.2 percent of all possible combinations, according to the average Elo rating of its members.(Of course, this is even better news for Uruguay, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, because they get to face Russia — the worst Pot 1 team by a wide margin — in addition to one another.)While Group A is the easiest when compared to the 2018 World Cup field, it actually doesn’t hold the claim for lowest raw score among all groups since 1986. That distinction belongs to Group F in 2010, which featured the defending champion Italy, Slovakia, Paraguay and New Zealand. No team from this group would make it past the quarterfinals.That said, Russia should stroll into the knockout stage. Indeed, FiveThirtyEight is giving Russia a 74 percent chance of advancing that far, with Uruguay followed closely behind with a 72 percent chance of reaching the knockouts. After scraping through the qualifying stages, Argentina is the clear favorite in Group D, with a 74 percent chance of advancing. But all eyes will be on Iceland, which famously beat England in the 2016 Euros on their way to the quarterfinals, to see if the country of just 330,000 people can go on another magical run. And they may be ready to shock the world again: Iceland’s chance of advancing to the knockout stage is just 33 percent, which will likely become even smaller after they face the Argentines in its first game. 2006GFranceSwitzerlandSouth KoreaTogo1732-57.2 Group F is in the mix for being this tournament’s “Group of Death” as reigning champions Germany will be joined by Mexico and Sweden. The Mexicans’ and Swedes’ qualifying chances are separated by just 3 percentage points, which is the smallest difference of any teams drawn out of Pots 2 and 3 in the same group. Rounding out the group is South Korea, which famously made it all the way to the semifinals in 2002, when they co-hosted the tournament, and currently have the third-worst SPI rating of any team traveling to Russia. The prize for second place in Group F? A possible date with Brazil in the Round of 16. Good luck. After its heartbreaking 7-1 defeat by Germany in front of its home fans in the 2014 World Cup semifinals, Brazil will be out for revenge in Russia. The way the tournament’s bracket is set up, Brazil and Germany could be on a collision course to meet in the final if they both win their respective groups. As it stands, Brazil and Germany have the highest and third-highest chances of making the final in 2018. The Polish could be the most likely team from Pot 1 to fail to qualify for the knockout stage, as they currently have the second-lowest SPI rating of any team from Pot 1. They’ll be joined by Colombia and Japan, which have a 70 percent and 49 percent chance of advancing to the knockout stage, respectively. This means that Group H is the only group that has three teams with at least a 49 percent chance of making it out of the group stage. With the Colombians ranked the ninth-best team in the tournament and the Japanese being the highest-ranked team of any from Pot 4, Poland faces one of the toughest tests of teams from Pot 1.Additional contributions from Neil Paine and Dean Strachan.CORRECTION (Dec. 4, 10:50 a.m.): A previous version of this article incorrectly said that Colombia’s and Japan’s chances of making it to the knockout stage of the 2018 World Cup were 2 percentage points apart. Poland’s and Japan’s are 2 percentage points apart. read more

Ohio State womens rowing team sets sights on fourpeat

The Ohio State women’s rowing team competes on May 30, 2015 at the NCAA qualifying round in Gold River, Calif. Credit: Courtesy of OSU AthleticsAs the Ohio State rowing team looks ahead to going after an unprecedented fourth straight national championship in 2016, the squad is working hard to prepare itself and stay focused on the season ahead.“It’s kind of an indescribable feeling because at the end, you all realize how much work you all put in for this moment,” junior MaryClare Stannard said.The team captured its third consecutive championship last year, becoming the first in NCAA history to do so.“When we won, I was just so happy for everyone in the boat and on the the team,” junior Casey Schaffer said.There is a lot of buzz surrounding the team and the possibility of repeating yet again, and everyone involved in the program knows it.“We try to stay humble, and we gotta make sure there’s no cutting corners,” Stannard said.Assistant coaches Madeline Davis and Anna Goodale take a similar viewpoint in focusing on the now.“I tell them ‘one stroke at a time,’ because you will not get better if you skip over and not pay attention to what’s right in front of you,” Goodale said.Davis added that the team’s main focus has to be improving, even after reaching the pinnacle three years in a row.“At every opportunity you have to take a step forward, take it,” Davis said.Both Davis and Goodale have professional experience in rowing, having competed on the U.S. women’s national team.Goodale, the newest addition to the coaching staff, was a member of the women’s eight team that won a gold medal at the Beijing Olympics in 2008.The women’s eight team, which is a team in rowing that has eight members in the boat, with four oars on either side for propulsion and a rudder manned by a coxswain, is the group which took home the individual championship for OSU.The team works hard to keep focused through a culture of camaraderie.“We are honestly a family,” Schaffer said. “I’ve never been a part of such an empowering group of young female athletes.”Stannard agreed that it is a very close-knit group.“We feed off of each other as teammates,” Stannard said. “We can’t do it without each other.”The 2016 schedule has yet to be released, but the season is set to begin in late March. read more

Scouting Michigan A look at the 2015 Wolverines

Michigan redshirt senior quarterback Jake Rudock (15) during a game against Penn State on Nov. 21 at Beaver Stadium in State College, Pennsylvania. Credit: Courtesy of TNSThe Ohio State football team lost its first game of the season against then-No. 9 Michigan State last week. But for the Buckeyes, the going is only getting more tough, as they are set to travel to Ann Arbor, Michigan, to take on archrival Michigan (9-2, 6-1) on Saturday. Under the direction of first-year coach Jim Harbaugh, the Wolverines have solidified their place back in the discussion as an elite program. After finishing just 5-7 a year ago, Harbaugh has changed the culture and turned the Wolverines into one of biggest surprises in college football this season. Here is a look at Harbaugh’s squad.Hot Peppers Coming out of high school, Jabrill Peppers was one of the most sought-after recruits in the country. Peppers, a consensus top-five player, eventually chose to take his many talents to Ann Arbor, but his freshman season was cut short after being injured in September. He appeared in just three games, which allowed him to pick up a medical redshirt. Now, the New Jersey native is healthy and showing why college coaches around the nation did everything in their power to get him on their teams. Although he is technically going to start at safety, that is just a label. It doesn’t restrict him.On defense, he will play nearly everything except defensive lineman. In a base package, he plays as the strong safety, but the former state champion in the 100-meter dash will become a cornerback in the nickel. When defensive coordinator D.J. Durkin sends out the dime package in passing situations, Peppers often will slide over and play linebacker to have extra speed on the field. He’s fourth on the team with 40 total tackles, 5.5 of which have been for a loss, and second in pass breakups with 10. When Michigan’s defense gets a stop on third down — which is often, evidenced by the team ranking second in the country in third-down percentage (.232) — Peppers doesn’t leave the field. Instead, he drops back to return punts. On the season, he is averaging 11.4 yards per return, with a long of 41. Now, increasingly more often, Peppers won’t leave the field after he handles his return duties. To take further advantage of his skillset, Harbaugh has begun to play the redshirt freshman on offense, like Charles Woodson did for the Wolverines during his tenure. Peppers has gotten handoffs out of the backfield and taken direct snaps out of the wildcat while also splitting out wide to catch passes. He doesn’t always touch the ball when he lines up on offense, but the possibility of him getting it requires defenses to know where No. 5 is at all times. In total, the 6-foot-1, 205-pound Peppers has 17 offensive touches for 97 yards and two scores. His offensive snaps have increased as the season has progressed, so expect Harbaugh to use him often against the Buckeyes. Incredibly, Peppers is fourth on the team in all-purpose yards with 514. Coaches often talk about players that impact the game in more ways than one. Peppers is the gold-standard of that mantra.Expect him to be all over the field making plays during Saturday’s game. The defense is suffocatingOSU’s offense got smothered by Michigan State’s defense last week. Unfortunately for the Buckeyes, they’re going to be going up against an even better defense on Saturday. Michigan’s defense ranks second in the country in total defense, allowing just 263.1 yards per game. The Wolverines are allowing just 100.2 yards rushing per contest, while Peppers and the secondary are surrendering only 163 yards through the air. Both marks are good for fourth in the nation. The success in shutting down opponents starts with the defensive line. Senior defensive tackle Ryan Glasgow had been anchoring the unit, but he was lost for the season against Rutgers. Despite the loss, junior Maurice Hurst has filled in nicely at nose tackle. Flanking him on both sides are seniors Willie Henry and Chris Wormley.The trio does an incredible job occupying blockers, creating opportunities for the linebacking corps to crowd the line of scrimmage and pile up tackles. Two linebackers — senior Joe Bolden and redshirt senior Desmond Morgan — lead the Wolverines in tackles with 67 and 64, respectively. When teams get the ball on the perimeter, like Utah did against Michigan in the season opener, the linebackers get exposed a little bit because they’re not necessarily elite athletes. They’re an instinctive, hard-nose group, but that is their one weakness. Alongside Peppers in the secondary, juniors Chandler Stribbling, a physical 6-foot-2 cornerback, and Jourdan Lewis, are fundamentally sound. Durkin, who was a graduate assistant at Bowling Green under OSU coach Urban Meyer from 2001-02, will be creative in his blitz and coverage packages to try and confuse the Buckeye offense. The Scarlet and Gray offense will be motivated to get back its high-powered ways, but to do so, it will have to navigate its way past the talented Wolverine defense. Trending upFrom the season opener to now, the Michigan offense is different like night and day.The unit started slow, but as redshirt senior Jake Rudock, a graduate transfer from Iowa in his first year with the program, started to become more confident in Harbaugh’s scheme, the offense started to click. After scoring just 17 points against Utah in Week 1, the Wolverines have not scored fewer than 23 points in any game. Michigan, arguably, has the most talented group of pass catchers that OSU has faced at any point this season. Redshirt junior wide receivers Amara Darboh and Jehu Chesson — who have combined for 1160 receiving yards and 12 scores — will test the Buckeyes’ secondary with their top-end speed and precise route running. Complementing the duo is 6-foot-6 junior tight end Jake Butt. The Pickerington, Ohio, native uses his size to his advantage and is one of Rudock’s favorite targets on third down.  Beyond those three, a strong group consisting of senior tight end A.J. Williams, freshman wide receiver Grant Perry and junior running back De’Veon Smith provide Rudock additional hands to throw to. Smith is also the leading rusher, carrying the ball 145 times for 621 yards and six touchdowns. The Warren, Ohio, native is a serviceable player, but this Michigan offense relies heavily on Rudock’s play. But as of late, Rudock’s play has been as good as any quarterback in the Big Ten. In the past three games, he’s thrown for over 344 yards and three touchdowns per game. As long as he continues that level of play, the Michigan offense will test the OSU defense on Saturday. Beyond the Buckeyes If Michigan beats OSU, and Michigan State loses to Penn State, then the Wolverines will be traveling to Indianapolis for the Big Ten Championship Game on Dec 5. If the said scenario does not happen, then Harbaugh and his team will wait patiently for its undecided bowl game. read more

Ohio State players upset over loss of Sprinkle confident in defense without

Tracy Sprinkle (93) lays on the field with a leg injury. He left the game following his injury during the first game of the 2016 season against Bowling Green on Sept. 3 in Ohio Stadium. The Buckeyes won 77-10. Credit: Mason Swires | Assistant Photo EditorWith one shove from a Bowling Green offensive lineman, the season of Ohio State redshirt junior defensive tackle Tracy Sprinkle took an abrupt turn on Saturday afternoon. The shove sent Sprinkle backwards, causing his right knee to buckle awkwardly inward.OSU coach Urban Meyer shared the news that many Buckeye fans feared while watching the starting defensive tackle off the field. The training staff that helped Sprinkle off the field told the coach that the injury was with his patella tendon.“It’s a surgery and a season-ending is what I’ve been told. We’ll update further as we know more,” Meyer said. “And that’s the worst part of this darned game is when a guy gets hurt, especially a guy like that who has committed so much to this team and program. Our prayers are with Tracy.”Few comeback stories are as unique as that of Sprinkle. After being dismissed from the team for off-the-field issues, Sprinkle earned his way back to the Scarlet and Gray and earned the trust of Meyer.Many held high expectations for the Elyria, Ohio, native. The OSU coaching staff spoke volumes about Sprinkle during spring drills, and ultimately rewarded his hard work with a starting role.The comradery the Buckeyes have keeps the team close, and results in a universal feeling of sorrow throughout the entire program when a player is injured. Fellow OSU defensive linemen were pleased by how the team performed on Saturday, but felt a certain level of remorse for what their teammate had went through.“He’s everything. When we think of Rushmen, ‘How She ‘Gon Eat,’ everything. That’s Tracy,” junior defensive end Jalyn Holmes said. “I hate to see him go down, but I know he will still be there in spirit and he’s going to bounce back. He will definitely bounce back.”The replacement for Sprinkle, redshirt freshman Dre’Mont Jones, did not record any tackles against Bowling Green. Jones is a former three-star prospect according to 247Sports, and will most likely be moved into the second defensive tackle position, with junior Michael Hill moving over to take over up to fill the hole left by Sprinkle.The depth of the team that Meyer has talked about for the past few months will likely be put to the test following the injury to Sprinkle. Currently on the depth chart, the Buckeyes have three defensive tackles other than Sprinkle. According to the roster, there are eight total players at the position.Replacing a starter is never an easy task for any team, but redshirt sophomore defensive end Sam Hubbard knows the team is up to the challenge.“We can’t really replace a guy like Tracy, but young guys and other guys like ends gotta step up and improve their game and pick up what he left behind. But, he’s still going to be there for us,” Hubbard said. “We’ll see if we move guys around, but I’m confident in Dre’Mont Jones and Davon (Hamilton) all them to help us.”Hamilton, a redshirt freshman defensive tackle from Pickerington, Ohio, took advantage of his playing time, picking up a share of a sack with Holmes.Any changes Meyer and the rest of the OSU coaching staff make are expected to be announced later in the week.The Buckeyes will be put to the test, minus Sprinkle, on Sept. 10 at 3:30 p.m. against Tulsa in Ohio Stadium. read more

Darned right Ohio States got something to play for

Ohio State football coach Everett Withers made light of the Buckeyes’ impending Big Ten Conference opener during a Monday press conference. “Big Ten week, huh?” OSU’s co-defensive coordinator and assistant head coach said with a smile. Withers’ lightheartedness aside, there’s no mistaking that the No. 14 Buckeyes (4-0) know exactly what time of year it is. There’s also no mistaking whether the Buckeyes have anything to play for either – they do. The first team to oppose OSU in pursuit of the divisional title is Michigan State. In a meeting of the conference’s top-ranked teams, OSU will journey to East Lansing, Mich., to face No. 20 MSU (3-1) at Spartan Stadium. Preparation for Buckeyes coach Urban Meyer’s first-ever Big Ten tilt began Sunday with a “state of the union meeting” to address chasing the divisional crown. The goal of winning the Leaders Division half of the conference was first established for the Buckeyes during that meeting, Meyer said. “The first time we talked about (winning the Leaders Division) was (Sunday) in our team state of the union meeting we had and this is you have an opportunity to go win your side of the Big Ten,” Meyer said. Meyer chose to address winning the division because it was not discussed as a goal for any of the Buckeyes’ first four games against Miami (Ohio), Central Florida, California or Alabama Birmingham, he said. OSU redshirt senior defensive back Orhian Johnson said the team is focused on MSU. Meyer will handle the rest if the Buckeyes take care of business on the field, Johnson said. “You know, (winning the Leaders Division is) a possibility for us, but regardless of the situation, we’ve got a game,” Johnson said. “As long as we go out there and do what we do against Michigan State.” Meyer previously claimed to be unaware of OSU eligibility for the Leaders Division title, but some of his players, like redshirt receiver Jake Stoneburner, were aware. Stoneburner said the state of the union meeting was Meyer’s first mention of winning the division. The opportunity to win a piece of hardware during the 2012 season has given players added motivation, Stoneburner said. “I think he was finally saying that we have something to play for other than just going undefeated,” Stoneburner said. “We can win our division and I think it gives guys a little bit of hope, not that we didn’t have any in the first place, but it gives guys a little extra incentive.” Saturday’s meeting will be the teams’ first in East Lansing since 2008. Only two Buckeye players who are reshirt seniors – defensive end Nathan Williams and linebacker Etienne Sabino – played in that game, a 45-7 OSU victory. A visit to a ranked in-conference opponent is nothing to fear, Johnson said. It’s exactly the reason (players) come to OSU. “It’s definitely fun to get back in the Big Ten ball. I mean, that’s what you come here for,” Johnson said. “So we just want to come out there and lock in, and playing on the road is definitely fun. Just playing in a different atmosphere.” Senior fullback Zach Boren agreed, saying the competition is heightened at this time of year because every team understands what is at stake. “The Big Ten is always a new part of the season. It’s always a new chapter because, you know, this is a tough, physical conference,” Boren said. “The games start to matter that much more because you’re playing for conference championships.” That’s exactly the position OSU is in. The games matter more because OSU does indeed have something to play for, Meyer said. “Are we playing for something? You’re darned right we are,” Meyer said. “It’s really important here. Look around. Really important.” OSU and MSU are scheduled to kickoff their Saturday game at 3:30 p.m. Grant Gannon and Andrew Holleran contributed to this article. read more

Football Ohio State won a conference championship on the back of its

Ohio State senior safety Damon Webb (7) celebrates a pass break-up in the third quarter of the B1G Championship game against Wisconsin on Dec. 2 in Lucas Oil Stadium. Ohio State won 27-21. Credit: James King II | Sports DirectorINDIANAPOLIS — “Defense wins championships” is the most overused phrase in sports. It will be used one million times or more in the coming weeks as four teams prepare for a shot at a national title.Saturday, the phrase was gospel.No. 8 Ohio State made two momentous defensive stops in the final five minutes against No. 4 Wisconsin to win its first Big Ten title since 2014, and more importantly for the Buckeyes, they have a realistic shot at earning the final spot in the College Football Playoff just vacated by the Badgers.“Their preparation this week, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a college football team prepare the way these kids did,” Ohio State defensive coordinator Greg Schiano said. “I think that gave them great confidence to go execute.”Ohio State elected to kick a field goal on a fourth-and-1 with 5:20 remaining, which extended the lead to 27-21. That’s a spot where head coach Urban Meyer is notorious for rolling the dice and winning a football game by winning that 1 yard. He said after the game that it was his decision to kick the field goal and go against his traditional action of attempting the conversion.The truth was that the defense was playing too well not to have faith that it could get a stop. It did. And after another three-and-out by the Ohio State offense, the defense made the game-ending stop.Wisconsin quarterback Alex Hornibrooke threw his second interception of the game on fourth-and-20 to Damon Webb with less than two minutes left in the game.“I just thought our defense was playing so good,” Meyer said. Let’s let that quarterback and let our defensive line do what they do best and get after that quarterback. But that was one of the toughest calls of the day.”Hornibrooke’s has the worst touchdown to interception ratio of any Power 5 conference quarterback at 21 to 15. But he wasn’t what concerned Ohio State’s defense. Big Ten freshman of the year Jonathan Taylor, who averaged more than 150 rushing yards per game entering the contest, was the main focus on defense.In response, the defensive line played one of its best games of the year by continually penetrating Wisconsin’s vaunted offensive line and stopping Taylor before he got any momentum.The running back had 15 carries for 41 yards, his lowest total in one game this season.The defense answered any challenged thrown at them, most especially when the offense failed to put away Wisconsin.Ohio State had four three-and-outs, two field goals and an interception in the second half. There was no touchdown to decisively split the Badgers from the playoff field and the ranks of the unbeaten. The defense had to do that.“I think we were super confident the whole game,” sophomore defensive end Nick Bosa said. “I don’t think there was a moment we thought we were going to lose at all.”Wisconsin could have been the team that was on the podium celebrating as the Buckeyes walked off the field without any detection and with their heads held low, for everyone’s eyes would be on the team with the shiny football and hardware hoisted in the air. Everyone in attendance would watch the players and coaches pack themselves onto a makeshift stage that looks like it should be in a town parade rather than on a football field.Instead, Ohio State celebrated. A dominant offense at times that then went cold late couldn’t put the game on ice. To win the game, it had to be done on defense.An opportunity was there for the Badgers. Ohio State left the door open after each missed chance to deliver a decisive blow, but the defense seized it when the Badgers couldn’t. That’s why Ohio State is the Big Ten champion. read more

Jeremy Corbyn filmed sitting on floor of train for three hour journey

first_imgThe incident happened on the same day that Mr Corbyn set out his plans for a new transport strategy as he pledged to bring the nation’s railways back into public ownership.He said a Labour government would “rebuild and transform” the UK’s transport network.He insisted public ownership of the railways could raise enough money to cut rail fares by as much as 10 per cent.He also promised to give all councils the power to set up publicly run municipal bus companies. It is a sight familiar to frustrated commuters the length and breadth of the country: no seat on a packed train, forced into the space in-between carriages, sitting down outside the lavatory, trying to drink your coffee.What is less common, though, is to look up from your lowly train position and see The Leader of Her Majesty’s Most Loyal Opposition crouched on the floor opposite you.But that was the case for passengers on the London to Newcastle on Tuesday: Jeremy Corbyn, known for his rigid principles, squashed in the corner on the floor of the train reading Private Eye with a brown paper bag and a coffee.He was on his way to Gateshead for the Labour leadership hustings with Owen Smith.In the footage, filmed by Yannis Mendez for the Guardian, Mr Corbyn explains that if he had taken the option of upgrading to first class, he would be spending his fellow passenger’s money.“Is it fair that I should upgrade my ticket whilst others who might not be able to afford such a luxury should have to sit on the floor? It’s their money I would be spending after all,” he said.“This is a problem that many passengers face every day, commuters and long-distance travellers. Today this train is completely ram-packed. The staff are absolutely brilliant, working really hard to help everybody.“The reality is there are not enough trains, we need more of them – and they’re also incredibly expensive. Isn’t that a good case for public ownership?” Some comments on social media suggested the incident could have been a stunt: Others compared the incident to George Osborne, the former Chancellor, upgrading to first class during a 2012 journey because of a busy train: Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.center_img Just 2 pics on a train, but enough to describe the difference between @jeremycorbyn & the UK political class #JC4PM— Urban Shepherd (@HassunElZafar) August 16, 2016 Just as well a cameraman was there to film Jeremy Corbyn on the train floor, or we might never had known it had happened.— Kevin Schofield (@PolhomeEditor) August 16, 2016last_img read more

Mo Farahs brother faces being deported from Britain to Somalia

first_imgAhmed is no longer in contact with his brother Mo Farah, picturedCredit: WPA Pool He told The Sunday Mirror: “I can’t go back to where Mo and I were born – it is too dangerous. I’m scared I would end up dead. I feel there’s no hope for me.”He added: “I’m afraid for my life. I know I’m not going to survive out there. Everything is different. I can’t even fathom how it’s going to be. I can’t cover up my history. I’m going to be an outcast. People would attack me.”Speaking about the raid which landed him in jail, he added: “I wasn’t a horrible person. I made a hell of a mistake and now I’m paying with my life. My lifestyle was bad.”Ahmed, who lives in a flat in west London, said he was no longer in touch with his brother but said he was “proud” of what the athlete had achieved. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Ahmed said he is no longer in contact with his brother I can’t go back to where Mo and I were born – it is too dangerousAhmed His younger brother Mahad called on the athlete, who became estranged from some family members after his aunt took him in, to help.He claimed he wouldn’t “have a life any more” if Ahmed was deported and added: “I don’t even want to think about life without this guy.”Mo Farah has made history after winning the “double double” – gold medals in both the 5,000m and 10,000m – at two consecutive Olympics.Fans have since called for him to be knighted. The runner will compete at the World Athletics Championships in London next year.A spokesman for the Home Office said it does not comment on individual cases.But he added: “This Government puts the rights of the British public before those of criminals, and foreign nationals who abuse our hospitality by committing crimes in the UK should be in no doubt of our determination to deport them.” Mo Farah’s brother says he faces being deported from Britain to war-torn Somalia and fears he will be killed if he is forced to return.Ahmed Farah, 27, was just two years old when he was brought to Britain 25 years ago with the Olympic athlete, who was then aged eight.He has spoken about the possibility of being deported after serving a four-and-a-half year prison sentence for false imprisonment during a knife raid. Legal hearings are thought to have currently been delayed.last_img read more

Local military heritage at risk as MoD cuts cash to regimental museums

first_imgParts of the country are being cut off from their historical military links as the Ministry of Defence ends funding to a string of Army regimental museums, it has been warned.More than a dozen museums are set to lose their money in April as the MoD scales back funds used to pay for curators and staff.Several of the museums have already closed their doors in advance and moved to share premises with other regiments. Others are hoping to stay open by raising money elsewhere. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. We are losing our footprint around the country sadly and we are losing our roots in areas where we might have recruited quite heavily in the pastDoug Beattie Brig Allan Mallinson, a military historian and former commander of the 13th/18th Royal Hussars, said military history was slipping away in parts of the country. His regiment, amalgamated into the Light Dragoons in 1992, has now had to close its museum near Barnsley, and move into its sister museum in Newcastle.He said: “That of course has meant that we have lost any permanent footprint in a major part of our recruitment area.”He went on: “What the impact is, it’s very, very difficult to say, but we know that the MoD and others place a high value on direct links with traditional recruiting areas.”“In other areas of the heritage industry, localism plays a strong role. There are any number of museums around the country to local industrial history and local art. It seems odd that we are prepared to see local military history slip away.”The loss of links with local areas comes as the Army is more than 3,000 regular soldiers undermanned and struggling to hit its recruiting targets.Doug Beattie, a former officer with the Royal Irish Regiment and now a member of the Northern Ireland Assembly, said: “We are losing our footprint around the country sadly and we are losing our roots in areas where we might have recruited quite heavily in the past.”Col Richard Kemp, formerly of the Royal Anglian Regiment, said the closure of barracks, bases and museums meant many parts of the country were losing their ties with the Armed Forces.He said: “I think it’s detrimental in terms of local people understanding what the forces are doing for them, but I think also to an extent it could impact recruiting.”An MoD spokeswoman said: “We recognise the important contribution made by these museums in preserving military heritage and acting as the bridge between communities and the Army.“This is why, irrespective of funding, they will continue to receive support and have close ties with their associated regiment.” Military figures said the cuts risked robbing parts of the country of links to their historic local regiments.They come as part of a long agreed MoD plan to reduce the number of Army museums it funds from 67 to 36 by the end of next decade. By then the MoD will fund only one museum for each of the current British Army regiments.Other collections commemorating historic regiments which amalgamated in recent decades to form modern day units will have to find other ways of staying open. But the MoD funding cut comes as many museums face a double blow by losing local government grants because of deep austerity cuts to council budgets.There are also fears the next round of MoD funding cuts to museums, when more are due to lose their money in 2030 will now be brought forward because of Treasury pressure on the MoD to make savings.last_img read more

Please keep the candles burning Sister of London Bridge victim James McMullan

first_imgA poem left for the victims On Monday, the family of 32-year-old web entrepreneur James McMullan found he was almost certainly dead after the police notified them his bank card was found on one of the bodies of the victims. Melissa is comforted outside the tributes for her brother A poem left for the victims A tribute to James McMullan She thanked the emergency services for doing their utmost to protect Londoners from the “deranged and deluded individuals” who took seven lives, noting that the police would not be able to formally identify her brother until the coroner completes his report over the next day or two.In a tragic twist, Miss McMullan told the Telegraph that it had been her brother’s first night out for months, as he celebrated the completion of business project to which he had dedicated  every waking hour for two years.Their father, Simon McMullan, 61, vowed to continue the work on his “exceptional” son’s e-learning business.He said: “At this point in time the subject is too raw.”I’m just going to try to keep the business that he was doing alive. He was on the verge of signing his first contract, a $1.5 million deal.” A tribute to James McMullan “It was somehow peaceful with all the mayhem around me. It’s what James loved about London. How vibrant and diverse it was and it excited him to know that no 2 days would ever be the same.”I lit these candles last night in memory of all 7 angels. If you see them please keep them burning for them for us.”Thank you to everyone who has been to pay their respects and to the lovely people that approached me last night. She wrote on Facebook the morning after the tragic news: “Hi everyone, we just wanted thank everyone for all the lovely messages, phone calls and posts about the recent incident.”I am slowly getting through all of them and will reply to every single one of you as soon as I can. My parents are finding comfort in all the love and support that we have received over the last few days. Our thoughts are still with the other families also waiting for answers.” Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.center_img Melissa’s message to her brotherCredit:Facebook Melissa's message to her brother The sister of London Bridge terror attack victim James McMullan has visited the tributes members of the public have left to her brother outside the Barrowboy and Banker, where he was killed.Pictures Melissa McMullan posted on Facebook show she has read many of the tributes, including a touching poem, left to her brother and other victims of the attack.Ms McMullan also laid tributes from the family to her brother. She wrote: “This is us. Forever. Love you eternally. You finally get to lay your head.  Your baby sis, Melissa”.She wrote on Facebook: “Last night I went back to London Bridge to be close to my James McMullan. I felt drained and I knew he would give me the strength I needed to continue. Despite her indisputable anguish, Miss McMullan, 30, said: “While our pain will never diminish it is important for us to all to carry on with our lives in direct opposition to those who would try to destroy us, and to remember that hatred is the refuge of small-minded individuals and will only breed more.”This is not a course we will follow, despite our loss.” “I read as many of the lovely messages left opposite the burrowboy and banker as I could get to. Thank you to the person who wrote the wonderful poem. It really touched my heart.” Melissa is comforted outside the tributes for her brother Mr McMullan from Hackney, east London had not been seen since he stepped outside the Barrowboy and Banker on Borough High Street, where had had been drinking with old school friends. Five minutes later, the terrorists ploughed into pedestrians on London Bridge before crashing the vehicle directly outside the bar and indiscriminately stabbing people. “He was an inspiration,” his sister Melissa McMullan sobbed.“No words can ever match his essence. There will only ever be one James.“Nowhere else will you find such humour and unique personality – someone who puts his friends above all else.”For the McMullan family, the devastating news brought an end to a period of limbo in which all they could do was scour hospitals, make agonising public appeals and call James’s phone until the battery went dead.last_img read more

The Novichok assassination attempt stepbystep CCTV timeline of the suspects 54 hours

Both had been granted visas for the trip, perhaps telling British embassy  officials in Moscow they were visiting London to see friends or even attend a Premier League football match. When Aeroflot flight SU2588 touched down at Gatwick Airport on the afternoon of Friday, March 2, there was nothing particularly remarkable about the two middle-aged Russian men disembarking together. In reality the pair, travelling under aliases, were from Russia’s GRU military intelligence agency. And they had a much more sinister… Wearing jeans, trainers and Puffa jackets, the pair passed easily through immigration and passport control, blending in with those heading to London to see the sights or go shopping. read more

Duchess of Sussexs halfsister arrives in Britain to make peace as she

Samantha Markle appeared on Jeremy Vine’s television show on MondayCredit:Pixel8000  Samantha Markle appeared on British television on Monday, saying: ‘I wish things could be different’ Credit:Pixel8000  Since Meghan became a royal, Ms Markle has hit out at her for being “cold”, accused her of ignoring her father and branded Harry a “wuss”.Sign up for Your Royal Appointment – for everything you need to know about the Royal Family, direct to your inbox each week. Ms Markle also took part in a phone-in with members of the public and was met with a barrage of criticism from callers.A caller called Chris, from Kent, told Ms Markle: “All we’ve seen is the hate you’ve spewed against your sister.”If you actually love your sister I think this should have been done in private, not on social media, or going on television saying you’re sorry… what you’re doing is not right.” Ms Markle replied: “Most of what you read in the tabloids is not true… There have been so many times I’ve said, in live interviews, favourable things but they were not printed.”Another call, Lindsay from Leeds, declared that Ms Markle should have been “stopped at border control”, adding: “She’s got no relevance to be here”.However, Victor from London called in to say Ms Markle was an “absolutely lovely lady” and that should Harry and Meghan have a baby, she should be godmother. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. The Duchess of Sussex's half-sister, Samantha, pictured at her graduation in 2008 The Duchess of Sussex’s half-sister, Samantha, pictured at her graduation in 2008Credit:TIM STEWART NEWS LIMITED  Also known as Samantha Grant, Ms Markle has see-sawed between criticising and praising Meghan on social media.More recently she has vented her fury, accusing the Duchess of hypocrisy and of treating of their father inhumanely.Meghan’s father Thomas Markle pulled out of giving his daughter away at her wedding due to ill health and after being caught staging photos with the paparazzi for cash. Samantha Markle The Duchess of Sussex’s half-sister, Samantha Markle, has arrived in Britain in a bid to make peace with her sibling.She apologised to Meghan live on television on Monday, saying: “I wish things could be different.”Ms Markle, appearing on Jeremy Vine on Channel 5, said she was visiting the UK to make personal contact with the Duchess and “hopefully move forward with peaceful resolve”.She was not invited to the royal wedding and has not spoken to Meghan in years.Ms Markle, who previously called Meghan the “duch-ass”, defended insulting her on Twitter, saying: “(My father) was being purposely ignored.”We were hoping that private channels would be used. When they failed, we went public.”She added: “I was lashing out more at the media”. Samantha Markle appeared on Jeremy Vine's television show on Monday read more

Water cannon bought by Boris Johnson for £322k sold for just £11k

It is understood that as prime minister Mr Cameron privately indicated he would license water cannon if there were a repeat of the 2011 riots.  A source close to Boris Johnson said: “In the wake of the London riots, with a worrying rise in knife crime and with his hands tied by the political decisions in the Home Office, Boris made tackling crime his number one priority.”During his time as mayor he reduced the murder rate by 50 percent and brought overall crime down by 20 percent. This is a legacy the new mayor has sadly been unable to match.”The sale was announced as details were revealed of 72 youth projects that will receive the latest round of grants from the Young Londoners Fund.The schemes, aimed at diverting young people away from crime, will receive a share of £13.2 million and include the Ben Kinsella Trust, Redthread and Football Beyond Borders. Three water cannon bought by Boris Johnson for more than £320,000 while he was London Mayor have been sold for just £11,025.Current Mayor Sadiq Khan announced yesterday that “we have managed to finally get rid of them” as it was revealed they had been sold to a firm that will dismantle them and export the parts.The machines were bought by Mr Johnson from Germany in 2014 – before their use had been licensed on British mainland.Then-Home Secretary Theresa May banned their use in riot situations in 2015, and later used the purchase to ridicule Mr Johnson in the Tory leadership race after David Cameron resigned.The machines cost £322,000 to purchase second-hand and then refit – including £32,004 for low emission zone compliance, £19,035 for re-painting, £3,109.20 for signage, and £970.50 for the fitting of radios and CD players.They have now been sold to Nottinghamshire-based Reclamations (Ollerton) Ltd, who will strip them and sent the individual parts overseas. Mr Khan said: “For too long, London taxpayers have had to bear the brunt of Boris Johnson’s appalling botched water cannon deal. This has been another waste of taxpayers’ money by Boris Johnson.”Londoners continue to live with his vanity. I am pleased we have managed to finally get rid of them and I made an election promise to Londoners that I would claw back as much of this cash as possible, and pump it into helping young people at risk of being affected by crime and giving them better life opportunities.” Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

Amal Clooney joins forces with Prince Charles for award for unsung young

On Tuesday, Amal and George Clooney joined the Prince of Wales for a dinner celebrating the Prince’s Trust at Buckingham Palace, photographed laughing together during the reception.Asked about the event during a television interview yesterday, Mr Clooney, an actor, joked: “Charles got really crazy and started dancing on the tables… I was surprised to see that.”He had such good dance moves. Sir Tom Jones sang, which was fun. It was actually a really great night.”He also spoke for a second time about the Duchess of Sussex, condemning scrutiny of her as “unfair”.Last month, he claimed the Duchess was being “chased, pursued and vilified” just like her late mother-in-law, Diana, Princess of Wales. She has been to one Royal Wedding, was instrumental in one lavish New York royal baby shower, and is a new trusted friend to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.Amal Clooney, who last week attended a Buckingham Palace dinner with her husband, is to extend her relationship with the Royal Family with a new working partnership with the Prince of Wales, as she takes on a formal ambassadorial role with his charity.Mrs Clooney, a human right lawyer, is to launch her own prize named the Amal Clooney Award, seeking inspirational young women around the world to celebrate.The award, organised by youth charity Prince’s Trust International, is intended to “highlight the work of young women who have succeeded against the odds to make a lasting difference in their communities”, a spokesman said.Actively seeking out unsung heroes for a prize, to be presented by Mrs Clooney in 2020, Prince’s Trust International is seeking applications from women aged 11 to 30 working in “anything from sustainable farming schemes, to community projects in refugee camps, to rebuild-work in war zones”. Prince Charles at this year’s Prince’s Trust AwardsCredit:Getty Amal and George Clooney at the royal wedding in May Amal and George Clooney at the royal wedding in MayCredit:Reuters Prince Charles at this year's Prince's Trust Awards Mrs Clooney said : “I am honoured to have been invited by Prince’s Trust International to participate in this global initiative celebrating young women who are change-makers in their communities. It is a privilege to be able to play a part in a project that will draw attention to incredible young women who are the future leaders of our world”.She will become the latest in a line of celebrity ambassadors for the Prince’s Trust at home and overseas, including Dame Helen Mirren, Sir Michael Caine, Kylie Minogue, Benedict Cumberbatch, Joanna Lumley, Sir Ben Kingsley, Richard E Grant, Emma Bunton and Dame Diana Rigg.Mr and Mrs Clooney have previously attended the Prince’s Trust fundraising dinners, including one in 2016. Dame Martina Milburn, group chief executive of The Prince’s Trust, said: “We are delighted to be working with Amal to shine a light on their passion and celebrate unsung female heroes everywhere.“There is so much we can achieve together to help young people, and their communities, all over the world.” Amal Clooney leave the Duchess of Sussex's baby shower Amal Clooney leave the Duchess of Sussex’s baby showerCredit:James Devaney Following his remarks, the Duchess was photographed at a celebrity hotel in New York for her baby shower, with Mrs Clooney reported to have met the cost of their shared private jet home.”I’ve seen it when the press can turn on you for sort of ridiculous reasons and for almost nothing and it seemed to me to be a little unjust since she [the Duchess] hadn’t done anything except just happen to live her life,” the actor told Good Morning Britain.”She’s a really kind and smart and intelligent young woman and they’re a really wonderful, loving couple.”Most of it you can just shrug off and not pay attention to, but sometimes it’s unkind,” the actor said, calling the media coverage “unfair”. read more

Theology and Religious Studies risk disappearing from universities report warns

Theology and Religious Studies risk “disappearing” from universities, a report has warned, as figures show that the number of students has almost halved in six years.Over 14,000 students were enrolled on such degree courses in 2011/12, which dropped down to 7,585 by 2017/18, according to an analysis by the British Academy.The figures relate to all higher education students taking course in Theology and Religious Studies course, including undergraduates, masters, doctorates, foundation courses and diplomas.While Theology and Religious Studies has been on a downward trend for the past six years, there has been an increase in students taking Philosophy courses over the same time period.Prof Diarmaid MacCulloch, an expert in church history at Oxford University and vice president of the British Academy, said the figures are “alarming”.“I am extremely concerned about the drop in such a short period, it is really very alarming,” he told the Daily Telegraph.  “The problem starts at school. Teachers are not directing people in this important direction and not seeing the value in Theology and Religious Studies.”  The report said that the decline cannot be explained by subject choices at school, since A-level entries in Religious Education have increased in the past six years, more than doubling in England and Wales between 2003 and 2017. “Theology and Religious Studies has been on a downward trend in both applications and enrolment of undergraduate students from 2012/13 onwards,” the report says.“If this trend continues, [the] provision will come under serious threat at many institutions and the department closures and mergers, which have already started, will likely continue.”  The British Academy, which promotes humanities and social sciences, said it will work with the Theology and Religious Studies community to “assess the vulnerability” of the subject and “ensure a sustainable future”.  The report also examined the characteristics of Theology and Religious Studies academics, and found that staff were predominantly male, as well as older on average than staff in other humanities departments.  Professor Roger Kain, vice-President of research and higher education policy at the British Academy, said “Not only are the subjects’ popularity on the wane but the problem is confounded by the profile of their teaching staff.“If more ethnically and gender diverse groups do not rise through the ranks, there is a danger that these highly relevant disciplines disappear from our universities.” Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

Lawyers accuse BA of swerving responsibility for data breach after time limit

British Airways has been accused of “swerving responsibility” for a massive data breach by trying to limit compensation payouts for victims, lawyers claim.Up to 600,000 customers were affected by the 2018 cyber attack after hackers managed to intercept the details of those who made bookings through the BA website, threatening their financial security.The airline has now applied to launch its own class action for victims but it includes a 17-week time limit for claimants to join.Lawyers branded the move “unprecedented” and warned the “cynical” action was designed to limit a potential £3bn payout to customers.It is just the latest in a string of scandals to hit the airline, coming just days after it was crippled by strike action in an ongoing pay dispute with pilots.A further 24-hour walkout is planned by the union Balpa for September 27. Meanwhile, climate change activist group Heathrow Pause is plotting to shut down the airport tomorrow by flying drones within its no-fly zone.Some 185,000 BA customers are believed to have had their details compromised between April and July last year, while a further 380,000 were affected by the breach between August and September.Details taken included their name, billing address, email address and card payment information, including in tens of thousands of cases their cvv security code. A hearing is due to take place at the High Court A hearing is due to take place at the High Court The data breach compromised the data of thousands of passengers Lawyers said victims could receive as much as £16,000 each in cases where psychological injury is extreme, while average compensation payments for distress could reach £6,000. Financial losses from any fraud resulting from the data hack will also be claimed.The airline was fined a record £183m by the Information Commissioner’s Office for the breach.Your Lawyers, a consumer rights law firm representing claimants, branded the time limit imposed on the class action a “disgrace”.It said that previous group litigation orders had been applied for by claimants, not defendants and that in large consumer actions a court would never allow such a short recruitment window unless BA could guarantee that all affected customers have been notified.Director Aman Johal said: “This is a new low for British Airways, a disgrace. It has let down hundreds of thousands of customers by losing their card payment details. Now it is failing them again by giving everyone affected just 17 weeks to claim rightful compensation for the distress caused. “Never mind ‘To fly, to serve’, BA should change its tagline to ‘To fly, to swerve responsibility’. I encourage everyone affected to act quickly to ensure they don’t miss out.” A hearing at the Chancery Division of the High Court on October 4, will decide if BA’s action can go ahead under the proposed terms.Only around 6,000 potential claimants are estimated to have contacted lawyers with a view to claiming compensation. The data breach compromised the data of thousands of passengers A British Airways spokesperson said it had been working continuously with specialist cyber forensic investigators and the National Crime Agency to fully investigate the data theft.“It was a law firm representing prospective complainants who suggested the timeframe (of 17 weeks), and this will have to be agreed by the court,” they said.“It does not prevent customers joining the group claim at a later date.” Sources suggested that the airline did not recognise the £3bn figure and insisted that such an action was not unprecedented. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

CPL a kaleidoscope for developing Guyanas sports tourism

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Related By Akeem GreeneThe Caribbean Premier League (CPL) enters its fifth year and it has continued to grow exponentially, now reaching the sunny state of Florida in the United States of the America. Themed “The Biggest Party In Sport”, the League attracts some of the best international cricketers from across the globe which has set the stage for a plethora of thrilling T20 cricket for Caribbean fans and those in the Diaspora.The six-franchise League gives territories such as Guyana, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, St Lucia, St Kitts and Nevis, and Antigua and Barbuda (2013) great opportunity to reap tremendous financial income.The fans have undoubtedly responded to the Hero Caribbean Premier League (CPL) since it began in 2013Each year, the National Stadium at Providence, which is the home ground of the Guyana Amazon Warriors, attract humongous crowds. With tournaments such as these, it is not only the sold out stadiums that warrant the prestige but it is a chance to showcase one’s country on the global market since television viewership would usually span each continent. But has Guyana been able to capitalise on the impact of CPL? Has it proven to be one of the precursors in efforts to develop sports tourism?Financially, the answers are astounding. According to a 2016 report on the tournament, “the Guyanese economy reaped a US$15,447,309 windfall from the staging of its four pool matches, with the total contribution from the Hero CPL amounting to US$1,200,408. The overall visitor spend for the 2016 runners up was fractionally down by 4% to $2,306,392; however, there were gains for the Guyana Tourism Authority whose shirt sponsorship deal has almost trebled its media value since 2014, from US$2,123,005 to US$5,978,951 in 2016”.It added, “Hosting CPLT20 in Guyana created 349 local jobs and filled 2295 hotel room nights. With a combined TV audience in excess of 120 million for the four Guyana Amazon Warriors’ home matches, in all 50,304 fans attended matches at Providence Stadium during the 2016 season”.In fact, the 2016 season was the tournament’s biggest yet, with over 134 million viewers tuning in globally to the biggest party in sport, representing a 44 percent increase from 2015.Cumulative audience figures have risen steadily year on year since the tournament’s inception from 36 million viewers (in 2013), to 66 million (2014), 93 million (2015) and now to 134 million (2016).The tournament gave Guyana an opportunity to now create a sustained sports tourism initiative, and in the words of veteran broadcaster Joseph “Reds” Perreria, ““Guyana has tremendous possibilities for sports tourism”.Perreria’s words came while speaking on Saturday at the Guyana Tourism Authority seminar/workshop on Developing Sport Tourism held at the Guyana Pegasus.“My own feeling is that Guyana has tremendous possibilities for sport tourism; you are sitting on a volcano of opportunities that you might not be conscious of,” he stated precisely.The Guyanese native who now resides in St Lucia disclosed that the “rest of the Caribbean are involved in sports tourism” and believes it is time for Guyana to follow suit.But how does Guyana get on par with the rest of the Caribbean and in turn, the world? “Reds” answer to that question was to get all stakeholders involved and utilise the new trend – social media – as much as possible since respective associations can help promote their disciplines to a larger and readily accessible audience.Regarding the social media aspect, the CPL, over the years, has improved its presence on all the social outlets, creating not only a “stadium-filled” fan base but one via social networking which is vital in sports tourism.More so, Perreria addressed the need for internal tourism, which could be a fruitful beginning since it is not necessarily about making money but creating the atmosphere that cultivates tourism.This provides another chance for Guyana to use the League as a yardstick to advance the sector, since, according to CPL’s Chief Operating Officer (COO), Pete Russell in an exclusive interview last month, they are aiming to develop a hinterland cricketer.“We want to do more: what we are looking to do in Guyana is a good example; we very much want to take the game into the hinterland. My big thing is to try and find a future Test cricketer that comes from the jungle; it is all about how we can develop the game in these regions; it is a great opportunity for us and we will be looking to initiatives to bring all these guys closer to the game,” Russell revealed.While the League is a catalyst for sports development, having adequate facilities becomes critical, which makes the support of the Government and Private Sector vital.The league not only generates per capita for the host country from the actual match days but also a pleasant fact that visitors will in-turn spend foreign revenue by shopping, staying in hotels or entertainment which will essentially provide an added boost to the economy.The Hero CPL is set to bowl off on August 4, and Guyana is set to host four exciting matches in the month of August. The Warriors will clash with the defending champions Jamaica Tallawahs on the 17th followed by Trinbago Knight Riders on the 19th. The three-time runners-up Warriors will then oppose Barbados Tridents the following day after which they play St Lucia Stars on the 22nd.The 34-game competition, which will be staged in seven countries over a six-week period, will conclude with the finals on Saturday, September 9, with the name of the host country set to be announced in due course. read more

Shreyas Iyers 96 pulls Daredevils through in 196 chase

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedDaredevils bowl, Brathwaite replaces RabadaMay 10, 2017In “latest news”IPL: Belligerent top order gives Daredevils enough to edge out RoyalsMay 2, 2018In “Sports”McClenaghan, Bumrah help Mumbai extend lead at topApril 22, 2017In “Sports” Gujarat Lions v Delhi Daredevils, IPL 2017, KanpurBefore Wednesday, Gujarat Lions had only won one match while batting first in the IPL, in 12 attempts. The last time they had played Delhi Daredevils, they had failed to defend 208. Now, sent in to bat, they made 195, and ended up on the losing side yet again, their bowling falling apart at critical moments.Daredevils’ match-winner, yet again, came from their group of young, sometimes inconsistent, but undoubtedly gifted Indian batsmen. At the Feroz Shah Kotla, Daredevils had romped home with 15 balls to spare, after Rishabh Pant and Sanju Samson added 143 in 63 balls.Shreyas Iyer of the Delhi Daredevils square cuts a delivery to the boundary during match 50 of the Vivo 2017 Indian Premier League between the Gujarat Lions and the Delhi Daredevils held at the Green Park Stadium in Kanpur, India on the 10th May 2017Photo by Shaun Roy – Sportzpics – IPLHere, at Green Park, they had to pull off a different sort of big chase, where they kept losing wickets right through. Shreyas Iyer’s 96 was a different sort of innings to Pant’s 97. Daredevils were 121 for 6 at one point, with only the lower order left to give Iyer company.Then, out of the blue, came some of this season’s most exhilarating batting, as Iyer and Pat Cummins plundered 52 from three overs. Suddenly, Daredevils only needed 23 off 18 balls.There would, of course, be some late tension. Cummins holed out when he may not have needed to hit in the air. Iyer fell in the last over, leaving Nos. 9 and 10 seven to get off four balls. Amit Mishra, though, kept his head, pulling off two ice-cool fours off successive balls to haul Delhi over the line with two balls to spare.Finch, Karthik lift Lions out of early troubleGreen Park provided a flat batting pitch for its first game of the IPL season, and Lions, despite losing their top three inside the first seven overs, kept scoring at a healthy rate. A lot of this was down to the bowling; in this game, Daredevils’ bowlers seemed to have caught the contagion of bowling too straight – and often too short – and leaked runs behind square on the leg side.In all, they would concede 52 runs, and 10 boundaries (out of 26 overall), in that region. Mohammed Shami provided an early instance of this, bowling one ball full and leg-stumpish and another short and leg-stumpish to Ishan Kishan in the fourth over – with fine leg and square leg both inside the circle – giving away six and four.Still, Lions had to fight from 56 for 3, and they did so via a 92-run stand, in 58 balls, between Aaron Finch and Dinesh Karthik. Both batsmen played some eye-catching shots, the highlights including a straight six by Karthik off Shami and some ruthless pulls from Finch, who finished with 69 off 39.Run-outs imperil Daredevils chaseSanju Samson hit two sumptuous fours through the covers before dragging a pull onto his stumps in the second over of the chase. Then Rishabh Pant, having sauntered absentmindedly out of his crease after surviving an lbw appeal from Pradeep Sangwan, was caught out by a direct hit from Suresh Raina at slip.That left Daredevils 15 for 2. Iyer then put on the first of his two substantial stands, 57 off 34 balls, with Karun Nair. Right from the start, Iyer’s placement stood out – he kept finding gaps in the infield, particularly through the off side, and particularly through or behind point. Then Nair, having just hit three successive fours off Dwayne Smith’s slow-medium long-hops and reverse-lapped Ravindra Jadeja for another four, miscued a James Faulkner slower ball.Then came two run-outs, both from direct hits powered by Jadeja’s priceless left arm. First, Marlon Samuels was slow responding to Iyer’s call for a single after a push towards point. Mistake. Then Corey Anderson wandered out of his crease after bunting Basil Thampi towards backward point. Another mistake. When Carlos Brathwaite fell to a short ball from Dhawal Kulkarni in the 14th over, Daredevils were sinking. They needed 75 from 37 balls at that point, with only four wickets in hand.Iyer, Cummins blast offDaredevils didn’t have time for a slow-burning comeback. They duly hit four fours in the next over, two each by Iyer and Cummins, all of them hit along the ground, into off-side gaps. Then Iyer drove and flicked three successive fours off Kulkarni. The biggest over, though, was still to come. It would come – as it has more often than he’d like to admit – against Faulkner. Cummins, expecting and getting the slower, length ball first up, clouted him over long-on. Then Iyer lifted Faulkner over long-off before drilling a drive between the bowler and mid-off.To recap Daredevils smashed 17, 14 and 21 runs off the 15th, 16th and 17th overs.Mishra the finisherWhen Cummins picked out long-on in the 19th over, Daredevils needed 14 off 10 balls. When Iyer played all around a Basil Thampi yorker in the final over, they needed 7 off 4. In walked Mishra, a vastly improved long-format batsman, but not one counted among T20’s most dangerous lower-order hitters.Mishra knows the game inside-out, though, and probably guessed that Thampi would bowl a yorker first up. Down the track he went, surprising the bowler into a full-toss, which he flicked nonchalantly past midwicket. Then, with three to get off three balls, he walked across his stumps, with the knowledge that fine leg was stationed rather square. Thampi’s slower ball may have surprised some batsmen, but not Mishra. He waited, kept his shape, waited some more, and unfurled a deft little scoop. The fielder chased hard, dived, got his body behind the ball, but couldn’t help deflecting it into the rope. (ESPNCricinfo) Karthik Krishnaswamy is a senior sub-editor at ESPNcricinfo read more

Teachers receiving same salaries as public servants was never the final

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedGTU strikes called off: ‘High-Level Task Force’ to be established for Education sectorOctober 30, 2017In “latest news”Teachers’ benefits: Govt to meet with Union to discuss Committee’s recommendations – HarmonAugust 6, 2018In “latest news”Govt will ensure teachers receive better package, says HarmonAugust 16, 2018In “latest news” -GTU agrees to meeting with President to chart the way forwardFollowing the fallout from the meeting held on Thursday with the Guyana Teachers Union (GTU) and Government officials, including the Education Minister, Nicolette Henry, over their salary negotiations, a subsequent meeting was held on Friday with State Minister, Joseph Harmon.Minister of State Joseph HarmonA joint press statement was then issued outlining that the initial meeting with the team from the Education Ministry was “never intended to be the final position of the Administration but rather an interim arrangement.”The initial walk out was prompted by Minister Henry informing the Union that Government could only offer teachers the same increases it offered all public servants.Government had announced its “final offer” to the unionized workers in the Public Service—an increase in the minimum wage from $55,000 per month to $60,000 along with staggered increases in wages and salaries with the band of lowest paid workers being offered an eight per cent increase.Harmon in the joint statement was attributed as saying that “the President was very concerned about the reports regarding the outcome of the meeting between the Union and the Ministry of Education and had signaled his willingness to meet with the Union on Monday October 30, 2017 at 11:00 a.m. to discuss all matters of concern to the Union.”The Union indicated its acceptance of the President’s offer and “iterated that it was committed to the process of Collective Bargaining and that it would bring these developments to the attention of its members.”Teachers were on Thursday asked to prepare for possible strike action next week following the initial disagreement with the Ministry of Education on salary increases, which led to representatives of the Guyana Teachers Union walking out of the discussion.Government officials and the GTU during the meeting held on ThursdayThe Union has been calling for salary increases for teachers for the period 2016 to 2020.The Union is seeking across the board salary increases of 40 per cent for 2016, 45 per cent for 2017, 50 per cent for 2018, 2019 and 2020.Furthermore, they requested that the teachers be given a 3 per cent performance based incentive per year throughout the multi-year agreement.GTU is also advocating for teachers to be paid double salary for the month of December.Additionally, the Union is firmly demanding that teachers be granted increased salaries per each qualification- which means teachers with Certificates of Education, management certificates, Diplomas, Degrees and Master’s Degree will receive an additional amount ranging from $6,000 to $35,000.Moreover, the Ministry is expected to provide a uniform allowance on a yearly basis of $25,000.The GTU is also calling for duty free concessions for vehicles up to 2700c for Head Teachers.Prior to the meeting with the Education Ministry on Thursday, GTU President Mark Lyte had said that protest action was imminent since after more than two years, officials at the Ministry of Education remain reluctant to have a sit down with the Union and discuss debunching payments.He had noted that the teachers are becoming more frustrated by the day, and warned of the consequences if the teachers decide to down tools to make their voices heard.“Another budget would be presented and we have not come to an agreement for the proposal. We believe that this is disrespectful and comes in direct contravention to the labour agreement (in effect) between the Ministry and the Union, and it is a clear fact that this Administration is not seeking to properly remunerate our teachers,” Lyte had said. read more

Woman in vehicular tragedy DPP advises that boyfriend be charged with

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedWoman in vehicular tragedy: Boyfriend charged with manslaughter, receives bailJune 19, 2018In “Court”Woman in vehicular tragedy died from ‘blunt trauma to the head’- PMEJune 13, 2018In “Crime”Sasia Adams murder: Case against boyfriend thrown outMarch 11, 2019In “Court” The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) on Tuesday, this publication was informed, has  advised that the 21-year-old boyfriend of Sasia Adams, who died after exiting the moving car he was driving on June 10, 2018, be charged with manslaughter.Dead: Sasia AdamsThe police had requested the legal advice of the DPP on the way forward as it pertains to this peculiar case.Adams’ boyfriend is still in police custody.Adams, originally of Essequibo, who resided at East Street, Georgetown succumbed to head injuries on June 12.Based on information received, her boyfriend reportedly told police that the young lady fell out of a vehicle he was driving at about 20:00hrs on the evening in question while they were traversing along Lamaha Street, Georgetown.However, since then, several versions of the story have been reported, indicating that upon being rushed to the hospital, a still conscious Adams told doctors that she fell down.Moreover, it is also being reported that the young lady jumped from the moving car.Investigators had disclosed to INews that it appeared as though the woman was struck to her head and then pushed out of the moving car, resulting in her sustaining severe head injuries and dying, shortly after.A post mortem examination conducted by Government Pathologist, Nehaul Singh had indicated that Adams died as a result of blunt trauma to the head.The now deceased woman was employed at the Ramada Hotel as a Front Desk Clerk. (Ramona Luthi) read more

A good month for Larox

first_imgIn June, Larox received four major new orders to supply filters to mining companies in South Africa, Zambia and India. Total value of the orders is some €10 million. Deliveries will take place at the end of this year and during the first half of 2007.The repeat order from South Africa is for three units of the biggest Larox PF Automatic Pressure Filters for Platinum Group Metals (PGM) concentrate filtration. The contract also includes a comprehensive service package.The delivery to Zambia is for a copper mine and consists of a large size Larox PF filter for copper concentrate filtration. An iron ore producer in India has placed a repeat order for two Ceramec Capillary Action Disc Filters for pellet plant feed filtration.Larox says the orders received “indicate the continuing very strong activity, especially in the global mining industry and strengthen further Larox’s position as one of the world’s leading filtration solution providers.last_img read more

Latest issue of International Mining project news available

first_imgThis issue of IMPN includes details of Companhia Vale do Rio Doce’s (CVRD) approved investment budget of $11billion for 2008, the largest annual investment program ever undertaken by CVRD or by any mining company in the world. The completion of the planned investments should lead to a significant increase in CVRD’s main products. In the case of iron ore, production in 2012 should reach 422 Mt, with production by the end of the same year running at 450 Mt.The program involves more than 30 projects, located in Brazil, Peru, Chile, Canada, Australia, Indonesia, New Caledonia, Mozambique and Oman. Investments in Brazil will account for 73% of the budgeted resources for 2008, an amount of $8 billion.Of the 2008 budget, $8.436 billion will be invested in organic growth, corresponding to 76.7% of total spending, with $7.552 billion going to project execution and $ 884 million in R&D. R&D includes $349 million set aside for mineral exploration. Investments to support existing operations are estimated at $2.563 billion. This represents an increase of $568 million over the amount budgeted for 2007 ($1.995 billion). This is explained by the growth in asset base and by the need to increase significantly investments in the Canadian nickel operations, which had received little investment in the past. Consequently, in 2008, $1,019 billion will be dedicated to nickel operations. $3.618 billion will be invested in non-ferrous minerals, some 32.9% of total capex for 2008, covering the final phases of Goro and Onça Puma, both important nickel projects, and the beginning of development of Vermelho (nickel), Totten (nickel), Salobo I (copper), Papomono (copper) and Bayovar (phosphate) projects.The main projects in terms of financial disbursements in 2008 are: Carajás 130 Mt/y ($1.165 billion), Goro ($723 million), Onça Puma ($581 million), Salobo I ($387 million), Alunorte 6&7 ($382 million), Itabiritos ($341 million), Serra Sul ($145 million), along with investments in logistics – Southern Corridor ($ 379 million) and Northern Corridor ($334 million) – and energy generation, Barcarena ($188 million) and Estreito ($165 million).UC RUSAL, the world’s largest producer of aluminium and alumina, has signed a co-operation agreement with the government of Russia’s Saratov region for the construction of a major energy and metals complex. The complex will include a significant expansion of the Balakovsky nuclear power plant, with UC RUSAL building the fifth and sixth reactor blocks, generating 2,000 MW and the construction of the world’s largest aluminium smelter, with an annual production capacity of 1.05 Mt. And in the DRC, the Government and BHP Billiton have signed an agreement to jointly investigate the development of a world-class aluminium smelter in the Bas Congo region of the DRC. The smelter would use electricity from the proposed Inga 3 hydropower station at Inga on the Congo River.  Following strong operating performance and financial results in the first nine months of the year, Massey Energy has announced plans to aggressively expand production at its Central Appalachian coal mining operations during the next two years.Antofagasta Minerals has negotiated and awarded Aker Kvaerner Metals in Chile an EPCM contract to develop the Esperanza copper-gold project located in northern Chile.  The project’s estimated capital investment is valued at $1.5 billion.  Aker Kvaerner’s contract value is approximately $35 million for phase I. Frontier Resources announces a major increase in the total resource tonnage at the Kodu Deposit in Papua New Guinea. This copper-gold-molybdenum-silver project is beginning to look very interesting. Apex Silver Mines has shipped the first zinc concentrates from the San Cristobal mine in Bolivia. The initial approximately 3,500 t (dry) shipment of lead, zinc and silver bulk concentrate produced during the commissioning and startup of the plant left the port of Mejillones, Chile on September 22, with the first sale recorded in the third quarter. This has now been followed with a shipment of 9,100 t of zinc concentrate to smelters in Asia on October 18. Concentrate shipments will continue as the plant ramps up to full production.Coeur d’Alene Mines has made appointments of key personnel at its growth projects, San Bartolome, Bolivia silver mine and Kensington, Alaska gold mine. Dennis E. Wheeler, Chairman, President and CEO: “We are very pleased to announce that our San Bartolome silver mine and Kensington gold mine have almost completed construction and are moving toward the operations and production phase. In tandem with this, Coeur has significantly strengthened its operations management team to secure the company’s position as it moves to its next level of strategic growth. Production at San Bartolome remains on schedule to begin producing 9 Moz/y of silver, beginning in February. Additionally, construction at Kensington is over 90% complete and the process plant and ancillary construction activities, including pre-operational testing, are fully complete.”As San Bartolome moves toward its expected February 2008 startup, over 1,600 personnel on site at the project have surpassed 2 million man hours without a lost time accident. All major construction contracts have been awarded for the project, with engineering 100% complete, and procurement of equipment and materials 98% complete. At Kensington a supplemental operations team remains focused on improving the process plant control systems, as well as other minor activities including sediment control, overall site maintenance, and weather conditioning.AXMIN has recruited key members of the mine development team to build its Passendro gold mine in the Central African Republic. 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NLT Australia to supply Xstrata Coals West Wallsend with an ISapproved communications

first_imgNLT Australia, a subsidiary of NL Technologies in Canada, was recently awarded the contract to supply a complete tracking and two-way messaging cap lamp system for West Wallsend coal mine (WWC) in New South Wales. The Intrinsically Safe (IS) Messenger cap lamp system allows users to receive messages from any PC on the company’s network. Underground users can reply directly to the individual initiating the message. All messages are time stamped and stored on the system server for future reference. Another feature of the system is the ability for the users to raise an ‘Emergency’ message from their Northern Light® Messenger cap lamp should an emergency occur or assistance be required. This ‘Emergency’ will instantly be displayed on all monitoring PCs. NLT will also be supplying IS tracking for cap lamp users and underground vehicles. The IS tracking system operates over the same fibre optic-based Ethernet backbone as the IS Messenger system and therefore does not require a separate network infrastructure to be installed. Through the NLT Software suite the mine will have the ability to locate users and equipment throughout their underground workings. The complete system will assist the mine in managing any emergency situation.IS Messenger cap lamps will use NLT’s newest IS approved LED Headpiece expected to significantly reduce the incidence of bulb failures a common challenge with the older incandescent cap lamp systems. This combination of NLT Messenger cap lamps and the digital network infrastructure will provide the mine with the most innovative and advanced certified products available on the market today.NLT says WWC chose it’s tracking and messaging systems “after evaluating other available systems. NLT’s Digital Mine applications are technologically-advanced and IS-approved. The Northern Light Digital Network is the only system designed to stay active during a mine emergency.”The selection team from West Wallsend Colliery, Xstrata Coal, explains “We chose NLT Digital because it is totally IS, it provided us with true two-way communications and tracking required for both safety and productivity reasons even in the hazardous zones.” The safety benefits of the cap lamp system are in being able to instantly locate and communicate with system users, which is an unparalleled function in an underground coal mining situation. Adding to these safety benefits is the strong potential to increase productivity by being able to more readily locate equipment and specifically skilled personnel. This benefit alone provides the potential to dramatically decrease production downtime through timely and appropriate response to equipment breakdowns.last_img read more

Demystifying the rare earth supplydemand situation

first_imgA recent presentation by Dr Chris Vernon, Strategic Metals Stream Leader, CSIRO, concluded that rare earths are critical for green energy future. He said the current Light REE (rare earth element) situation is serious but short-lived. New non-Chinese REE sources will come on line soon, but heavy REEs will be in short supply. Y, HREE and Nb supply will continue to be of concern, and Dy, Tb are particularly at risk. Some distinctive Y+HREE deposits need to be developed. His final advice is to stop thinking of “rare earth” supply and think about the individual metals.last_img read more

Mick Davis not taking up role as CEO of Glencore Xstrata on

first_imgXstrata Chief Executive Officer Mick Davis has agreed with Glencore to not take up the six month role of Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of Glencore Xstrata following completion of the merger. Davis will step down from Xstrata upon completion of the merger, currently expected to be 2 May 2013, allowing Glencore CEO Ivan Glasenberg to assume the role of Chief Executive Officer of the Combined Group from the effective date.Davis has agreed to act as consultant to the Combined Group until 30 June 2013 in order to support the integration process. In accordance to the terms of the Merger, Davis’s position on the Glencore Xstrata Board will be taken by a current Xstrata executive from the effective date. A number of other Xstrata Executive Committee members have shown their intention to step down from their roles on the effective date. As previously announced, Xstrata’s Chief Financial Officer Trevor Reid has decided not to take up the position of Chief Financial Officer of Glencore Xstrata upon completion of the merger. Xstrata Copper Chief Executive Charlie Sartain, Xstrata Nickel Chief Executive Ian Pearce, and Loutjie Smit, Interim Chief Executive of Xstrata Alloys, will leave the company on the effective date. Executive General Manager, Strategy and Corporate Affairs Thras Moraitis, and Chief Legal Counsel Benny Levene will also step down on the effective date but, along with Trevor Reid, have agreed to act as consultants to the Combined Group for a period of up to six months following the effective date in order to support the integration of their respective functions.Xstrata Chairman Sir John Bond said “The building of Xstrata over the past decade from modest origins to a FTSE 20 global diversified mining major has been one of the outstanding entrepreneurial achievements of our time.  Based on a vision about the impending mining super cycle and the opportunities it created for a nimble new mining group, it was the exceptional leadership, drive and business acumen of Mick Davis and his team that turned this vision into reality.  They built a business that embedded an entrepreneurial spirit within a committed but lean management team, combined with a clear sense of purpose and dedication to sustainability, to deliver value in its broadest sense to the many stakeholders in our business.  As Xstrata transitions into the merged company with Glencore, Mick and his team can look back with pride on a decade of exceptional achievement. They leave Xstrata with the warmest appreciation of the Board for their outstanding accomplishments.”Davis commented: “I look back on the past eleven years at Xstrata with enormous satisfaction.  I have had the great pleasure and privilege of working with a talented and committed group of leaders.  Together we were able to build a $50 billion global company from a $500 million minnow, delivering significant returns to our shareholders in the process.  At the same time we created a unique culture that empowered individuals to perform and identify opportunities to create value, while making a positive and lasting contribution to the communities and countries in which we work.“My executive team and I are pleased to hand over to the new Glencore Xstrata a company with a strong legacy for value creation and growth, a high quality portfolio of operations and growth options, supported by a very healthy balance sheet.  As importantly, we are certain that each of our 84,000 employees and contractors will bring to the new merged entity the unique set of capabilities and values which have made Xstrata so successful and, in particular, an approach to sustainability which is looked to as the model for the industry. All those who travelled on the journey enjoy my most sincere respect and of course great appreciation. At Xstrata we have been proud not only of producing the vital building blocks of society, but also of the way we have gone about this quest – with a clear understanding of the need to do so in an entrepreneurial and sustainable manner that creates shared value for all stakeholders. I look to my colleagues to keep this legacy alive within the new Glencore Xstrata for many years to come. “As referred to in the merger update announcement released by Glencore today, following receipt of approval in China and Glencore having now given effect to the commitments required by the European Commission, completion of the Merger is now only conditional upon completion of the Xstrata court process as further set out in the New Scheme Document in connection with the Merger published by Xstrata on 25 October 2012.  The expected timetable in connection with the Merger is as set out in Glencore’s merger update announcement.last_img read more

Slurry Blaster new effective clean up tool for mining operations

first_imgEngineered using quality components, the Slurry Blaster offers mining and plant operations a cost effective cleaning tool for all applications where slurry has become an issue and needs to be washed away. Lee Vine, Managing Director of the supplier, Integrated Pump Rental, says the company has fast established a reputation for identifying areas in process plants where an effective alternative solution is needed to cope with the day-to-day activities. “It is sometimes in the most obvious places that there is a need for more reliable equipment that is capable of withstanding the rigours of daily use,” Vine says.The Slurry Blaster is a hydro mining equipment solution which offers optimum performance coupled with reliability. Typical applications include plant floors and sumps, drainage areas, tailings dams, process water dams and other difficult to reach areas. “Not all applications are the same and for this reason, we have made the Slurry Blaster available in three main configurations but it can be modified to suit individual customer applications, should this be necessary,” Vine says. The Slurry Blaster can be provided on a pontoon for use on ponds and dams, it can be trailer mounted or can be a traditional manual set up.“The decision as to which configuration to use is based on the application at hand and our technical team has the necessary competency to assess the situation and propose the appropriate option to the customer,” Vine says. Each installation of the Slurry Blaster comes standard with a 37 kW feed pump with float, a 22 kW slurry pump for the removal of the slurry, a 200 m heavy duty layflat hose and an electric control panel. The Slurry Blaster units are available for medium or long term rental, outright purchase and on a full turnkey project basis.In addition to identifying solutions for problems areas in a plant or mine, Integrated Pump Rental operates an extensive pump rental fleet which includes Grindex submersible drainage and dewatering pumps, diesel driven pumps and accessories. Value added services such as dam cleaning and pontoons, pump flotation modules and pipe floats are available. All products used by Integrated Pump Rental are ISO 9001 certified.Vine says that full technical advice on the most suitable pump for specific applications is provided by its experienced team. Integrated Pump Rental’s service level agreement (SLA) includes the provision of a full maintenance service. This entails regular inspections of pumps before and during contracts to ensure that uptime is emphasised. Routine testing and ongoing maintenance of the pump fleet by Integrated Pump Rental’s experienced team of technicians provides customers with the reassurance that pump availability remains high.last_img read more

Karara Nippon Eirich grinding collaboration wins CEEC medal

first_imgAn outstanding collaboration between Karara Mining Ltd and Nippon Eirich to implement grinding circuit process improvements at Karara Mine has been awarded the 2018 CEEC Medal.The winning team – Sam Palaniandy, Matthew Spagnolo, Rinto Napitupulu Halomoan, Huiwen Zhou and Hidemasa Ishikawa – shared its work ‘Fine grinding circuit process improvement at the Karara Mine concentrator’ at the 2017 MetPlant Conference in Australia.CEEC Medal Evaluation Committee Chair Dr Zeljka Pokrajcic said the CEEC Medal celebrated and recognised outstanding published research and field work on strategies for energy-efficient comminution. She said the winners documented a collaboration between Karara Mining Limited and METS company Nippon Eirich, sharing a well-planned and well-written operational improvement.Site staff at Karara Mine, located in the mid-west region of Western Australia, faced the challenge of needing to exceed plant throughput in addition to tackling increases in ore hardness.Zeljka said the authors documented how they converted the TowerMills to bottom feed for improved grinding efficiency, allowing increased throughput at high ore hardness.“With a systematic approach to identifying and implementing circuit changes around the TowerMill and hydrocyclone installation, the team solved the site’s challenge and achieved significant energy and productivity gains, up to 50 percent reduction in specific energy of the fine grinding circuit,” she said.“The team demonstrated the value of operational optimisation and showed a methodical approach to improving energy and process efficiency. They showed how operational improvements in part of the circuit can reduce overall comminution energy use. They also demonstrated that big improvements can be successfully incorporated into existing mines with live production needs.”Zeljka said although no CEEC Medal was awarded in the technical research category, the standard of entries overall was high, with exciting research advances nominated from around the globe. A broad range of topics included advanced simulation and modelling techniques, novel approaches to microwave pre-treatment of plant feed, and use of different types and shapes of grinding media.The CEEC Board congratulates the medal winners for publishing an excellent and practical contribution to the industry. CEEC Chief Executive Alison Keogh said by supporting the authors to share their learnings, Karara Mining was demonstrating leadership to the global mining industry.“Karara Mining’s willingness to share how it solved site problems through this collaboration with Nippon Eirich shows its joint commitment to our industry’s improvement, innovation and partnerships. CEEC commends this leadership, which highlights how collaboration and systematic approaches can provide real solutions to help address pressing industry challenges,” she said.last_img read more

Vertimills continue to save energy and cut emissions Metso says

first_imgMetso says its Vertimills® are globally recognised as some of the most energy efficient grinding machines, and the company has tried to make that clear in its 2018 annual report.Vertimills have proven to grind more efficiently than horizontal ball mills, with typical energy savings of 25-35% and, in some cases, even 50%, according to Metso.“In addition to grinding efficiency, reduced media consumption, lower installation cost, reduced maintenance, and reduced liner wear make the Metso Vertimill the lowest total cost of ownership option in many applications,” Metso said.Based on a review of the Vertimills currently in operation and a comparison of their efficiency and media consumption relative to a ball mill, Metso estimates that approximately 1.48 million MWh of energy was saved and 652,000 t of CO2 emissions were abated in 2018, compared with 924,000 MWh of energy and 547,000 t CO2, respectively, in 2017.Since its introduction in 1979, over 440 Vertimills have been delivered globally.last_img read more

Vaclav Vrany in Kadetten Schaffhausen

← Previous Story Maja Zebic stays in Podravka! Next Story → Zarko Sesum from 2011 three years in RNL! Czech Republic national line player, Vaclav Vrany (28) will next two season wear T-shirts of Swiss champion, Kadetten Schaffhausen. Experienced player from Pilsen, who has 50 games for Czech national team (WC in Germany 2007.) played for German second League team, HSC 2000 Coburg season 2009-2010 and two years before in TUSEM Essen, where he came after many years at home ground in Dukla Praha.Kadetten will play next season in Champions League. read more

Gyor wants new right back – Dalby or Bulatovic

Since Andrea Lekic has announced that she will leave Gyor from the next summer in direction Skopje, media speculation began about the girl who will fill that empty space in Hungarian “dream team”. Two names are the most used in rumours – Camila Dalby and Katarina Bulatovic (right on photo). Danish star Dalby is on the end of the contract with Danish TOP team Randers HK. Danish and Hungarian media write about his transfer to Hungary as something what is already finished, but there is no official statement from any side.  Second option is probably the best world’s player in 2012, Montenegrian star Katarina Bulatovic, who playing in Oltchim Valcea. It’s not a secret that Romanian team has problem with finance since the start of the season. Bulatovic is probably the most payed player in the world (some speculation going up to 17.000 EURO per month) and that is something what Romanian TOP team can’t afford in current situation. Some media talking about the defeat in the EHF CL TOP 8 against FTC as consequence of poor moment in Romanian team…Gyor is one of the teams who can pay a lot of money and attract world’s star with club’s infrastracture and ambition. Dalby and Bulatovic are TOP names. Hopefully, we will soon find out who is the new member of succesful Hungarian team… ← Previous Story Handballwoche readers choose Gensheimer and Schülke as players of the year 2012 Next Story → Nikola Karabatic given 6 matches ban, Karabatic will appeal the ban Camila DalbyGyor handballKatarina Bulatovic read more

Your opinion EHF CL TOP16 Kiel to overrun Medvedi – Metalurg slight

ChekhovKielmetalurgminskvelux ehf cl top 16 asked visitors to give their opinion about winners in upcoming matches of the VELUX EHF CL TOP 16 phase. Here are the results for the first two clashes which will be played on Thursday:CHEKHOVSKIE MEDVEDI – THW KIEL 9% – 91% Metalurg progress – 1:1 wins (more goals) (33%, 71 Votes)Minsk progress – 1:1 wins (more goals) (33%, 70 Votes)Metalurg wins both matches – cum. advantage less than +10 (16%, 34 Votes)Metalurg wins both matches – cumulative advantage over +10 (9%, 20 Votes)Minsk wins both matches – cumulative advantage over +10 (5%, 10 Votes)Minsk wins both matches – cum. advantage less than +10 (4%, 9 Votes)Total Voters: 214VOTE FOR OTHER MATCHES KIEL wins both matches – cum. advantage less than +10 (39%, 90 Votes)KIEL wins both matches – cumulative advantage over +10 (37%, 87 Votes)KIEL progress – 1:1 wins (more goals) (15%, 35 Votes)MEDVEDI progress – 1:1 wins (more goals) (6%, 15 Votes)MEDVEDI wins both matches – cum. advantage less than +10 (2%, 4 Votes)MEDVEDI wins both matches – cumulative advantage over +10 (1%, 2 Votes)Total Voters: 233METALURG – DINAMO MINSK 58% – 42% ← Previous Story Jean-Luc Le Gall extends contract with Selestat until 2015 Next Story → Kinga Byzdra to Buducnost Podgorica! read more

LNH Hansen scores to keep PSG hopes alive

6.Nantes19928524:51020 1.Montpellier191621585:49534 Aix29 – 30Paris SG Istres25 – 32Dunkerque 9.Tremblay197210522:54416 11.Nimes196310544:56115 Chambery Savoie28 – 26Creteil 5.Chambery Savoie191117507:50723 3.St. Raphael191126578:56624 STANDINGS: LNH Montpellier30 – 21Nantes 10.Aix196310524:55215 PSG Handball stayed in the race for the French Championship title after last-second goal of Mikkel Hansen on away match against Aix 30:29.RESULTS – ROUND 19 4.Dunkerque191207495:47924 7.Cesson Rennes19739484:50517 8.Creteil19739530:54317 Selestat32 – 31Tremblay 2.Paris SG191513627:49431 Nimes30 – 28St. Raphael 14.Istres192215492:5866 13.Selestat195014500:57310 12.Toulouse195410551:54814 Toulouse27 – 25Cesson Rennes ← Previous Story HSV Handball sign right back Dener Jaanimaa Next Story → Women’s EHF CL: Vardar with +6 to Gyor read more

More than 300 participants at UNIQA 2016 International Goalkeepers Camp in Split

The sixth UNIQA International Handball Goalkeeper’s Camp in Split, Croatia, was held between June 18 and 24 in beautiful atmosphere of Adriatic Coast. Like in the previous editions, the best place for handball goalkeepers was visited by more than 300 young goalies, coaches and other guests of the project from 32 countries in total.Every day work with the famous coaching names in the world of handball, but also some of the TOP goalkeepers of the last decade, was combined with summer relaxing activities. The grand finale of the whole project was happening at famous Split’s central street – Riva, near the sea, with a lot of social and sports activities:We knew that moving to city of Split will gave us a great development on all fields. Camp’s participants are more than satisfied with the city, but also everything what they had chance to learn during six days. We will try to give our best for them also next year and in years to come together with our sponsors ‘UNIQA osiguranje’, Grad Split, ‘Splitska banka’, ‘Last minute – renta a car’, ‘Galeb Omiš’, ‘Coca Cola’, ‘Molten’, ‘Studenac’, ‘Sport vision’, hotel ‘Dioklecijan’, ‘Zlatan Otok’, ‘Ožujsko pivo’, ‘Galaxy travel’ i clinic ‘Korak’, TZ Splitsko – dalmatinska Municipality, TZ Splita, Županija Splitsko – dalmatinska i PSK – says Camp’s director Mario Caljkusic.One of the biggest stars of sixth Camp (last five years was held in Makarska) was Mirko Alilovic, Croatian goalkeeper from TELEKOM Veszprem, who worked together with his team-mate Roland Mikler, but also team’s coach Haris Porobic. I am happy to help in promotion of handball, especially when we are working with the kids. A week is not enough to get every kind of knowledge, but it is enough to meet your idols, to work with them and to get a new impulse for your career – said Alilović.Coaching staff of the sixth UNIQA 2016 International Handball Goalkeepers’ Camp was impressive starting with two EHF Champions League winners from Vive Tauron Kielce and CSM Bucharest – Marin Šego and Jelena Grubišić, but also Mirko Alilović,  Roland Mikler (Veszprem), Nebojša Grahovac, coaches Haris Porobić, Mirko Bašić, Vladimir Vujović, Vlatko Đonović, Nenad Rogulj, Tomasz Błaszkiewicz,Vanja Radić, Karina Andersen Aas, Dino Špiranec, Duje Poljak.PHOTO BY Jouni Lappi / Kuvastamo Uniqa 2016 International Handball Goalkeepers Camp ← Previous Story Eduard Koksharov is new RK Vardar director! Next Story → Bergischer HC sign “Veszprem hero” Uros Vilovski read more

iOS 7 is here How do you like it

first_img I don’t like it (2940) Poll Results: I like it (505) I don’t care (1390) APPLE CUSTOMERS AROUND the world were able to download Apple’s latest operating system yesterday.iOS7 is available to devices from the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 5S, the iPad 2 and upwards as well as the iPod Touch fifth generation devices.iOS 7 boasts many new and improved multitasking interface, an updated version of the Safari browser with an improved tab system, and an ‘AirDrop’ feature that allows iOS users to share photos and files wirelessly between your iOS devices and with others nearby.UpdatesFind my iPhone has been updated too and the camera has had some additions that will make it faster to use.When you received iMessages and SMS previously, there were many who disliked the lack of a timestamp, but now TechCrunch says you can reveal the timestamp for each and every message stating you’ll “never argue about exactly when a message was sent again!”The always helpful Siri has also been given a voice makeover and can search for more on your phone.Reviews on Twitter have been mixed, with some loving the update while others regret updating.How are you finding the new iOS7? Are you a lover or a hater? I like itI don’t like itI don’t careVoteWhy not tell us what you like and dislike about it in the comments section. Upgrade to iOS7 without messing up your iPhone>Here’s why TDs and Senators can’t update their iPhones and iPads to iOS7>last_img read more

Four die after rare meningitis outbreak in US

first_imgAN OUTBREAK OF a rare and deadly form of meningitis has hospitalised 26 people and killed four people across five states  in America.All the cases involved patients who received steroid injections.Eighteen of the cases are in Tennessee where a Nashville clinic received the largest shipment of the steroid suspected in the outbreak. The drug was made by a specialty pharmacy in Massachusetts. It has since issued a recall.Three cases have been reported in Virginia, two in Maryland, two in Florida and one in North Carolina. Two of the deaths were in Tennessee; Virginia and Maryland had one each, the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention said.More new cases are almost certain to appear in the coming days, said Tennessee Department of Health Commissioner John Dreyzehner. Cases in that state began in July and five new cases were confirmed over the past 24 hours, he said Wednesday.Investigators have been looking into at least three different products used for the back injections that could have been tainted by the fungus that appears to be behind the illnesses. None of the products have been ruled out. However, the primary suspicion is on steroid medication, which is commonly used for back pain.The Food and Drug Administration identified the maker of the steroid as the New England Compounding Center, a specialty pharmacy in Framingham. Last week, the company issued a recall of three lots of the steroid. Company officials could not be immediately reached Wednesday afternoon by telephone; the company’s website was unavailable.last_img read more

Belgian militant reportedly killed in Pakistan

first_imgA BELGIAN-TUNISIAN Al-Qaeda recruiter who allegedly mentored an extremist who shot dead seven people in France this year has been killed in Pakistan, according to the US monitoring service SITE.SITE said a post on an extremist web forum on Monday announced the death of Moez Garsalloui, who had claimed responsibility for one of the attacks carried out by Mohamed Merah in the southern French city of Toulouse in March.Garsalloui was a jihadist recruiter and propagandist formerly based in Belgium and Switzerland, SITE said, who remained focused on signing up militants to attack targets in Europe even after moving to the battlefields and training camps of Pakistan and Afghanistan.The post announcing Garsalloui’s death said he was killed in a “raid”, SITE said without elaborating, having previously escaped bombings in Miranshah, the main town in the North Waziristan district of Pakistan’s lawless tribal areas.No details of the raid were given but the jihadi website announcement appeared a few days after two US drone strikes in North Waziristan killed 23 people, according to Pakistani security sources.The death notice named Garsalloui as the leader of “Jund al-Khilafah”, or Army of the Caliph, a militant unit that claimed responsibility for Merah’s attack outside a Jewish school on 19 March.MentorA forum post from one of Garsalloui’s accounts in April described meeting Merah in Pakistan and mentoring him, SITE said, helping him as he struggled to make himself understood to other fighters in Arabic.Garasalloui and his wife, Belgian-Moroccan jihadist Malika el Aroud, were convicted by a Swiss court in June 2007 for running websites that supported terrorism.He was jailed for three weeks and then moved to Belgium, where he and his wife were accused of recruiting jihadists to fight in Afghanistan.He left Europe in late 2007 and was later identified as a link between Al-Qaeda leaders and a Belgian network that was disrupted by raids in December 2008, accused of planning an imminent attack.- © AFP, 2012Read: French police detain 19 suspected extremists>Read: France: Gunman’s brother charged over murders>Read: Gunman in Toulouse standoff “filmed killings”>last_img read more

Firefighter survives sixstorey fall

first_imgI’m gobsmacked, he fell six storeys onto a bed of burning debris in a sealed concrete tube, and he’s basically okay.I could feel the heat standing six floors above. A SOUTH AFRICAN firefighter survived a six-storey fall into a disused lift shaft engulfed in flames while trying to rescue a homeless man.Malusi Mncube, who works for the Durban fire department emerged from the 18-metre (59 feet) hole, which also had two metal spikes, with only a bruised hip, after he was saved by colleagues.“The shaft was dark and there was smoke…it’s incredible that he survived and suffered only minor injuries,” said Max Magnussen, the acting fire chief in the eastern port city.Mncube spent three hours inside the scorching shaft with the body of a homeless man he was trying to rescue. The man died of injuries from the fall and smoke inhalation.Mncube’s colleagues were amazed he survived.Justin Bateman told Witness newspaper: Bateman said Mncube crashed on a pile of burning garbage, narrowly missing two sharp metal poles.“If he didn’t happen to have breathing apparatus with him, he would not have survived 10 minutes down there – the smoke was trapped thick in that tube,” he added.- © AFP, 2013Dublin Lord Mayor catches fainting fireman>Concern about attacks on firefighters as Halloween approaches>last_img read more

Rescue efforts begin for giant ship adrift off Cork coast

first_imgThe Abuk Lion this morning, as seen from the LE Roisín (Pic: Defence Forces) A RESCUE EFFORT is beginning again this morning to help a giant freighter stranded off the Cork coast.The large Russian vessel was on its way to St Petersburg when it ran into engine trouble in the water some 30 miles off the coast of Kinsale just before 3pm on Sunday.Efforts to get to the vessel to provide assistance were hampered by harsh weather, with conditions in the area this morning described as “challenging”.The Irish Coast Guard said the operation to tow the ship to safety began at first light today. The naval vessel LÉ Roisín is assisting in the operation and has taken up station at the scene.It is not thought that the vessel is in any immediate danger.The vessel, the Abuk Lion, has 13 crew on board.The ship being towed to safety by a tug. (Pic: Defence Forces) Read: Driver rescued from Achill lake after car plunges in during treacherous conditions > Video: Man rescued from air pocket after boat sinks in the Atlantic >last_img read more

Google ordered to block photos of Max Mosley at orgy

first_imgA GERMAN COURT has ruled that Google must block photos of a sadomasochistic orgy involving former Formula One boss Max Mosley, two months after a similar ruling in France.The court said the six images taken from a video of the orgy that was filmed by Britain’s now defunct News of the World tabloid newspaper seriously breached Mosley’s privacy.Google immediately said it would appeal the German court’s decision, saying it sent a “disturbing message”.The US technology firm must prevent the pictures being shown on its German-based site, including via links on its search engine, the court in the northern city of Hamburg ruled today.“In the court’s view, the pictures offered seriously violate the plaintiff’s privacy,” said chief judge Simone Kaefer.A court statement on the judgement noted that the serious infringement was due to the photos showing Mosley performing sexual acts, stating:In this particular case it’s therefore not conceivable that the pictures could be allowed to be published in any context.If Google continues to allow the pictures to be seen, it faces a fine of up to €250,000 per individual case, according to the ruling.Legal battlesThe defence team representing Mosley welcomed the verdict, which, it said in a statement, “finally creates legal certainty in a blatant case of privacy rights violations”.German DPA news agency quoted his lawyer Tanja Irion as describing it as a “milestone for the protection of privacy rights on the internet” and denying it would lead to online censorship.The ruling is the latest in a string of legal battles waged by 73-year-old Mosley related to the publication of the video and a 2008 article published by the Rupert Murdoch-owned British newspaper alleging it was a Nazi-themed orgy.Mosley successfully took the publisher of the News of the World to court over the Nazi claim, winning £60,000 (€73,000 euros) in damages when the judge ruled there was no Nazi element.In November a French court also ordered Google to prevent its search engine from providing links to nine images of the orgy, prompting the US internet giant to similarly announce it would appeal and argue it raised fears over costly and heavy-handed automated censorship of the internet.‘Disturbing message’“Even if it refers to an individual person and specific content, today’s verdict nevertheless sends a disturbing message,” Google said in a statement today.“It could lead to internet service providers being obligated to monitor even the smallest elements of content which they transmit or save for their users,” it said.“In our opinion this violates European law,” it added.After Mosley won his case in the British court, he then, in 2011, took his fight to France which has some of the world’s toughest privacy laws.A French court fined NoW’s owner, Murdoch’s News Group Newspapers, €10,000 after ruling that Mosley’s right to privacy had been infringed by the publication of the images in editions of the newspaper sold in France.Those rulings however failed to stop images from the orgy being widely circulated on the web and Mosley believes search engines have a duty to prevent users from accessing material deemed to have breached the law.Mosley, whose father Oswald Mosley led a British fascist party in the 1930s, headed FIA, the governing body of world motorsport, for 16 years until 2009.- © AFP, 2014Read: Google Glass app allows you to see what your partner sees during sex > Read: “They have no human feeling at all”: Max Mosley speaks at Leveson inquiry >last_img read more

Venezuelas youth are abandoning their homeland Ireland is their destination

first_imgCITIZENS OF VENEZUELA’S socialist revolution have grown accustomed to long lines for everything from bread to buying a car.But 26-year-old Daniela Rodriguez hopes this line will be her last.Like some 50 other college students and graduates, she’s been lounging for the past three days on the cement sidewalks of a busy Caracas office district waiting for a consulate stamp that she hopes will be her ticket to a brighter future. Her destination? Ireland a country she knows almost nothing about. Not that it matters.Daniela Rodriguez laughs with friends as she waits outside Ireland’s consulate in Caracas. (Pic: AP Photo/Fernando Llano)“I’ll blindly go anywhere,” said Rodriguez, who has been unable to find work as a journalist since graduating college in 2010, instead working as a sales clerk at a clothing store. “Here you kill yourself just to get nowhere, but outside Venezuela in two years your effort pays off.”The sentiment is widely shared by Venezuela’s best and brightest, who are abandoning their homeland in droves rather than wait for a punishing currency crisis, record shortages and 50 per cent inflation to ease. But not everyone is fleeing the madness. Some Venezuelans are posing as students and recycling on the black market increasingly scarce hard currency meted out at the official exchange rate to pay for schooling abroad.Amid the desperate search for opportunities abroad, Ireland has emerged as an almost ideal escape.The country has long attracted language students from all over the world, and unlike the US, Australia and Canada, Venezuelans don’t need a visa to enter the European Union.And while Spain, for years the preferred destination for Latin American emigrants, has youth unemployment of above 50 per cent, the Irish economy is recovering steadily from Europe’s financial crisis. Venezuelans already studying there report that it’s easy to find work. “It’s very sad that having invested so much in institutions to develop quality human resources we can’t take advantage of them to add dynamism to the economy,” said Anitza Freitez, a Caracas-based demographer who has studied migratory trends.She estimates the number of Venezuelans living abroad jumped 12 per cent between 2005 and 2010, a pride-shattering reversal for a country whose oil-fueled prosperity made it a magnet for immigrants from southern Europe and South America for much of the last half-century.Ties with Ireland stretch back to Venezuela’s 19th century war of independence, one of Liberator Simon Bolivar’s closest aides was an Irish military officer named Daniel O’Leary. But until recently fewer than 200 Venezuelans were living there, according to Freitez’s research.Now, Venezuelans rival Brazilians, a country with a population seven times larger, as the biggest foreign student population at many language schools in Ireland.And the exodus keeps building.Seda College in Dublin said it received 7,640 unique visitors to its website from Venezuela in January, equal to a third of total inquiries for all of 2013., or “I Want To Go,” a Venezuelan website that provides information to people looking to emigrate, also reported record traffic this month at twice the normal levels.So popular has Dublin become among Venezuela’s youth that leading satirical website El Chiguire Bipolar recently joked it had become Venezuela’s safest city, a reference to the violent crime that overruns Venezuelan streets, another factor driving people overseas.A man completes a form outside Ireland’s consulate in Caracas. (Pic: AP Photo/Fernando Llano)“This isn’t like previous waves we saw after elections,” said Esther Bermudez,’s founder, who moved to Montreal in 2007 fed up with currency controls that made it impossible to do business with advertisers and suppliers abroad. “Interest in leaving seems more sustained, less emotional, as people come to grips with the structural crisis the country is facing.”That disillusionment can be felt outside the Honorary Consulate in Caracas, where for the past six months, and more intensely since the economy took a turn for the worst in November, students gather every day before dawn.Sometimes the lines are 200 deep, drawing complaints from passing office workers and forcing a rotating cadre of self-appointed leaders to maintain a 24-hour vigil so that nobody jumps the line when the consulate, which operates out of a law office, opens between 10am and noon.They’re all there to cross the same Rubicon: obtaining a stamp certifying their enrollment letter sent from Ireland.With that paper in hand, they can navigate the bureaucratic labyrinth created by a decade of rigid currency controls and buy hard currency at the official exchange rate of 6.3 bolivars per US dollar, 12 times cheaper than on the black market.Ireland’s foreign ministry told says that it has also detected a small number of fraudulent applications but wouldn’t provide details. The talk among the students and hired fixers on the sidewalk is that the consul’s stamp was recently counterfeited.Early morning queues at the Irish consulate. (Pic: AP Photo/Fernando Llano) Unlike other foreign students, Venezuelans also face obstacles opening bank accounts in Ireland because of fear they could be used to illegally transfer money, said Tiago Mascarenhas, Seda’s marketing director.Some students, while acknowledging that the system lends itself to fraud, say the real abuses are being carried out by President Nicolas Maduro’s government, which has allowed supermarket shelves go bare and inflation to skyrocket even as it sits atop the world’s largest oil reserves.“If the government is suspicious then they should present proof,” said Rodriguez, who says that a third of her close friends have already left Venezuela. “It’s not our fault the country isn’t progressing.”Read: Higgins to meet Chilean president on first full day of South America trip >Read: President and Tánaiste express sadness at death of Hugo Chavez >last_img read more

18 ingenious cooking inventions you need in your kitchen immediately

first_img18. And finally, this board that weighs as you chop Source: transformdhTake our money, great scholars. Take all of it9 futuristic inventions we were promised but never got>17 wonderful inventions to solve all your first world problems> COOKING AND THEN eating is just so hard sometimes. These clever utensils and appliances can make it all easier.You’re welcome, world.1. This innovative evolution of the simple ice-pop maker Source: Imgur2. Who needs the wheel when you’ve got an instant pancake machine? Source: Imgur3. Never cook too much pasta again with the help of this measuring wheel Source: Natalie Rogers4. Or, if you could eat a horse, just go for it Source: Reykjavik Corner Store5. JIF? Goodbye, sir Source: Imgur6. Take the proper steps to avoid the horror of only being left with a soggy middle slice Source: Imgur7. Can’t resist a nibble? Use this piece of Godly equipment to keep the cake’s shape after a quick taste Source: Quirky8. Never suffer from uneven herb distribution again Source: Cooksgarden9. This counter-top solves all of your crappy chopping disposal needs Source: Imgur10. Tong gloves, where have you been all our lives? Source: Amazon11. The only utensil needed for those sad Koka dinners Source: Pinterest12. Oreo dippers, for those who like to keep their fingers out of the milk13. The holy grail of multi-grain14. No, we can’t. Breakfast perfection15. Goodbye unsightly coffee rings16. Turning a guilty pleasure in to ‘just good sense’ Source: Pinterest17. Corn, eh? It’s nice on the cob but you need it for a salad…last_img read more

John OShea thinks the lure of Celtic job is too strong for

first_img“It’s one of the clubs around the world that was going to entice him back into management and away from his current job. It’s something he would really enjoy I’m sure and relish the challenge of managing a fantastic club like Celtic. But let’s wait and see if it does happen,” he said.O’Shea doesn’t think that Keane should have to choose and the question of juggling jobs was broached with the stand in skipper. “I can’t see why he couldn’t do it. I’m sure Celtic and the FAI would maybe prefer it to be one way or the other, but hey, things have been done like that in the past, so why can’t it be done in the future?”No news is good news for O’Neill as Ireland boss says Keane job talk ‘just speculation’ for nowKevin Doyle ‘up in the air’ but longing for Premier League return IRELAND DEFENDER John O’Shea admits he expects Roy Keane to take charge of Celtic.The current Ireland assistant manager has emerged as the favourite for the job and the Hoops have confirmed that they have approached Keane.O’Shea conceded that Keane’s days as Ireland assistant are numbered.“It looks very much like it now,” said the Sunderland skipper after training in Malahide today.“Slowly but surely, it snowballed into having talks with Celtic, so I would be very surprised if it doesn’t get across the line.”O’Shea and Keane says the players had tried to get an indication from Keane as to his intentions: “Obviously the lads have been trying to get hints but he’s kept a good poker face.”The Waterford native echoed Martin O’Neill’s sentiments that losing Keane would be a huge disappointment but he believes the Celtic job is too good to turn down.last_img read more

Timetable for abortion legislation is tight

first_imgTHE POLITICIAN IN charge of reporting back to the government about expert testimony ahead of new abortion legislation has conceded that the publishing timetable is “tight” ahead of the summer recess.“But I think it can be done,” Jerry Buttimer told earlier today. “We certainly need to reflect on the hearings but the committee will report its findings next Thursday, 30 May.”Speaking in Dublin today, Minister for Health James Reilly told reporters that he would do “everything that is humanly possible” to ensure the laws are brought before the end of July.“There is a big job of work to be done and nobody is underestimating that,” he said, adding that it is important everybody is given an opportunity to make a contribution to the process.The possibility of the Dáil sitting extra hours – or even days – has been mooted to ensure the bill is pushed through before the deadline passes.Buttimer said he is pleased that the committee hearings helped gather the different viewpoints on what is a “sensitive social matter”. He noted that with such a complex issue, tensions are bound to run high but that the proceedings were held in an “calm and dignified manner”.He has come in for some criticism from Independent Oireachtas members Senator Rónán Mullen and TD Mattie McGrath today for remarks made on morning radio shows.In a statement, Mullen described the hearings as a “deliberate exercise in non-consultation” during which the government showed no willingness to revisit the “controversial essence of its bill”.Buttimer had no comment to make on the individual statements.6 interesting moments from the final day of the Oireachtas abortion hearingsColumn: Changing the law on abortion is dangerous and unjustColumn: No woman has an abortion on a whimlast_img read more

Woolwich accused disrupts court hearings shouting Im a soldier

first_imgReally and truly it’s about the good, honest, decent, hardworking British members of society, whether they be Muslim or non-Muslim. They are the ones that have suffered the most.He also complained about the examination of his genitals ahead of his court appearance, adding: “I cried like a baby, you know, into my sleeve.”When he was reprimanded by judge Nigel Sweeney for interrupting, he replied: “Stop trying to stifle the truth.”But he later praised the judge after Sweeney let him have his handcuffs removed in the video-link room at Belmarsh prison, on the understanding that two prison officers sit beside him.“That man who is wearing the white wig and the red robe. May Allah bless that man because he has had the courage to do something that many wouldn’t have had the courage to do,” he said.Adebolajo’s case will return to the Old Bailey on June 28, when it will join up with that of his co-accused, Adebowale.- © AFP, 2013 ONE OF THE TWO men accused of murdering a British soldier in London repeatedly interrupted his bail hearing today to shout “I’m a soldier” and accuse the judge of stifling the truth.The video-link connecting Michael Adebolajo, 28, from prison to the Old Bailey central criminal court was eventually switched off after the judge asked him several times to be quiet.Adebolajo is accused along with another man, 22-year-old Michael Adebowale, of hacking soldier Lee Rigby to death in broad daylight near a barracks in Woolwich, south east London, two weeks ago.He is also accused of the attempted murder of two police officers and possession of a firearm.In his second appearance in court since being charged on Saturday, Adebolajo was still wearing a plaster cast on his left arm after being shot by police at the scene of the murder.He has been seen by psychiatrists five times – three times in hospital and at least twice since he was discharged on Friday – and has been declared fit for interview each time, the court heard.Defence lawyer David Gottlieb said: “It’s the prosecution’s case that he is completely sane. He doesn’t suffer from any mental disorder at all. Mr Hamza agrees with that”.Adebolajo asked at an earlier hearing to be referred to as Mujaahid Abu Hamza.While his mental state was discussed, he interjected: “I’m not familiar with this legal jargon. I’m a soldier, not a lawyer.”Wearing a burgundy top with a pink jumper, Adebolajo complained that the hearing was not about him, “even though I played a major part in proceedings”. He said:last_img read more

Two men arrested after kicking in window on Dublin bus

first_imgTWO MEN WERE arrested last night after smashing a window on a late-night bus on Dublin’s Dorset Street.The incident occurred on the 122 bus heading to Ashington at around 11.45pm last night. A plain-clothes Garda escorts one of the men off the bus.Witnesses say that two men, aged 19 and 21, boarded the bus on Dorset Street without paying a fare, went upstairs and opened an emergency exit.This forced the driver to stop the bus. The two men then proceeded to begin kicking windows upstairs, smashing one.Gardaí arrived and the two men were arrested. They were taken to Store Street Garda Station and charged with criminal damage.They will appear before Dublin District Court at a later date. A second Garda follows with the other man. Dublin Bus could not comment on the matter because of the arrests, but said that the level of anti-social behaviour on buses is relatively small and decreasing in terms of journeys taken.The company says it has a “strong working relationship” with gardaí and has a number of initiatives to help drivers and passengers stay safe.Read: ‘I’ll run you over’: Dublin Bus probes driver-cyclist rowlast_img read more

Missing MH370 was highly highly likely on autopilot when it ran out

first_imgMISSING MALAYSIA AIRLINES flight MH370 was “highly, highly likely” on autopilot when it ran out of fuel and crashed, Australian officials said today as they announced the search will shift further south.“It would be fair to comment that it is highly, highly likely that the aircraft was on autopilot, otherwise it could not have followed the orderly path that has been identified through the satellite sightings,” Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss said.After analysing data between the plane and a satellite, officials believe Flight 370 was operating on autopilot the entire time it was flying across a vast expanse of the southern Indian Ocean, Australian Transport Safety Bureau chief commissioner Martin Dolan said.“Certainly for its path across the Indian Ocean, we are confident that the aircraft was operating on autopilot until it ran out of fuel,” Dolan told reporters in Canberra.Asked whether the autopilot would have to be manually switched on, or whether it could have been activated automatically under a default setting, Dolan replied:The basic assumption would be that if the autopilot is operational it’s because it’s been switched on.But exactly when the Boeing 777 began running on autopilot is still not known.“We couldn’t accurately, nor have we attempted to, fix the moment when it was put on autopilot,” Transport Minister Warren Truss said.It will be a matter for the Malaysian-based investigation to look at precisely when it may have been put on autopilot.New search areaThe latest nugget of information from the investigation into Flight 370 came as officials announced yet another change in the search area for the wreckage of the plane that vanished during a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on March 8 with 239 passengers and crew on board.The new search area is located several hundred kilometres southwest of the most recent suspected crash site, about 1,800 kilometres off Australia’s west coast, Dolan said.Powerful sonar equipment will scour the seabed for wreckage in the new search zone, which officials calculated by reanalysing the existing satellite data.The shift was expected, with Dolan saying last week the new zone would be south of an area where a remote-controlled underwater drone spent weeks fruitlessly combing 850 square kilometres of seabed.The shift from debris to underwaterThat search area was determined by a series of underwater sounds initially thought to have come from the plane’s black boxes. But those signals are now widely believed to have come from some other source.The new 60,000 square kilometre search area falls within a vast expanse of ocean that air crews have already scoured for floating debris, to no avail. Officials have since called off the air search, since any debris would likely have sunk long ago.The hunt is now focused underwater. Beginning in August, private contractors will use powerful side-scan sonar equipment capable of probing ocean depths of 7 kilometres to comb the ocean floor in the new search zone. The job is expected to take 12 months to complete.Meanwhile, two survey ships are mapping uncharted expanses of seabed in the search zone before the sonar scanning starts.The search area has changed multiple times in the months since Flight 370 vanished, as officials struggled to make sense of the limited data the flight left in its wake after it dropped off radar. The new search zone was largely identified by an analysis of hourly transmissions, or “handshakes,” between the plane and a satellite.Read: Underwater search for MH370 to move again – this time west of Perth > Read: MH370 searchers not looking in crash hotspot as they were distracted by ‘bogus signals’ > Read: Flight MH370 families get $50,000 each in first compensation payouts >last_img read more

The EU plans to impose sanctions on more Russians

first_imgAll sides in the conflict must now work together to ensure the hundreds of families bereaved can get the answers they need, and that the remains of the victims of the crash can be recovered and repatriated without delay.“This tragic incident highlights the urgent need to bring the conflict in Eastern Ukraine to an end.”GazaThe meeting of Foreign Ministers also discussed the situation in Gaza and the Middle East. Flanagan said:“We condemned both the rockets attacks into Israel and the very high level of civilian casualties in Gaza, and have stressed again the need for any military action to be proportionate.We called on the parties to resume meaningful negotiations with the aim of achieving a comprehensive peace agreement based on a two state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict based on the 1967 borders.“We have also discussed the humanitarian aspects of the crisis in Gaza and underlined the need to provide access for humanitarian assistance.”Yesterday Minister Flanagan announced funding of €500,000 for the United Nations’ emergency appeal for families affected by the devastating conflict in Gaza.Read: Flight MH17 and Gaza to dominate EU Foreign Affairs meeting>Read: Ireland is providing €500k in humanitarian aid to Gaza> EU FOREIGN MINISTERS have decided to impose sanctions on more Russians.In a meeting in Brussels they agreed to expand the criteria for listing people and entities against whom sanctions can be imposed.The move is in response to continuing instability in Eastern Ukraine and the annexation of Crimea.Speaking after the EU Foreign Affairs Council today – Minister for Foreign Affairs, Charlie Flanagan, said:“Sanctions can encourage all sides to come to the negotiating table and reach a peaceful solution to their differences.“Today we also made it very clear that we are willing to consider further measures if the situation does not improve.”MH17Ministers also discussed the downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 over Eastern Ukraine last week.Minister Flanagan said, “I joined with my European colleagues in expressing our deepest sympathies to those who have lost family and loved ones on flight MH17.“We are calling for a full, thorough and independent international investigation to ensure those directly and indirectly responsible are held to account and brought to justice.last_img read more

Day After Christmas Sale Target

first_imgJBL OnStage Micro II $59.99 (Down from ($79.99)Acer Aspire AS5742Z-4601 $379.99 (Down from $499.99)Sentry Noise Canceling Headphones $15.98 (Down from $39.99)Powermat for Nintendo DS Lite $11.98 (Down from $29.99) Snowmageddon continues to ravage the East Coast, so I’m still stuck at the old airport. That’s good news for you, however–I’ve got aw bit more time on my hands to ferret out some sweet post-holiday savings on electronics. This time out, we’ve got some from Target, including deals on iPod docks, digital cameras, laptops, headphones, and more. Canon SD1300 IS $129 (Down from $179)last_img read more

Google shores up Chromes vulnerabilities before telling hackers to bring it on

first_imgGoogle has been trying to make a name for Chrome as the most secure browser out there, but they’ve just put their money where their mouth is by paying nine researchers a total of $14,000 for finding vulnerabilities in its Chrome browser to shore it up for next week’s annual Pwn2Own hacking contest. About a month ago, google offered a bounty of about $20,000 to anyone who could escape the Chrome sandbox and compromise a user’s system. Chrome’s sandbox keeps browser code from interacting with a user’s operating system, and Google’s justly proud of it, but the only way they can make sure it is working is by having hackers bang on it.AdChoices广告Bang on it, hackers did. They never did manage to find a way to get out of Chrome’s sandbox, but they did find several lesser security vulnerabilities, including one in WebGL, the hardware accelerated 3D graphics API that Google debuted in Chrome back in early February. A vulnerability in WebGL makes sense, as it’s one of Chrome’s newest features, but there were others identified as well, including one in Chrome’s SVG — or scalable vector graphics — rendering and animation, and even one in Chrome’s address bar. The most vulnerabilities by far were found in Chrome’s memory allocation code, which accounted for nearly 25% of all vulnerabilities spotted. All in all, the outside researchers found fifteen bugs, with Google themselves identifying four more. 16 of these bugs were rated as of high importance, while three were rated medium. None were critical.Google, always quick when it comes to patching Chrome, managed to shore up the foundations and issued a fixed patch on Monday. With Pwn2Own starting next week in Vancouver, though, and Google’s $20,000 offer to any hacker who can escape their sandbox, my guess is we’ll be seeing more vulnerabilities patched soon enough.Read more at Computerworldlast_img read more

Samsung definitely not interested in buying webOS

first_imgThere was a lot of buzz last week about Samsung being a possible suitor for HP’s webOS, either as a licensee or even to buy the ex-Palm mobile operating system. Samsung’s CEO Choi Gee Sung has, however, cast aside any doubts about his company’s level of interest at IFA 2011 as far as an acquisition goes: it’s zero. Choi’s sentiment was echoed by a Samsung spokesperson back in Seoul as well, so it’s clearly not just a personal opinion.Choi takes issue with the “trend” of mobile tech companies acquiring an OS — which we can assume is an obvious poke at both HP and RIM (who purchased QNX) and probably even a subtle elbow in Google’s ribs for acquiring Android back in 2005. He also assures that Samsung is working much harder on stepping up its software game than those outside the company might think.That Choi and Samsung genuinely aren’t interested in buying webOS shouldn’t really come as a surprise. The company enjoyed a very successful launch of its own Bada OS and has received solid reviews so far for its first batch of Bada 2 smartphones. Would Samsung really want to shuffle developer resources from its own creation to learn someone else’s mobile OS inside-out, maintain it, and support it going forward? No.Would Samsung still be interested in licensing webOS? Possibly. If Samsung’s concerns about the Google/Motorola deal one day lead it to shy away from Android, webOS might be an interesting alternative — provided someone else wants to take care of its development. Samsung is already looking after Bada internally, but it’s making good money on smartphones with licensed OSes like Windows Phone that other companies are looking after.Read more at Bloomberglast_img read more

Apple Maps steers oblivious motorists onto airport runway

first_imgThere aren’t many app developers that can claim to be dealing with matters of life and death when they publish an update, but the coders and engineers behind Apple’s Maps app certainly can. The embattled Google Maps alternative is just starting to shrug off the stigma of past problems, but this week it had another high-profile bug: it steered unwary motorists onto an airport runway.To be fair, navigating airport motorways can be unquestionably confusing — that’s why people turn to mapping applications to keep them on the right track. The trust people put in those apps is often blind, however: drivers headed for the Fairbanks Airport in Alaska followed the Apple Maps directions so closely that they ended up driving down an airplane taxiway and even across a runway.The town of Mildura was briefly a sort of desert Bermuda Triangle, but only for Apple Maps users.The airport immediately contacted the Attorney General’s office and requested a total shutdown of the service for their area — better people miss their flights entirely than end up crushed by them. There is, of course, the question of why multiple vehicles were able to wander into the airport’s most sensitive thoroughfares; even leaving threats of terrorism aside, that seems supremely unsafe.This is certainly not the time Apple wanted to be dealing with more damaging PR for their mapping solution. Soon after the tech giant made their own app the mandatory default mapping solution, reports began to come in of travelers guided to the wrong location or sent hours off course. One tech writer began reporting from suburbia while his speaking engagement came and went miles away. The Australian authorities even issued a warning to avoid using the app for directions in remote desert areas after several travelers were stranded and required rescue.Google Maps itself had some problems early in its life-cycle, but people were not so ready to trust a blue line on a satellite map back then — and its problems have tended to be smaller in scope, regardless. Mislabeling highways can be annoying, but tends not to lead travelers hours away from their destinations.Apple CEO Tim Cook issued an apology for causing customers “frustration” and pledged to improve the app’s accuracy in the future. As to Fairbanks Airport, they promised to update the directions within the week.last_img read more

Coast Guard operation underway after man falls ill on fishing boat

first_imgCoast Guard operation underway after man falls ill on fishing boat The rescue services are heading to the scene. By Aoife Barry Share24 Tweet Email Wednesday 22 Feb 2017, 8:44 PM 11 Comments Feb 22nd 2017, 8:44 PM Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Short URLcenter_img A Coast Guard helicopter. Image: Sam Boal THE COAST GUARD is taking part in another long-range operation today after a crew member fell ill on a fishing vessel.This is the Coast Guard’s second long-range operation in two days, and is taking place off the South West coast.The Irish Air Corps is working with the Coast Guard during the mission.It’s understood a member of crew on a fishing vessel has fallen ill and an Irish naval vessel, which went to assist the man, then put a call into the Coast Guard for a medevac. This involves bringing a person to hospital via helicopter.As the operation is currently underway, no further details are available.Yesterday, rescuers battled difficult conditions to reach a severely injured man on board a Russian vessel. Source: Coast Guard rescues severely injured Russian fisherman 140 miles out at sea in heavy winds> 12,071 Views Image: Sam Boal A Coast Guard helicopter.last_img read more

Loads of tender hugs Catholic Church releases gift tokens for Valentines Day

first_img 34 Comments Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Feb 10th 2017, 6:15 AM Source: WMOF2018Single people may be wondering where they fit into the mix with these gift tokens, but fear not. For anyone not yet coupled up by 14 February, a special “Prayer for those seeking a spouse” is also available in cathedrals and shops.Read: Priests visit shopping centre to hear confessionsRead: Ireland’s Catholic Library is trying to negotiate a move – and its members aren’t happy ‘Loads of tender hugs’ – Catholic Church releases gift tokens for Valentine’s Day Free gift tokens that can be be exchanged in return for favours are now available in cathedrals across the country. 11,346 Views THE CATHOLIC CHURCH has come up with a new campaign to help couples celebrate St Valentine’s Day “in a more meaningful way”.Free gift tokens that can be exchanged between by people in return for favours are now available in cathedrals across the country.Examples of tokens include: “Loads of tender hugs”, “A technology-free evening to do an activity of your choice”, and “Set aside time to pray together”.Each token also contains tips from Pope Francis on the secrets to a successful relationship. Source: WMOF2018More than 150,000 thousand of the tokens are available all across Ireland.The initiative took its cue from a document The Joy of Love (Amoris Laetitia) released by Pope Francis last year which calls on couples to celebrate their love by spending time together rather than relying on commercial gifts.The tokens were produced by the World Meeting of Families 2018, a three-yearly event which will be held in 2018 in Ireland. Source: WMOF2018The event focuses on the role of the family in the lives of Catholics and will be held over five days in Dublin.Fr Tim Bartlett, secretary general of the meeting, told the Irish Catholic:[The] tokens encourage simple little gestures, and help us to appreciate that these simple gestures are also moments of grace and expressions of selfless love for another which mirror the love of God for use, and are to be celebrated.center_img Friday 10 Feb 2017, 6:15 AM By Cormac Fitzgerald Short URL Share164 Tweet Email last_img read more

United Airlines forgot the courts of public opinion and law are two

first_imgOf course, United handled the situation appallingly. They were slow to respond when everybody was talking about it. When their chief executive, Oscar Munoz, came out to apologise at first, he used terrible jargon and ‘legalese’.He said he was sorry for having to “re-accommodate” the customer, not for the forceful extraction, and said he would be “reaching out” to the man. Not the language of a man who was named PR Week’s communicator of the year only one month ago.Munoz also said in a staff email that the guy was “disruptive and belligerent”. Even if he was, the airline lost that argument as soon as the video went viral. United eventually changed its tone, but only after the incident attracted a massive amount of media attention.The magnitude of that particular PR crisis was enormous, but it shows that it could happen to anyone. All companies should learn to conduct themselves properly in the eye of a social media storm.Here’s my advice for how companies should handle such a scenario:Swift actionHow quickly you respond to a crisis will define how the whole thing plays out. In the United case, the airline forgot that the court of public opinion and the court of law are two completely different things.In many crises, the lawyers usually get to the chief executive before the communicators do. Then you end up with a legal response to the issue like the one Munoz first gave, which only exacerbates the problem and the crisis rolls on.The trick is to ask yourself: how quickly can you act on a complaint and how can you take a substantive, caring response to the problem?If you act in a human way and acknowledge the problem that you’re involved in, you’ll be able to deal with it better.It will still be painful. In some cases, you’ll have to pay compensation or suck up to some really ugly accusations. The quicker you do that, the better.Go offlineWhen you first start to get complaints online, you should try as quickly as possible to take the conversation offline, especially if it’s only a handful of angry customers at first. You don’t want to get involved in a ping-pong war with irate Twitter users.When you take the conversation offline, you can deal with the issue in a more personal manner. It shows the customer that you actually care about their problem.It’s important to remember, as well, that when your brand is talking to somebody through a social media account, the employee messaging back should always identify themselves.When people are in trouble, they want to deal with an actual person, not some kind of faceless Wizard of Oz. If somebody knows they’re talking to Jack at All Good Tales, the interaction is always easier than if they’re talking to a corporate edifice. A woman using her smartphone Source: Oliver Berg/DPA/PA ImagesDon’t try to be cleverI started my career as a press officer for the Progressive Democrats. During my time, I had to deal with a number of scandals. You can have a plan in place for all sorts of scenarios, but when you’re in the middle of a crisis, the first thing that comes under savage attack is your judgement.Your brain works in really different in that situation – when senior people come under fire, it’s a really difficult and lonely place to be. Even the most well-thought-out plan can go out the window.Think of that famous Mike Tyson quote, “Everybody’s got a plan till they get a punch in the mouth.”What happens to lots of people when they’re in the middle of a crisis is they think: what’s the minimum I can get away with? Instead, they should find the maximum they’re willing to give to get the problem to go away.There’s a concept I talk about in crisis communications courses I’ve done where I say, “Imagine if had to write a cheque so the problem would go away, but you could only do it once. How large would that cheque be?”It reminds people that, in a crisis, they’re not supposed to be trying to get away with as little as possible.Senior management should all sing from the same hymn sheet. They should act swiftly and try to make one big decision to make the whole thing go away. If you need to be sorry, be sorry. Don’t be defensive or give a vague, legal answer to questions.One media moment that burned in my mind was when Ivan Yates had to shut down Celtic Bookmakers in 2011.He went on Sean O’Rourke the day the company went into receivership, and in his opening statement he said it was his fault the company couldn’t be saved. Ivan Yates Source: Sam Boal/Rollingnews.ieHe said he felt terrible, but the problem wasn’t just about him. He acknowledged that there were hundreds of people who gave their life’s work to the company who would be out of a job.The minute he had that opening statement finished, there wasn’t a substantial question left to ask him.The overall piece of advice I would give to companies is when you’re dealing with a crisis, leave no question unanswered. You’ll minimise the crisis in the long run and get to move on from it quicker.Jack Murray is chief executive and founder of communications agency All Good Tales. This article was written in conversation with Conor McMahon as part of a series of masterclasses with some of Ireland’s most influential business people.If you want to share your opinion, advice or story, email [email protected] by Jack Murray and posted on Short URL Share Tweet Email4 Fora Staff Get Fora’s NEW daily digest of the morning’s key business news: ‘United Airlines forgot the courts of public opinion and law are two very different things’ Communications expert Jack Murray delivers a masterclass in how to deal with a social media storm. Saturday 15 Apr 2017, 8:00 AM 450 Views THE FIRST HOUR of a PR crisis was traditionally called ‘the golden hour’. Today, thanks to Twitter, we’re probably talking about the golden nanosecond.What happens in every social media storm, big or small, is that you lose control of the narrative very quickly. Take the United Airlines scandal this week, when a passenger was dragged off a flight that was overbooked.The 40-second video that came out afterwards of the man being forcibly removed from the plane was disturbing – but it was a perfect social media moment.As jaw-dropping as it was, that video was absolute gold for media organisations. It was clickbait on an unbelievable level. And when your crisis becomes a commercial opportunity for everybody else, you’ve got a problem on a whole other level. By Fora Staff @United overbook #flight3411 and decided to force random passengers off the plane. Here’s how they did it:— Jayse D. Anspach (@JayseDavid) April 10, 2017 19 Comments Take me to Fora Source: Jayse D. Anspach/Twitter Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Apr 15th 2017, 8:00 AM last_img read more

Fitness goals Be specific Choose something concrete like running 5K in 30

first_img Carl Cautley Monday 17 Apr 2017, 8:30 PM Apr 17th 2017, 8:30 PM Share Tweet Email3 4 Comments By Carl Cautley Personal trainer Short URL Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article 118 Views Fitness goals: ‘Be specific. Choose something concrete like running 5K in 30 minutes’ If the first quarter of the year hasn’t gone well, start re-thinking your fitness goals now, writes Carl Cautley. WITH THE FIRST quarter of 2017 behind us, it’s a good time to step back and reflect on how your fitness goals for the year are progressing.The grit and determination of January has well and truly worn off by now, so are you still on the right track, or did you abandon your “New Me” plan long ago?Either way, it might be time for a change of direction. And whether you’re starting from scratch, getting back on the wagon, or just looking to up your game, spring is the perfect opportunity to do just that.Exercising outdoorsThe change in weather around this time of year is an obvious factor to consider when it comes to tweaking your fitness goals.You’ll have more opportunity to get outdoors, soak up some sunshine and top up your vitamin D levels, so consider swapping one or two of your weekly gym sessions for a workout at the park or beach.If your progress has slowed somewhat in the last few weeks, a change in routine like this could be just what you need to bust through the plateau. And with the chill of winter largely behind us, convincing yourself to leave the comfort of your house should be easier, too.Ditch the winter stodgeAs the temperatures get milder, now is also the time to start cleaning up your diet by swapping out stodgy dinners for lighter, healthier meals like salads and stir fries.You may find that your appetite subsides slightly as the days get warmer, so take advantage of that by trimming down your portion sizes a little.Just make sure to include plenty of protein in your meals and snacks, which will help you preserve and build all-important muscle mass over the coming months.Changing things upThink about what else you could do differently. Have you been working out alone?Now might be the time to join a gym or visit a personal trainer for some much-needed support and accountability.Was your New Year’s resolution simply to lose weight and get in shape? Why not pivot and make it your goal to complete a race or take up a new sport?Be specific; choose something concrete and measurable like running a 5K in 30 minutes or less. Big changes and audacious goals like these can modify your whole perspective and rejuvenate your interest in fitness.Another way to give yourself a push is to remind yourself why you decided to get in shape in the first place. You’re not just exercising for the sake of it — there’s always some fundamental motive that drives us to take up training.For some, it’s a desire to live a long and healthy life. Others might want to set a good example for loved ones, or just look good in their favourite jeans. What are your reasons? Write them down and keep them top of mind as the challenge of building your fitness starts to mount up.Most importantly, enjoy working outWhatever your goals and the motives behind them, it’s important to have fun and enjoy yourself throughout the process — whether that means bringing a friend along to the gym, discovering healthy foods you love, or swapping the treadmill for the tennis court.The idea of keeping fit is to improve your physical and mental well-being, not to become another source of stress or a stick to beat yourself with.If the first quarter of the year hasn’t gone the way you’d like and the thoughts of your next workout session fill you with dread and frustration, now is the time to step back and ask why you are doing this, and what you could do to enjoy it more.Carl Cautley is a Certified Personal Trainer, Zest4Life Nutritional Coach and founder of Health & Fitness Together — an industry-leading Private Personal Training Studio in Ranelagh, Dublin 6. Get in touch with Carl at or at 01 496 5829 for a complimentary consultation.‘Tribunals and commissions achieve nothing. They just shield the guilty from prosecution’Julien Mercille: Liberals are wrong to cheer on Trump’s bombslast_img read more

I dreamt about playing for that club signing on the dotted line

first_img‘I dreamt about playing for that club… signing on the dotted line was surreal’ After leaving Leeds United, Eric Grimes is hoping the League of Ireland can kickstart his career. Derry City goalkeeper Eric Grimes. Share Tweet Email Source: Derry City FC/Twitter WHEN HE’D RETURN home from watching them play on TV in the company of Cork’s Leeds United Supporters Club, Eric Grimes would lie in bed and imagine what it would be like to be a Leeds player.He was a goalkeeper, yet Grimes idolised the club’s Irish contingent. Gary Kelly, Ian Harte and Robbie Keane were his heroes. At the age of 16, he no longer had to dream.Nearly six years have passed since Grimes signed for Leeds United from Ringmahon Rangers. Still awaiting a taste of first-team action which eluded him in England, he has come to Derry City in pursuit of senior football.Galway United approached him over the winter. They were prepared to make Grimes their first-choice goalkeeper. But he opted for Derry instead, despite accepting that he’d be joining the Candystripes as deputy to arguably the league’s best goalkeeper in Ger Doherty.He knew that breaking into the team wouldn’t be easy, but Europa League football and the likelihood of being part of a club pushing for the Premier Division title instead of aiming to avoid relegation were major factors in Grimes’ decision to sign for Kenny Shiels’ side.“There would have been more first-team football at Galway but, to be fair, Derry is just a bit more exciting at the moment. Obviously European football is part of that,” he says.“I actually went to meet Kenny during the off-season and I got a great feel for the club from him, and a sense of what he wants to achieve. He’s ambitious and he really believes that we can challenge for the title. I just wanted to be part of that.“There’s a lot of young, local lads here that really want to play for the club and they want to have success with their local club. It feels like there’s something special happening here, like we’re on the cusp of something.” Image: Lorraine O’Sullivan/INPHO Short URL Derry City FC are delighted to announce the signing of Eric Grimes – former @LUFC & @CorkCityFC goalkeeper. Welcome Eric! #rawa— Derry City FC (@derrycityfc) January 6, 2017 Derry City goalkeeper Eric Grimes. Image: Lorraine O’Sullivan/INPHO 4 Comments Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Mar 16th 2017, 9:30 PM 26,116 Views By Paul Dollery Thursday 16 Mar 2017, 9:30 PM It’s difficult to argue with that assessment in a week when Derry maintained their 100% start to the season by recording a 3-1 win over a Dundalk side chasing their fourth consecutive Premier Division title. It was Derry’s first victory over the Lilywhites in nearly four years.Grimes says: “Obviously I wasn’t here then but there was a feeling of grievance among the boys that they didn’t get the results they deserved last year against Dundalk. We did quite a bit of analysis on them and came to the conclusion that some of the goals we conceded against them last year were through our own fault rather than their brilliant play.“We just had to be more intelligent and not so naive. We took that into the game and deserved the win. Dundalk get a lot of praise for how they play and manage games, but I think we played them off the park in the second half especially. It just goes to show that Dundalk aren’t the only team that can play football.”The League of Ireland rarely lacks captivating characters and Kenny Shiels certainly fits into that category. Since he took over as manager last season, this Derry City side has been greater than the sum of its parts. Under Shiels, a young team assembled with a relatively modest budget has defied its lack of experience and big names by leading the chasing pack behind Dundalk and Cork City.Shiels has fostered an us-against-them mentality, portraying his accomplished young side as a band of plucky underdogs fighting an uphill battle. In spite of their third-place finish last season, Derry again came into this year below the radar.Having overcome the champions, however, they now look ready to join the title race. Grimes has been impressed by Shiels’ management. Nevertheless, he says the former Kilmarnock boss has no magic formula.“Kenny gives us freedom to play and express ourselves. He’s very encouraging. Don’t get me wrong, because he’s stern, but he gives you a licence to play and that’s all you need. Everyone understands their role and what’s expected of us. That’s it. It’s nothing new, nothing mad. He just wants us to enjoy and express ourselves. I think the boys then take that into games.” Grimes has represented the Republic of Ireland up as far as U21 level. Source: Lorraine O’Sullivan/INPHOShiels’ approach to management, while not complicated, is certainly rare, Grimes explains. He only turned 22 last month but the young goalkeeper has already worked with his fair share of managers. During his time at Elland Road, he saw eight different first-team bosses come and go.“If you compare it to England it is quite unusual because the pressure over there is unbelievable, especially at a club like Leeds United where they expect to be better than mid-table or in the bottom half in the Championship.“With that expectation, maybe managers sometimes don’t get the time to build something. It’s quite refreshing and brave from Kenny to stay true to his beliefs like that. It’s definitely something different.”Simon Grayson was in charge at Leeds when Grimes rejected offers from other big clubs in England to join the side he grew up supporting in the summer of 2011. Turner’s Cross featured often in Grimes’ footballing upbringing. He seldom missed a Cork City home game, or a gathering of the Leeds United Supporters Club next door in the Horseshoe Inn.“I remember watching Leeds when they were flying in the Champions League when I was younger, and when they were always in the top half of the Premier League,” he says.“I remember being with my dad at the Supporters Club and watching the games and thinking, ‘Yeah, that’s all I want to do. I want to play for Leeds United’. I’d go to bed thinking that afterwards. I dreamt about playing for that club.“I had a few offers on the table but when your boyhood club comes in it’s an easy decision. When I signed on the dotted line it was surreal. For the first few weeks there I was just blown away by it all. From watching on TV all my life to then being there at the age of 16, it was amazing.” Grimes training with Leeds United. Source: the most part, Grimes’ time at Leeds went according to plan. He was playing for the reserves at 16, made the bench for the first team on a couple of occasions and continued his progress at international level by representing the Republic of Ireland through to U21.After two years with the club, Grimes was given his first professional contract. A one-year extension followed in 2015 but a chance to play first-team football never arrived. With a high turnover of under-pressure managers, throwing a young, unproven goalkeeper in at the deep end was a risk none of them could afford to take. Grimes understood that and was therefore keen to pursue opportunities elsewhere by going out on loan. But Massimo Cellino, the club’s divisive owner, was reluctant to agree.“It was a bit frustrating because I felt I needed to get out and play first-team football somewhere. I had a few opportunities to go but with Cellino, for some reason, they didn’t want to send the young boys on loan at all,” says Grimes.“The final say was his and that kind of hampered my progress a little bit. It’s all well and good doing it in the reserves and U21s but they needed someone with first-team experience of playing against men when the pressure is on. People’s livelihoods depended on it and three points could mean extra money or getting closer to the play-offs instead of the relegation zone.“I was pretty desperate to go out on loan, the opportunities were there, but it wasn’t allowed to happen. The last two years at Leeds were a bit topsy-turvy but I really enjoyed my time there. It’s where I got my football education.”Grimes’ five-year spell with Leeds United ended last summer when the club declined to extend his contract. Initially there was a possibility of joining his former Leeds manager Neil Warnock at Rotherham United, but that move fell through when Warnock left the job.From one boyhood club to another, Grimes decided to come home and sign a short-term deal with Cork City. The Mahon native says he was assured by manager John Caufield that opportunities for first-team football would be available, but — aside from a 1-1 draw against Oman in a friendly last August — he ultimately had to be content with competing against Matthew Connor to provide back-up to Mark McNulty. Grimes lines up behind Colin Healy before last August’s friendly against Oman, his only Cork City appearance. Source: Cathal Noonan/INPHOGrimes: “To be honest, it was a bit disappointing not to play some first-team football with Cork City because I believe the opportunities were there. It became a bit of a lame duck at the end of the season because Dundalk had theoretically already won the league.“I felt there was an opportunity to play the last few games to see out the season. I told John I needed games and he told me I’d play in the cup, so I was disappointed that I didn’t. There’s no animosity, that’s just how things pan out in football. I’ll just take the good with the bad and learn from it.”Grimes’ departure from Cork City is what led him to Derry in January. That long-awaited first-team debut won’t came easily there either, although again he has been promised a chance in the cup competitions. When the time comes, he’s keen to make it count.“I told Kenny [Shiels] that the main thing for me was getting games, especially because I had the offer to go in and be number one somewhere else, but probably in a lesser team. But minutes are vital. He told me the jersey wasn’t nailed on but that the cup games would be there for me to impress. Hopefully we’ll get a few of those and that will be my opportunity. But taking nothing away from Ger [Doherty] because, in fairness, he’s been unbelievable.”Grimes believes goalkeepers can be a little more patient than their outfield peers during the wait for a chance to make a mark. Having said that, he knows he can’t afford to be a reserve for too much longer if he’s to emulate the likes of Peterborough United captain Chris Forrester and QPR midfielder Ryan Manning by using the League of Ireland as a launchpad for a successful career in England.“As a goalkeeper in England you probably don’t start playing regularly until you’re 25,” Grimes says. “There aren’t many first-choice goalkeepers around who are much younger than that. It’s a bit of an older man’s game, although I still think if you’re good enough you’re old enough.”He adds: “I don’t hold any bitterness about how things have gone for me. You do need a little bit of luck but my attitude is that the cream will always rise to the top if you’re good enough. The road to success isn’t always straightforward. Grimes (front row, left) celebrates with the Cork City squad after their 2016 FAI Cup final win over Dundalk. Source: Ryan Byrne/INPHO“You look at what guys like Chris Forrester and Ryan Manning have done because clubs love looking at how many first-team games fellas have played, whether it’s in England or Ireland. More first-team games gets you a better contract at a club than what you’d have if you came through an academy.“If you’re good enough you’ll find a way to get back. It’s down to me now from here.”Caulfield forecasts open title race as Cork City move ahead and Dundalk falterDerry maintain perfect start with stunning comeback win over champions Dundalklast_img read more

A gang led by The US General rounded up in one of

first_img Share Tweet Email Mar 19th 2017, 8:30 AM Image: New York State’s Attorney Office No Comments Organised crime costs retailers up to $30 billion a year, he said.Twelve alleged gang members have been slapped with a 41-count indictment that could land them in jail from eight to 25 years.‘The US General’The alleged Manhattan kingpin, Richard Rimbaugh, is being held on $500,000 bail while alleged second-in-command George Athanasatos, nicknamed ‘Field Marshall’ comes from Brooklyn, Schneiderman said. Source: TwitterRimbaugh, known as the ‘General’, allegedly paid crews 30 to 50 percent of the goods’ retail value, then sold them through an illegitimate business operated out of his Manhattan apartment.Athanasatos allegedly equipped the crews with custom-made vests known as ‘bazookas’ in which they stuffed their contraband.The crews are accused of getting around the country on ‘missions’, charging plane tickets, cars and hotels to their handlers as in a normal business.Staples and BestBuy were two of the stores most often targeted.When leaving, they allegedly used ‘kryptonite’ devices to deactivate security alarms and short-wave radios to eavesdrop on store security.Crew members, who each had designated roles – Captain, Lieutenant or Sergeant – could steal $45,000 on a single mission and targeted high-value products that could be resold, officials said.While police searched Rimbaugh’s Manhattan apartment, UPS turned up to deliver another five boxes of stolen merchandise, Schneiderman said.- © AFP, 2017Comments are disabled as legal proceedings are ongoing.  A gang led by ‘The US General’ rounded up in ‘one of the largest-ever busts of retail theft ring’ Crew members, who each had designated roles – Captain, Lieutenant or Sergeant – could steal $45,000 on a single mission and targeted high-value products that could be resold. 25,839 Views Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Whoops! We couldn’t find this Tweet IT WAS A criminal enterprise with military-like precision run by a ‘general’ – packs of thieves stealing merchandise worth up to $45,000 on a single mission, stuffing it into custom-made vests and disabling store security.New York prosecutors on Wednesday announced the indictment of 12 people accused of stealing more than $12 million worth of merchandise across 28 US states and transforming idle shoplifting into an organised criminal enterprise.A 10-month law enforcement operation code-named ‘Sticky Fingers’ netted more than $7.7 million from defendants’ homes and bank accounts, and more than $1 million in stolen merchandise, officials said.While electronic goods were most favoured, the gang also ran a sideline in expensive flea collars pinched from pet stores, which like other ill gotten gains were re-sold online on sites such as Amazon and eBay, prosecutors said.New York state attorney general Eric Schneiderman called it “one of the largest-ever busts of a retail theft ring” – a racket that he said was on the rise in the United States. Image: New York State’s Attorney Office By AFP Short URL Sunday 19 Mar 2017, 8:30 AMlast_img read more

I dont like seeing people getting ganged up on Woman who stood

first_img Source: TwitterAccording to the BBC’s report, the EDL has claimed a minute’s silence they were holding for terror attack victims at their event was interrupted.“I wasn’t scared in the slightest,” Khan told the Mail.I stay pretty calm in these situations. I knew they were trying to provoke me, but I wasn’t going to be provoked.She added:I have lost my anonymity because of the picture, but on balance it was worth it. Source: PA Wire/PA ImagesSpeaking to her local paper the Birmingham Mail, she said:Nothing was really happening until a woman in a headscarf started shouting ‘racist’. I waited two or three minutes and but the police did nothing, so I decided to go and try and get her out of there. Short URL 39,959 Views 134 Comments Share1344 Tweet Email Monday 10 Apr 2017, 7:53 AM By Daragh Brophy About 20 to 25 EDL people ran over and surrounded her. She looked absolutely terrified. I still hung back and waited for the police to sort it out. It all happened very quickly. She left, but then I was identified as anti-fascist. The group turned on me. ‘I don’t like seeing people getting ganged up on’: Woman who stood up to far-right EDL protesters Saffiyah Khan said she intervened after she saw another woman being surrounded by a large group of men. Apr 10th 2017, 7:53 AM THIS IMAGE OF a Birmingham woman standing up to a protester from the right-wing English Defence League has been going viral in recent days.Saffiyah Khan said she intervened after she saw another woman being surrounded by a large group of men at the rally, which took place on Saturday.The young woman told the BBC that she had not been part of the organised counter-protest and had been “quite surprised” at the response to the photo.“I don’t like seeing people getting ganged up on in my town,” she told the broadcaster. Saturday’s protest. Source: PA Wire/PA ImagesA photo of the scene between Khan and the EDL member, by Press Association photographer Joe Giddens, has been shared thousands of times since Saturday.Read: ‘Serious mistake’: Le Pen under fire after saying French state did not round up Jews during WW2 >Read: Bus Éireann strike: ‘All sides committed to conclusion in next 24 hours’ > Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

The planned new Harcourt Street superpub that fought Dublin council and won

first_img Image: Dublin City Council Get Fora’s NEW daily digest of the morning’s key business news: Sunday 24 Mar 2019, 7:30 AM Meanwhile the Georgian Society in a five-page objection letter said that the development would “result in a profound loss of architectural heritage and significant negative impacts on the architectural heritage value of neighbouring protected structures”.The latest financial results for Gambetta Limited show that it had an accumulated profit of €198,736 at the end of 2017 and fixed assets – namely investment properties – worth €2.9 million.Get our NEW Daily Briefing with the morning’s most important headlines for innovative Irish businesses.Written by Conor McMahon and posted on “More bars and hostels catering for inebriated short-break tourists are the antithesis of what Dublin city needs at this juncture.” 29 Comments Share1 Tweet Email Short URL center_img Mar 24th 2019, 7:31 AM Image: Dublin City Council 31,325 Views The planned new Harcourt Street ‘superpub’ that fought Dublin council and won is battling city planners again Gambetta Limited had previously won approval for a bar development on Harcourt Street. By Fora Staff THE OWNER OF a so-called ‘superpub’ that fought Dublin council and won is battling city planners once again to win approval for its latest expansion.Last May, Gambetta Limited – a firm owned by the couple that runs Dublin’s Nurse On Call agency – was granted permission by the national planning board to build a licensed restaurant, cafe and bar development at 16 Harcourt Street, which the council had labelled a “superpub” in a rejection that was ultimately overturned.An Bord Pleanála overruled both the council and its own inspector at the time when it said the use of the premises as a bar, restaurant and cafe was suitable and would fit in with the nature of other commercial businesses in the area.Despite approving the development, the national planning authority attached stringent conditions to the project at the time.For example, the venue was prohibited from being used as a nightclub, and the bar and restaurant was only allowed operate during the hours of 8am and 11pm.Having already pursued its original application through the full planning process, Gambetta submitted a fresh proposal in December of last year to demolish several nearby buildings on Montague Street to accommodate a five-storey restaurant/cafe bar, pizzeria, coffee shop and hostel. It also sought to complete various renovation works at 16 Harcourt Street.In its application, the company said the development would “increase commercial density on an under-utilised site within a built-up area” and said it believed the project would “upgrade Montague Street and Montague Lane which is in need of being regenerated”. Artist’s impression of the site Source: Dublin City CouncilRefusalHowever those plans were knocked down in recent weeks when Dublin City Council refused to grant permission for the project.It rejected Gambetta’s proposal for the five-storey block on several grounds, including concerns that it would “lead to an over-concentration of licensed premises in this area of the city”, also home to the famous Copper Face Jack’s nightclub, which was recently put up for sale with an asking price of €40 million.“The proposal would result in an undesirable precedent for further such development, would depreciate the value of property in the vicinity and, as such, would be contrary to the proper planning and sustainable development of the area,” the council stated in its decision.The city authority also expressed concern over the extent the proposed demolition works would have on unprotected buildings in the area.Gambetta has since appealed Dublin council’s refusal to An Bord Pleanála and a decision to due to be made on the matter by 18 July.Two parties objected to the proposal at local level: Green Party councillor Ciarán Cuffe and the Irish Georgian Society.Cuffe claimed in his observation that the development was “of an exceedingly mediocre  standard” and blasted the build as a “cheap, ill-considered and crass proposal”. Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Man 40s rushed to hospital with serious injuries after being stabbed in

first_img Friday 5 Apr 2019, 9:32 PM Image: PA Images Short URL Image: PA Images 34,438 Views Man (40s) rushed to hospital with ‘serious injuries’ after being stabbed in Dublin park The man sought assistance in a local off licence following the attack. By Stephen McDermott Share3 Tweet Email2 A MAN IN his 40s has been seriously injured after being stabbed a number of times in a park in Dublin.Gardaí are investigating after the man was attacked in the park just off the Ballyfermot Road in Ballyfermot earlier this evening.It’s understood the man subsequently made his way to a nearby off licence, where he received assistance.He was later brought to St James Hospital by ambulance, and is being treated for serious injuries.A garda spokeswoman said gardaí remain at the scene, and that investigations are ongoing. 25 Comments Apr 5th 2019, 9:32 PM Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Calls for submissions on Direct Provision and asylum application improvements

first_imgCalls for submissions on Direct Provision and asylum application improvements The current system was established in 1999 in response to a sharp increase in people seeking asylum in Ireland. Friday 3 May 2019, 6:00 AM Short URL 12,412 Views Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article 22 Comments STAKEHOLDERS ARE BEING asked to make submissions on issues affecting people living in Ireland’s Direct Provision system as well as the international protection application process.The Justice and Equality committee is asking interested parties what can be done in the short-to-medium term to improve the welfare and conditions of people currently living in Direct Provision.Established in 1999 in response to a sharp increase in the number of people seeking asylum in Ireland, Direct Provision has been repeatedly critcised by migrant rights groups due to the length of time people remain in centres while their asylum applications or appeals are processed, the conditions of centres as well as the psychological effects on those living in these centres. In 2017, a blanket ban which prevented asylum seekers from working was deemed unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in May 2017. Barriers remain for people living in Direct Provision who wish to work, however, the Irish Refugee Council has said. The weekly allowance of €21.60 for Direct Provision residents has also been frequently criticised – though this was raised last year to €38.80 per week. Last week, residents of Mosney Direct Provision centre in Co Meath protested at the treatment by staff and management of a fellow-resident, leading the Irish Council for Civil Liberties to reiterate calls for independent inspections of Direct Provision centres to take place. ‘Better models’Since September, pressure has grown on the Department of Justice & Equality’s Reception & Integration Agency to accommodate those seeking international protection in Ireland.In addition to the 38 permanent Direct Provision centres around Ireland, there are currently over 500 asylum seekers living in hotels and B&Bs. Earlier this month, the department announced that Clondalkin Towers Direct Provision centre – due to close in June – will remain open until at least 2021.Three other centres are due to open in line with the ‘Independent Living’ model recommended by 2015′s McMahon report, which made 173 recommendations for Ireland’s asylum system.  The department aims to open more centres in line with this model throughout 2019 and 2020, according to a spokesperson for the justice department. The justice committee has said it plans to look beyond the current Direct Provision system to “consider whether there are better models or alternatives we could pursue”. For the last number of years, there have been calls for the government to examine alternative models to the Direct Provision system. The Movement of Asylum Seekers in Ireland (MASI) has said it will be making a submission to the committee. The justice committee is also asking for submissions in relation to the efficiency of the current system of processing international protection claims “in order to bring policies, practices and laws into line with international best practice and standards”. The committee is due to commence a series of public hearings on Direct Provision issues on 22 May and said it plans to publish a findings report in the autumn.The closing date for submissions is 24 May. By Cónal Thomas Image: Asylum Archive May 3rd 2019, 6:01 AM Image: Asylum Archive Share52 Tweet Email1 last_img read more

I can see myself living and dying in Ireland one day its

first_img TRACKING RICHARDT STRAUSS down proves quite an undertaking, and even when the former Ireland and Leinster hooker has been located, getting hold of him remained a challenge.“We’re in the middle of nowhere,” he laughs. “There is literally no reception up here.” Strauss with Jack McGrath after last year’s Pro14 final. Source: Inpho/Billy SticklandIt was only 12 months ago that Strauss was in Bilbao with Leinster, celebrating a fourth European title, and while he was not involved in the matchday squad that day, the 33-year-old had been a central figure in the province’s back-to-back victories in 2011 and 2012, starting both finals under Joe Schmidt.By that stage, it had already been announced that Strauss would be leaving the club at the end of last season, bringing the curtain down on a nine-year career with Leinster, which yielded two Heineken Cups, a Challenge Cup, two Pro12 titles and 17 Ireland caps, notably three appearances at the 2015 World Cup. James Tracy’s emergence as the second-choice hooker behind Seán Cronin limited Strauss’ big-game involvements in the final seasons of his Leinster career, meaning there was no long goodbye before his departure. In fact, there was hardly a goodbye.“Yeah, I was more than happy with that,” he says.Apart from a tribute video on stage alongside Isa Nacewa at the end-of-season awards, and ‘the honour’ of being on the pitch at full-time for the celebrations in Bilbao and at the Aviva Stadium as Leo Cullen’s side claimed a historic double, Strauss was quite content to sail off into the sunset without too much of a fuss.The retirement of club captain Nacewa naturally drew most of the attention at the end of last season, but in Strauss, Leinster lost a stalwart of 154 appearances and a player who developed into a pillar of their early European success having arrived as a bit-part squad member.As soon as the season had closed and the players went their separate ways, Strauss headed home to South Africa to be closer to his family having moved to Dublin in 2009, subsequently becoming an Ireland international under the three-year residency rule.Now, life is very different for the Pretoria native, who has spent a considerable chunk of his first year of retirement working and living on a construction site at the very tip of South Africa, on the border with neighbouring Botswana.“It’s all a bit hectic up here,” Strauss tells The42, at the end of another long and stressful day on site. “We’re at the end of the project so we’re running around a bit to get the last stuff finished and fixing some mistakes. It has been quite a big learning curve for me.”With a degree in quantity surveying, Strauss admits he could never see himself fulfilling a desk job after rugby. He spent the summer catching up with family and friends back home and then launched himself into the next challenge. “I couldn’t see myself sitting in an office all day so I thought I’ll get into construction,” he explains. The hooker played 17 times for Ireland. Source: Dan Sheridan/INPHO“I’ll see how it goes, it has been quite tough. We’ve been working long hours. Because we’re here, we work seven days a week just because of the mere fact, if we take Saturday and Sunday off, what are we going to do? We’re in the middle of nowhere. We’re just going to sit around doing nothing here anyway.”Although Strauss is the site manager and holds responsibility for signing off on every aspect of the build, he — like every man on the job — lives in temporary accommodation on location and only gets home for four days every month. “We get paid the last Friday of every month so that weekend we can go home,” the ex-hooker continues. “Drive off here on a Friday morning and then we come back the Tuesday and then we work straight again until the next pay weekend.“I say to my folks, I may as well have stayed in Ireland. I’m probably just as far as way from everyone here than I was when playing for Leinster! I wasn’t meant to be up here this long but I suppose that’s just how it goes.“Coming after studying, you don’t really know much at all so you try to learn as much as you can along you go and I have quite enjoyed it in a way. I spent three months basically lying around, seeing everybody I wanted to see and headed off on a couple of trips and then after that, I started working and it has been pretty flat out since then. I’ve enjoyed it here, the body feels a lot better [than when playing rugby] so that’s a positive.”Having been working on this project for the last number of months, the finish line is now very nearly in sight for Strauss and his team, with the construction of a five-star hotel, spa and conference centre now entering its final stages. It has been a long and demanding slog.“If I want to sound fancy, I’m the site manager,” he laughs. “I have to make sure everything gets done, all the stuff is ordered to get up here and basically oversee that everybody does what they have to do.“I have to sign off everything we do and if I sign it off, it has to be correct and finished. There’s quite a bit of pressure and stress in that, I suppose. I have to oversee everything is done properly and obviously, there are safety measures to follow. It all falls on me really.”The nature of the job and location means Strauss has seen very little rugby since hanging up his boots, although he recently had an artist paint the team photo from the 2011 Heineken Cup final for him, and the build-up to today’s showdown in Newcastle has naturally rekindled fond memories. Following Bernard Jackman’s retirement, Strauss emerged as the first-choice hooker in Schmidt’s back-to-back winning side, with his influence at the province growing as he found his feet in Ireland.Part of the Leinster scrum that was dominated by the Northampton Saints during a horror first half in Cardiff before turning the tide to claim an incredible comeback win, Strauss remembers: “It was a funny week for me. I had a bit of a hip-pointer injury so I couldn’t really train at all that week before the final. In action against Northampton in the 2011 Heineken Cup final. Source: Colm O’Neill/INPHO“It was kind of nerve-wracking and I was stressing about being fit for the final. It was the biggest game of my career and I was a big doubt. Everyone else was training and I was just sitting around waiting on the medics to say if I could play. “I can remember getting the all-clear and then in Cardiff on the day before the game, just starting to feel very, very nervous about the whole thing. It was such a big game and I knew I wasn’t 100% right.“The game, it was hectic. We were getting smashed in the scrums, it just felt like we were going backwards and backwards. Obviously, after half-time, we went in, came out, and went better. There was one scrum, in particular, that day I’ll always remember. It was around halfway, we had been getting a hiding, but that particular scrum we got a penalty, we pushed them back, and we just felt it then. That’s probably when I thought ‘we’ve got this.’“That was a great day.”And then, 12 months later, Leinster successfully defended their crown at Twickenham, stitching a third star onto the club crest with a 42-14 win over Ulster. Again, Strauss started in the front row alongside Mike Ross and Cian Healy, with his set-piece pedigree and excellent performances in the loose standing out. He continues: “That was probably one of my favourite memories of the Heineken Cup. Some of the lads had to get drug tested after the trophy lift and I remember Dave Kearney couldn’t take a wee so all the lads ended up stayed behind in a suite or a box waiting for him. We all just sat around there, looking out on the pitch, had a couple of beers and had a good time. For me, that was probably my favourite memory. “But I was lucky. I was very lucky to come to Leinster at a time when the club really did well. We had a great team, a great set up. I was very fortunate to be part of that team. It was incredible really.”Strauss remained an integral member of the Leinster squad under Matt O’Connor and then Cullen in the years since, featuring and performing consistently throughout each of his nine seasons at the club, although his last — the 2017/18 campaign — saw him make just seven appearances. He felt it was the right time to step away.“I would have felt a bit more awkward if there was more made of it,” he says of his departure. “I didn’t deserve a send-off like Isa but I was pretty happy with how I went, it suited me well. I don’t think a lot of rugby players get remembered two minutes after they’ve walked out the door.“For me, the important thing is that guys I’ve played with and against, maybe one day, they’ll sit down and someone brings up my name and they’ll think back and say ‘yeah, that guy tried to pull his weight in the team’. That’s all you can ask for.”Although he is just one year removed from the game, Strauss couldn’t be any further away from the previous chapter of his life in Dublin, but come 5pm this evening, all tools will be downed on the building site in northern South Africa.“I’ll make sure I’m done,” he smiles. European Cup winners 2012. Source: Dan Sheridan/INPHO“I haven’t seen many of the games this year as if they’re on during the day, obviously I’m out and about on the site. But I wouldn’t miss the final so we have the TV ready. They show the Champions Cup games over here thankfully.“It will bring back good memories, yeah. It’s weird to comprehend that you played some small part in it in previous years. You realise you’re lucky.“I remember speaking to a guy like Hayden Triggs, who had a long career. We lost a Pro12 semi-final and he was sitting next to me in the changing room after, and he said ‘you know what, I’ve never won anything in my life’ and that made me realise how lucky I am. I’ve been very fortunate that I’ve been part of teams that have been very successful.“Maybe when I’m a bit older and rounder I’ll appreciate all that a bit more because all that was so special. The Leinster supporters are genuinely the best in the world. The support they give, it just says a lot about the club, the province and Leinster Rugby.”Strauss has been in touch with a number of former team-mates recently and admits he will be nervous watching on from thousands of miles away as Cullen’s side chase a historic fifth European title against Saracens.“It’s worse watching it on TV,” he adds. “I remember in Bilbao last year it was tough in the stands, so I can only imagine what it’ll be like here on Saturday. I’ll be very nervous, yeah. Although I’m back in South African now, that decision was purely to be closer to my family after being away from them for rugby, and I can always see myself moving back to Ireland. “I can see myself living and dying in Ireland one day, it’s not like I said goodbye for keeps. Sometime in the future I’ll be back, hopefully. It’ll always be special, a special place to call home.”Gavan Casey, Murray Kinsella and Bernard Jackman tee up Saturday’s Champions Cup final and look at the backroom problems in Munster: ‘I can see myself living and dying in Ireland one day, it’s not like I said goodbye for keeps’ A year on from celebrating Leinster’s fourth European Cup in Bilbao, Richardt Strauss will watch today’s final from a very different vantage point. 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Fewer than 1000 ASBOs were handed out last year why

first_img Short URL Image: Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland IN 2007, ASBOs (Anti Social Behaviour Orders) came into effect.Hailed by then-Justice Minister Michael McDowell as a protection for “the little old lady in the gable house at the end of the road whose life is being made miserable by a group of youths”, ASBOs were largely based on a similar scheme in the UK, which has since been scrapped.An ASBO is a civil order made against a person who is shown to have engaged in some type of the anti-social behaviour. In Britain they were introduced under the government of Tony Blair in the late 90s as a way in which to address minor yet significant incidents that would not ordinarily see criminal prosecutions.In Ireland, there were fewer than 1,000 used in 2017. Despite those figures, the Department of Justice says that the measures are part of a “comprehensive legal framework” aimed at fighting anti-social behaviour.Asked about ASBOs, in a statement the Department said:“An Garda Síochána is committed to tackling public disorder and anti-social behaviour by working with communities to reduce this type of behaviour and enhance community safety. The gardaí approach includes a strong focus on quality of life issues and collaboration with local authorities, businesses (in particular the night time economy) and other stakeholders to help address the causes of anti-social behaviour.“It should be borne in mind that in this jurisdiction, anti-social behaviour orders are merely one strand available to Gardaí in tackling this form of offending behaviour. For instance, it is widely acknowledged that the use of ASBOs is only suitable in certain circumstances, for certain offenders and for certain categories of offences.“An Garda Síochána currently employs a wide range of operational measures aimed at tackling public-order offences and anti-social behaviour. These measures are underpinned by a comprehensive legal framework. There is a range of strong legislative provisions available to An Garda Síochána to combat anti-social behaviour, including provisions under the Criminal Justice (Public Order) Acts, the Criminal Damage Act and the Intoxicating Liquor Acts and the Criminal Justice Act 2006.”Cllr John Leahy, the leader of the Renua party, wants more of the orders handed out. In fact, he wants them “served as swiftly and easily as a clamp or a parking ticket”.CriteriaASBOs typically lay down certain terms and conditions. For example if your neighbour is playing loud music and an ASBO is issued they would be prohibited from doing so again. Breaching the terms of an ASBO could lead to a criminal prosecution.If one is imposed by a District Court, you are restricted from doing anything specified in the order and it lasts for two years unless a shorter period is stated in the order.If the order is not complied with, then it is a criminal offence with a fine of up to €3,000 or imprisonment for up to six months.Why aren’t they used more?The truth is that there is no one answer to that question.Fianna Fáil TD John Lahart alluded to one possible answer when talking about ASBOs in the Dáil last month.“I am aware from my own constituency that community gardaí are the key to addressing anti-social behaviour. In 2010, there were almost 1,200 community gardaí in the State. Last year, there were 691.”For some in law enforcement, the low use of ASBOs comes down to one thing – the use of other methods including arrests.“To be honest, if I want to give someone an ASBO it’s more hassle than it’s worth,” says one Garda source.“The application has to go through a Superintendent who has to go to the District Court to get the order issued. That’s not really time me or the Super has.”However, many gardaí are happy that ASBOs are a tool at their disposal, even if they are not used all that much.And they are here to stay, it would seem. Speaking in the Dáil earlier this week, Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan said the issue was “under constant review” but did not say that the regime would be changed. Fewer than 1,000 ASBOs were handed out last year – why? Renua’s John Leahy wants the orders handed out like parking tickets. Jun 23rd 2018, 4:01 PM Labour Youth during a 2005 protest in Dublin where they called for the Anti Social Behaviour Orders (ASBOs) to be postponed. Image: Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland By Paul Hosford 11,490 Views center_img Share44 Tweet Email Saturday 23 Jun 2018, 4:00 PM 19 Comments Labour Youth during a 2005 protest in Dublin where they called for the Anti Social Behaviour Orders (ASBOs) to be postponed. Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Minor parties aim for major impact

first_imgTomorrow’s South Australian state election is expected to go down to the wire.It is estimated that the ballot will come down to a handful of votes, in a handful of seats.Experts are forecasting that Labor will retain government by the narrowest of margins, with only one seat going to an independent.Which is why preferences are going to be so important.Enter the Fair Tax party, headed by Greek-Australian mortgage broker George Kargiotis.Mr Kargiotis is standing for an upper house seat, while ten of his Greek-Australian colleagues vie for lower house preferences.The Fair Tax Party was founded earlier this year in protest against what Mr Kargiotis terms “unfair taxes”.“We have real stories to tell,” he says.“A pensioner forced to sell the family’s much-loved holiday shack because he was hit with a huge land tax bill he couldn’t pay.“A young entrepreneur who can’t grow his business in his home State because payroll tax is killing him.“Middle-aged couples who suddenly find the plans they made to take care of themselves in retirement are going to cost them more in tax than they’ll make in income.”Despite only having 300 members, he is confident that his party can snaffle some votes and swing the preferences their way.”Our preferences in the lower house will be going to the Liberal Party. They are in the nine marginal seats, and that is being deliberately done so we can swing those votes over,” he says.“We know we’re a long shot but we’re optimistic, and we’ve done everything we can to try and get the best result we can on Saturday.”But not everyone is convinced that his stance has the best interests of the majority in mind, accusing the Fair Tax Party of standing for the interests of wealthy investors.“I can see that, but the way it works is that if you have a land tax bill, you’re going to try and recoup it from somewhere.“Now it’s more than likely that if you own a residential property and you’ve got a land tax bill of $10,000, how are you going to recoup that?“You’re going to recoup that by putting the rent up. Now the tenant’s going to be paying an extra twenty or thirty dollars a week. Who’s really paying for the land tax bill?”Also running for an upper house seat is Director of the Plastic Surgery Department of the Royal Adelaide Hospital, Dr Jim Katsaros, for the Save RAH Party.Dr Karatsos is standing to prevent the Rann government from spending $1 billion on a new hospital and instead wants to upgrade the current Royal Adelaide Hospital to a world-class standard.In an open letter to South Australians, Dr Karatsos questions the Rann government’s commitment to improving health care standards.“The state government says it has a plan for all Adelaide hospitals.  There is no evidence that it has any credible plans because it does not know how much money it is able to spend on our health system,” he says.“In truth, we are all left to speculate about what it is trying to do about our future health.” Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Bank of Cyprus Australia opens new head office at Rialto Tower

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Bank of Cyprus Australia’s new head office was officially opened at the iconic Rialto Towers last week by the Honourable Mr. John Brumby, Premier of Victoria.Over 70 guests attended the opening ceremony which was followed by a dinner at the Windsor Hotel attended by 180 customers and supporters of the Bank including the Greek Consul General Mr Christos Salamanis.The visiting Directors from Cyprus and the Premier were given a guided tour of the new premises prior to the opening ceremony and commented on the stunning views offered on the 41st floor of the Rialto. The official opening took place at the spectacular reception area of the new national headquarters located at Level 41, 525 Collins Street Melbourne with a blessing from His grace Bishop Izekiel of Dervis followed by a welcome from the Bank’s Managing Director Mr George Tacticos and addresses by Mr Artemis and Mr Brumby.Premier Brumby congratulated the Bank of Cyprus on its new head office. “Victoria is now the economic engine room of the nation because we took swift, decisive action when the Global Financial Crisis hit and our financial sector is performing strongly due to the courage and vision of companies like the Bank of Cyprus in continuing to invest, and continuing to move forward.” Mr Brumby said.Bank of Cyprus Managing Director Mr George Tacticos said, “Growth in both services and the number of customers have led to the move.”“In the last year our loans have increased by 22 per cent, our deposits have increased by 52 per cent, staff numbers have increased by 20 per cent but most pleasing is that customer numbers are up by 50 per cent.”Mr Artemis expressed his satisfaction at the performance of Bank of Cyprus Australia to date and congratulated the local management for their efforts.During the proceedings Mr Tacticos also announced the opening of two new branches in Melbourne this year, the first to open in Dandenong in the coming weeks and the second in the Northern suburbs, also due to open by the end of the year.last_img read more

Shortage of cabs due to cricket

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram A shortage of taxis on Saturday night in Melbourne may be a real possibility due to the Cricket World Cup final tomorrow between India and Sri Lanka. “I believe there will be a shortage,” said John Vlassopoulos, director, Amabassador taxis to Neos Kosmos. “It depends on the drivers but most cricket fans like to watch their matches live and that’s where the problem is.” With 95 per cent of the fleet being of Indian descent, Vlassopoulos said that “this could be devastating.” “In the taxi industry, the drivers are self-employed so they earn the money and they pay the operators 50 per cent of their takings. When major events like this happen it can be crippling to our industry and the city. Vlassopoulos said he is talking to his drivers to change their views and record the match and watch it later. He said that the government may also pitch in and have a 24 hour tram and bus service tonight.last_img read more

The shock of the new

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Billy Kavellaris is on a mission; a mission to change how we think about buildings and the nature of architecture itself. Kavellaris first began designing as a child in his parents’ California style bungalow. Today the 35-year-old designer and founder of Kavellaris Urban Design (KUD) is winning acclaim nationally and internationally. Kavellaris is the face of a new generation of Australian architects whose quest is to challenge formulaic approaches to the unrelenting urban sprawl. The son of parents who migrated from the Peloponnese in the late 1960s, Bill Kavellaris grew up in Reservoir, Victoria.The debt of gratitude he owes to his mum and dad is passionately felt. “They lived vicariously through me; worked seven days a week to educate me. They did everything they could to put me on the path that I’m today.” An exemplary student at a tender age, the future architect was school captain at Preston Primary. Reservoir High and Ivanhoe Grammar followed. “I was always drawing,” says Kavellaris, who remembers the delight he felt unfolding his first Staedtler drawing board at the age of 14. He left school in 1994, undertook a drafting diploma and later, interspersed with work for various practices, his Bachelor of Architecture at RMIT. Between 1996 and 2001 he learned his trade, and simultaneously encountered a commercial architectural ethic driven by formulaic approaches that begged questions for a young designer more enquiring than most. “I was a bit ambitious,” says Kavellaris, with a hint of understatement. “I wanted to be my own boss.” KUD opened its doors in 2002; a ’boutique’ architecture and interior design practice, KUD offered its clients solutions for residential, retail and public buildings, as well as large-scale commercial developments. Within a short time KUD was attracting serious interest and the clients were lining up. In 2008, Kavellaris realised a very personal project; a new home for his young family. The house that would later be known as The Perforated House, was a brave new interpretation of a single-fronted Victorian terraced house in the Melbourne suburb of Brunswick. The ‘perforation’ refers to the 3mm anodised aluminium screen that Kavellaris created to become the main facade of the house, upon which an image of the traditional features of the Victorian frontage are displayed. The thought-provoking design allowed the facade to change its transparency, enabling the house to appear both solid and translucent and questioning the idea of a static building. Inside and out, the Perforated House illustrated the depth of Kavellaris’ passion for technical innovation.“Technology is always a driving factor in our work,” says KUD’s founder, who also teaches architecture at Melbourne University. KUD’s slate of projects since 2008 have included a range of ground-breaking works both small and large; apartment complexes, town houses and spectacularly large projects. They include the award-winning Jewel apartments, the centrepiece of a vibrant redefinition of the urban village in Brunswick, and the remarkable and recently commissioned Wills Skypark Tower for Melbourne’s CBD. On the international front, KUD has been invited to design a $150 million retail and residential complex in Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City. Business has never been better. At the heart of Kavellaris’ art is the idea that successful architecture is not about structural decoration or paying lip-service to a notion of heritage. “The more you understand people and cities, how we operate, the better an architect you become,” says Kavellaris. “We need to start planning our urbanism in a much more comprehensive manner and we should have more of a debate on what’s happening. We have a responsibility not just to the client, but a social responsibility – these houses are going to out-live us and our children.” Kavellaris’ buildings, like those of all great architects, are about stories; stories of how we live and interact, and how the structures we spend time in and move through can make all our stories richer.last_img read more

Ladopoulos principal at St Johns

first_imgDr Charalampos Ladopoulos has been appointed the new principal of St John’s Greek Orthodox College in Melbourne.Dr Ladopoulos, who until recently was the Consulate General of Greece in Melbourne, has taken the role after the present principal John Rekouniotis resigned due to family reasons. In a speech given after his appointment, Dr Ladopoulos said he was “honoured for the opportunity to serve as principal of St George College and Director of Hellenic Studies at the After Hours Schools of Victoria.”. Dr Ladopoulos also discussed his plans as principal for the college saying he will take a “holistic approach” to education. “Effective teachers teams will determine the success of our college. We want St John’s students and teachers to experience a multi-levelled journey of discovery and expression, and grow together. The time is right for us to shift our assumptions, methods and notations, and to strategically adjust our focus in creating and providing a meaningful, engaging learning experience for our students.” A supporter and key deliverer of the Greek language in schools in Australia, Dr Ladopoulos has also been behind many bilateral agreements between the Greek Government and the various Australian governments to ensure the survival of the Greek language in education in Australia. “In our college we use the Greek language as a vehicle for promoting linguistic diversity and the Hellenic Studies as a program of studying the Greek language, the Orthodox Christian Religion and the Hellenic culture and history,” said Dr Ladopoulos. “The values that Hellenism upholds enable our students to understand the virtue of democratic thinking and to apply its principles with dignity in their lives.” Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

9 years minimum for Soteriou

first_imgVicky Soteriou was sentenced to 12 years jail – to serve a minimum of nine years before she is eligible for parole – on Monday, for the role she played in the plot to kill her husband in 2010. 44-year-old Soteriou had her lover Ari Dimitriakis stab her husband Chris Soteriou, in a Fitzroy sidestreet after they has finishing celebrating his birthday at Alpha Ouzeri on Brunswick Street, Fitzroy earlier that night. Chris Soteriou suffered life-threatening injuries due to the stabbing attack. Justice Elizabeth Curtain said in court that the mother of three had engaged in highly manipulative conduct. “You did not wield the knife, but you intended your husband’s death just as surely as if you did,” said Justice Curtain in sentencing. “It is difficult to appreciate the profound sense of betrayal that he must feel in the face of the knowledge that his wife with her lover had attempted to murder him on his 44th birthday, of all days.” Whilst handing down the sentence, Justice Curtain added: “Had your plan come to fruition your three children would have been left without a father, a consequence of your criminality which it appears you were prepared to discount,” to which Ms Soteriou did not react to at all. Outside the court, Mr Soteriou said he was relieved the court case was over so he can “move on from here on.”“I still can’t make sense of the whole tragic event,” he said. “I’m satisfied with the outcome, certainly my extended family are not very pleased about the outcome.” Mr Soteriou fell into a coma after his attack and was told about the evil betrayal when he woke. Before that, Mr Soteriou believed he had the perfect wife and marriage. Prior to sentencing, Justice Curtain revealed she received flowers and a card from Ms Soteriou’s 15-year-old daughter; she returned the flowers and the card unopened. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Drachma return not against the odds

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram British bookmaker William Hill offered odds of 3/1 that the euro will cease to exist by the end of 2012. It also gave odds for the first country to quit the currency, with Greece as hot favourites at 1/4 followed by Italy on 7/2. “It has been one-way traffic in our market on whether the euro will survive until 2013, with punters only wanting to bet on its demise,” William Hill spokesman Graham Sharpe said. Sharpe said the odds on the collapse of the euro by the end of next year had at one point been 10/1. The bookmaker is also betting that French President Nicolas Sarkozy is unlikely to win the next election, making him 7/4 second favourite with his rival Francois Hollande the 4/9 odds-on favourite. European leaders are meeting in Brussels on Thursday for a summit aimed at saving the euro from its spiralling debt crisis. British Prime Minister David Cameron warned Tuesday he would block a new European Union treaty if London’s demands are not met, including safeguarding its financial services sector. Source: AFPlast_img read more

Golden Dawn MPs racist remarks spark complaints

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Eleni Zaroulia, the wife of Golden Dawn leader Nikos Michaloliakos and an MP with the neo-Nazi party, prompted complaints in Parliament when she referred to migrants as “subhumans” who are “carrying all kinds of diseases.” The comment prompted Deputy Parliament Speaker Yiannis Dragasakis to ask Zaroulia, who has been appointed to the Council of Europe’s Committee on Equality and Non-Discrimination, to show more respect. Dragasakis asked if Zaroulia would be sharing the same views when attending the committee meetings. This week, 218 out of 300 MPs voted to lift the immunity of Golden Dawn deputy Costas Barbarousis after he was involved in a raid on an open-air market in Mesolongi, western Greece, last month, when migrants’ stalls were smashed. Source: Kathimerinilast_img read more

Abbott compares Gillards super reforms to Cyprus bailout

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has compared the Government’s super reforms to the actions of the Cypriot government in raiding personal bank accounts to fund a bailout. Prime Minister Julia Gillard commented on the government’s announcement last week that a 15 per cent tax on superannuation earnings over $100,000 will come into affect, which is predicted to affect 16,000 high-income earners. Mr Abbott defended linking the super changes to Cyprus, saying superannuation is not the right of the government. “It’s very important that all governments understand that money in superannuation accounts doesn’t belong to the government, it belongs to the people,” he told reporters in Sydney on Sunday. When asked about Ms Gillard’s comment that his link to Cyprus was a “crazy statement,” Mr Abbott went on the offensive. “The prime minister shouldn’t use an overseas trip to make domestic political comments,” he said. “The extreme language of the prime minister is unworthy of that great office.” The Prime Minister was In China to discuss military collaboration and attend a business forum.last_img read more

Charity Event for Fronditha Care

first_imgIf you are willing to make your own contribution and give back to Fronditha Care, community based organisation that provides services to Australian elders of Greek speaking background, the charity event on Sunday is a place to be. The League of Greeks from Egypt and Middle East (EEAMA) invites you to their Sunday Afternoon Tea – Fundraiser for Fronditha Care. Admission is $20. The money raised on the day will go to Fronditha Care. When: Sunday 21 July at 2.30 pm Where: Stars International, 1C Bell Street, Preston (Melbourne) For more information and to make a booking, contact Luke Rizopoulos, on (03) 9330 0115, or 0408 361 122 Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Le système de pharmacovigilance sera réformé

first_imgLe système de pharmaco-vigilance sera réforméSuite à l’affaire du Mediator, le ministre de la Santé Xavier Bertrand a annoncé que le système de pharmaco-vigilance français serait réformé d’ici fin 2011 grâce à un projet de loi.L’affaire du Mediator, qui a révélé au grand jour le décès de plusieurs centaines de personnes des suites de la prise de ce médicament dangereux, a permis de mettre en exergue les lacunes du système actuel de pharmaco-vigilance. Ainsi, le ministre de la Santé a fait savoir ce lundi 17 janvier, que le système actuel ferait l’objet d’une réforme avant la fin de l’année 2011. Xavier Bertrand a ainsi déclaré sur France Inter : “Des propositions fortes ont été faites, les missions parlementaires se mettent au travail sans tarder, elles vont finir pas plus tard que la fin du premier semestre”.Cette décision du ministre fait suite au rapport accablant de l’Inspection générale des affaires sociales à l’encontre des laboratoires Servier et à la mise en avant d’une tolérance suspecte de l’Afssaps (Agence française de sécurité sanitaire des produits de santé) vis-à-vis du Mediator, explique Le Monde. Cette réforme du système concerne les différentes agences sanitaires, l’industrie pharmaceutique et les syndicats professionnels. Parmi les changements envisagés, Xavier Bertrand a parlé d’un “renversement de la charge de la preuve : la preuve appartiendra au labo et le doute bénéficiera au patient”. Il s’agira alors pour les différents laboratoires de prouver leur non-culpabilité dans les affaires qui les concernent et non plus au patient de prouver qu’il a été l’objet d’un préjudice. A noter également que le président de l’Afssaps a récemment remis sa démission à cause de cette affaire (voir notre article).Le 17 janvier 2011 à 15:08 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Un convoi de déchets nucléaires aurait traversé discrètement la France de nuit

first_imgUn convoi de déchets nucléaires aurait traversé “discrètement” la France de nuitUn train de déchets nucléaires issus de centrales belges et compactés en France, aurait traversé cette nuit tout le nord-ouest de la France pour que les produits soient stockés dans leur patrie d’origine. Une information révélée par le réseau Sortir du nucléaire.Son chargement ? Deux containers contenant 48 fûts de déchets nucléaires. Son point de départ ? Le terminal ferroviaire de Valognes, dans la Manche. Sa destination ? Mol, en Belgique. Son trajet en France ? La Manche, le Calvados, l’Eure, la Seine-Maritime, la Picardie, le Pas-de-Calais et le Nord. Le départ de ce train, la nuit dernière, a été dénoncé par le réseau écologiste Sortir du nucléaire et par Greenpeace. Les autorités officielles – Areva pour la France, l’Ondraf (Organisme des déchets radioactifs et des matières fissiles enrichies) pour la Belgique –  se sont montrées vagues quant à la confirmation de ce transport, “pour des raisons de sécurité”.À lire aussiOiseaux, chauves-souris et saumons : une espèce sur trois est désormais menacée de disparition en FranceProvenant des centrales nucléaires belges de Tihange et de Doel, ces déchets ont été compactés en France à l’usine Areva de La Hague et doivent être acheminés au site d’entreposage de Belgoprocess à Dessel, en Belgique. Selon les ONG environnementales, neuf transports seraient nécessaires d’ici 2013 pour rapatrier la totalité des 432 fûts de déchets belges actuellement traités en France.”Ce type de convoi est classé secret défense et les riverains des voies de chemin de fer et des gares ne sont pas avertis du danger et des risques qu’on leur fait courir. Or, le risque zéro n’existe pas et il est inadmissible que les autorités cachent cette information à la population”, commente Sylvia Vannesche, de l’association Nucléaire Stop.Le 3 février 2011 à 11:24 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Une nouvelle espèce de crotale découverte en Asie

first_imgUne nouvelle espèce de crotale découverte en Asie Des scientifiques britanniques ont identifié une nouvelle espèce de serpent dans le sud-est de l’Asie. Ce “crotale vert aux yeux rubis” a été retrouvé dans les forêts et collines du Vietnam, ainsi qu’au Cambodge.Aussi venimeux que ses congénères, ce nouveau serpent a été découvert à l’issue de recherches qui ont duré plus de 4 ans. Entre 1999 et 2003, les scientifiques de l’Université de Bangor au Royaume-Uni ont collecté des spécimens de crotales verts en Thaïlande, au Laos, au Vietnam et au Cambodge. En laboratoire, ils les ont ensuite attentivement examinés en prenant en compte les caractéristiques physiques et génétiques. Une étude publiée en janvier dernier dans la revue Zootaxa qui leur a permis de faire la fameuse découverte.À lire aussiUn anaconda avale une énorme proie devant les camérasBaptisé Cryptelytrops rubeus, la nouvelle espèce appartient à la famille des crotales et se caractérise notamment par ses yeux rouges perçants. “Nous connaissons ces espèces grâce à très peu de spécimens, et très peu de personnes dans le monde ont vu ce serpent. Pour être honnête, nous savons encore très peu de choses sur lui”, a expliqué Anita Malhotra, écologiste moléculaire et co-auteur de l’étude. Côté régime alimentaire, les chercheurs n’en savent pas beaucoup plus. S’ils ont vu l’animal s’attaquer à une grenouille, ils ont émis l’hypothèse qu’il pouvait, comme certains de ses congénères, se nourrir de petits mammifères. “Il est très difficile de trouver des informations sur ce que ces animaux mangent. Les serpents digèrent tellement bien que ce qui reste dans leur fécès, si l’on parvient à en collecter, ne sont que quelques bouts difficiles à digérer, tels que des cheveux de mammifères, des écailles ou des griffes de reptiles”, a indiqué A. Malhotra. Ce “crotale vert aux yeux rubis” a été retrouvé enlacé sur des branches dans les forêts et collines proches d’Ho Chi Minh City au Vietnam. Mais les chercheurs ne savent pas encore si l’espèce doit être considérée comme menacée, au vu de son habitat assez restreint. Une seconde espèce de crotale, cette fois-ci aux yeux jaunes, a également été découverte et baptisée Cryptelytrops cardamomensis.Découvrez les photos du très rare crotale vert aux yeux rubis en cliquant ci-dessous : Le 5 avril 2011 à 10:47 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Microsoft fait sa promo en se moquant de Gmail

first_imgMicrosoft fait sa promo en se moquant de GmailPour promouvoir sa nouvelle messagerie Office 365, Microsoft a diffusé à ses employés une vidéo critiquant les méthodes de Google et de son service Gmail. Un clip qui n’était pas censé atterrir sur la Toile…Afin d’assurer une promotion efficace de son service de messagerie Office 365 en interne, Microsoft s’en est pris ouvertement à Gmail. Seul problème : sur la Toile, la moindre fuite se transforme rapidement en gigantesque buzz. Car Zdnet a réussi à se procurer la vidéo…À lire aussiÉquinoxe du Printemps : pourquoi tombe-t-il le 20 mars ?Celle-ci met en scène un Gmail Man, facteur intrusif à souhait, scrutant le contenu des messages pour proposer des publicités adaptées à chacun. Les personnages qui croisent le facteur sont offusqués par ces méthodes et la messagerie de Microsoft se présente comme le parfait opposé des services “diaboliques” de Google. Et comme l’explique Memoclic, les termes employés sont explicites : “scrutant chaque phrase et toute votre ponctuation (…) je regarde chacun de vos mails (…) et une publicité est née (…) je ne suis pas un facteur mais “Gmail man” (…) le business de la publicité ciblée pour chaque chose que vous (g)mailez”.Cette publicité vidéo conçue sur le ton de la plaisanterie se termine avec la mention grinçante : “Votre courrier est votre affaire, Google en a fait la sienne”. Voilà donc une publicité qui va faire rire (jaune) en attendant l’accueil et surtout la réaction du géant américain qui ne devrait sûrement pas tarder à répliquer. Découvrez la vidéo de Gmail man conçue par Microsoft en cliquant ci-dessous :  Le 1 août 2011 à 18:18 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Twitter ajoute le partage dimages aux messages

first_imgTwitter ajoute le partage d’images aux messages Depuis mercredi, les utilisateurs de Twitter ont la possibilité de joindre des images directement aux messages qu’ils postent sur le site de micro-blogging. Jusqu’à présent, ils devaient passer par un service annexe. Ça y est elle est arrivée. Annoncée depuis le 31 mai, la fonction partage d’images a enfin fait son apparition sur Twitter. Depuis mercredi, les utilisateurs ont la possibilité d’inclure des images directement dans leurs tweets et sans passer par les hébergeurs utilisés jusqu’ici. À lire aussiL’astronaute Reid Wiseman réalise le premier Vine de l’espacePour joindre une photo au texte, il suffit de cliquer sur l’icône “photo”, puis de parcourir le contenu de son disque et de choisir l’image. Un système beaucoup plus pratique que le précédent alors que les milliers de photos partagées chaque jour seront hébergées par Photobucket, note Metro france.Si les images s’affichent donc instantanément dans le feed, le système est tout de même limité puisque leur taille ne peut dépasser 3 mégaoctets. Néanmoins, d’ici la fin de l’année, d’autres options pourraient faire leur apparition tels que la possibilité de visualiser les galeries d’images envoyées par les utilisateurs, révèle Metro france. Le 11 août 2011 à 09:39 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

LUnivers primordial observé comme jamais auparavant grâce au VLT

first_imgL’Univers primordial observé comme jamais auparavant grâce au VLTLes astronomes ont pu observer, grâce au Very Large Telescope (VLT) de l’ESO, le moment où l’Univers était encore primordial et absorbait le rayonnement ultraviolet des jeunes galaxies. Une phase connu sous le nom d'”âge sombre”.Une équipe internationale d’astronomes a pu, grâce au Very Large Telescope, observer l’Univers à son origine la plus lointaine, il y a environ 13 milliards d’années, soit moins d’un milliard d’années après le Big-Bang. A cette période, l’Univers n’était pas entièrement transparent. Il était rempli d’un brouillard d’hydrogène qui absorbait le rayonnement ultraviolet émis par les galaxies. Puis, il s’est soudainement éclairci au cours d’une phase appelée réionisation, quittant ainsi l'”âge sombre” pour passer au stade lumineux, l’Univers transparent d’aujourd’hui.À lire aussiSpaceX : un satellite d’Elon Musk manque d’entrer en collision avec un satellite de l’ESAAu cours de leurs travaux, les scientifiques ont ainsi pu regarder l’Univers primordial et plusieurs galaxies parmi les plus lointaines jamais détectées. Ils ont également pu mesurer leurs distances avec précision et établir pour la première fois une séquence chronologique de la période de réionisation. Le brouillard d’hydrogène de l’Univers primordial se levait alors, permettant pour la première fois à la lumière ultraviolette de se propager.”Nous voyons une différence spectaculaire dans la quantité de lumière ultraviolette qui a été bloquée entre les premières et les dernières galaxies de notre échantillon”, explique Laura Pentericci de l’Observatoire astronomique de Rome, auteur principal de l’étude. “Lorsque l’Univers avait seulement 780 millions d’années, cet hydrogène neutre était assez abondant, et remplissait de 10 à 50% du volume de l’Univers. Mais seulement 200 millions d’années après, la quantité d’hydrogène neutre a chuté à un niveau très bas, semblable à ce que nous voyons aujourd’hui. Il semble que la phase de réionisation a dû se passer plus rapidement que les astronomes ne le pensaient jusque-là”, cite Sciences et avenir.Mais les astronomes ne savent pas encore exactement pour quelles raisons ce brouillard d’hydrogène s’est levé. L’énergie qui a permis la réionisation a pu provenir de la lumière générée par la première génération d’étoiles ou par l’intense rayonnement émis par la matière lorsque qu’elle tombe vers les trous noirs. Il faudra donc encore davantage d’études avant de pouvoir élucider ce mystère. Le 13 octobre 2011 à 12:51 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Les antennesrelais liées à différents troubles selon une association

first_imgLes antennes-relais liées à différents troubles, selon une associationSelon une enquête menée dans les Bouches-du-Rhône par l’Association Santé Environnement France, les riverains d’antennes-relais présenteraient davantage de troubles que le reste de la population. A l’heure où l’exposition aux ondes suscitent un vif débat, c’est une enquête importante que vient de révéler l’Association Santé Environnement France (Asef). Celle-ci a été menée dans les Bouches-du-Rhône auprès d’une centaine de riverains d’antennes-relais et a révélé des troubles supérieurs à la moyenne de la population. Plus précisément, l’association a constaté davantage d’acouphènes, de troubles du sommeil ou encore de défauts de concentration que chez le reste de la population.Pour cela, des médecins de l’association (parmi les 2.500 membres qu’elle affiche) ont fait remplir des questionnaires de santé à 143 locataires de HLM à Aix-en-Provence et Aubagne, dans des immeubles dont les toits comportent de nombreuses antennes de téléphonie mobile. Les résultats ont ainsi montré que 43% de ces personnes se plaignent d’acouphènes, “alors que seuls 15% des Français disent souffrir d’un tel problème”. Il en est de même pour les troubles du sommeil, dont 55% ont déclaré souffrir et de la concentration (27%). “Fait troublant: 83% de ceux qui ont la chance de pouvoir partir en vacances voient leur(s) symptôme(s) disparaître au bout de quelques jours”, a souligné l’association.À lire aussi3G dans le métro, un danger pour la santé ?Selon le Dr Patrice Halimi, secrétaire général de l’Asef et chirurgien-pédiatre à Aix-en-Provence, cette enquête corrobore des études réalisées en Pologne, en Egypte ou en Autriche. Il a expliqué, cité par l’AFP : l’enquête “n’est pas exhaustive. Elle n’a concerné que des volontaires ayant en commun la proximité avec des antennes. On est allé les voir et on leur a demandé comment ils allaient. C’est la démarche de base du médecin. Les locataires que nous avons rencontrés ont l’impression qu’on se moque d’eux. On ne leur a pas demandé s’ils étaient d’accord pour qu’on implante des antennes-relais sur leur toit”. Une installation sans l’avis des locataires Dans la pratique, la loi prévoit que l’installation d’une antenne-relais soit soumise à l’approbation unanime des copropriétaires d’un immeuble, “mais si l’on est locataire dans un appartement privé ou dans un HLM, on ne nous demande pas notre avis. C’est pour cette raison que se multiplient aujourd’hui les forêts d’antennes-relais sur les HLM”, a relevé l’Asef au sujet de son enquête.  Le 21 novembre 2011 à 19:25 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Virgin Galactic qui décrochera le premier clip musical tourné dans lespace

first_imgVirgin Galactic : qui décrochera le premier clip musical tourné dans l’espace ?Richard Branson, patron de Virgin Galactic, veut employer sa navette pour… tourner un clip vidéo musical dans l’espace. Plusieurs artistes figureraient déjà sur la liste des candidats. Comme l’explique le journal britannique The Sun, Richard Branson, patron du Virgin Galactic aurait décidé de donner un nouvel usage à sa navette déjà au coeur d’un projet de tourisme spatial. Une nouvelle utilité qui aurait bien fait parler d’elle. En effet, le Virgin Galactic pourrait être utilisé pour tourner le tout premier clip vidéo musical dans l’espace. À lire aussiSpaceX : un satellite d’Elon Musk manque d’entrer en collision avec un satellite de l’ESAUne idée qui pourrait donner un caractère inédit aux vidéos musicales et qui aurait d’ores et déjà interpellé plusieurs artistes parmi lesquels, Matthew Bellamy, leader du groupe Muse. D’après les informations du quotidien, ce dernier aurait décidé de tout mettre en œuvre pour que son groupe soit le premier à utiliser des vues de l’espace voire même à donner un concert depuis l’espace. Mais Muse fait face à une concurrence redoutable incarnée par le couple Beyoncé et Jay-Z.Les deux artistes seraient décidés à voler la vedette au groupe Muse dans cette affaire de voyage spatial. Mais on ignore encore tout de l’affaire, notamment si le rappeur Jay-Z et la chanteuse Beyoncé enregistreraient séparément ou ensemble. La lutte pour le premier clip spatial promet donc d’être passionnée et il faudra encore patienter pour savoir qui l’emportera finalement… et surtout à quel prix !Le 16 janvier 2012 à 12:43 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Manipuler le climat La CIA finance une vaste étude pour tester la

first_imgManipuler le climat ? La CIA finance une vaste étude pour tester la géo-ingénierie La CIA, intéressée par les potentiels de la géo-ingénierie en matière de manipulation des intempéries et de lutte contre le réchauffement climatique, a participé au financement d’une étude globale de ces domaines par l’académie des sciences américaine.Alors que le changement climatique suscite de plus en plus d’inquiétudes, certaines chercheurs se questionnent sur la possibilité de manipuler de façon délibérée le climat. Objectif : lutter contre les effets du réchauffement climatique en agissant par exemple sur le rayonnement solaire ou sur l’élimination du dioxyde de carbone atmosphérique.En octobre 2012, des chercheurs écossais ont notamment émis l’idée d’utiliser un nuage de poussières d’astéroïde comme un parasol pour renvoyer les rayons du soleil et ainsi limiter le réchauffement. Or, aussi inattendu et irréalisable qu’il puisse paraitre, ce genre de concept est aujourd’hui de plus en plus pris au sérieux. Ce sujet est même au coeur d’un tout nouveau projet scientifique lancé par les hautes autorités des Etats-Unis. Comme l’a annoncé la National Academy of Sciences (NAS) américaine, chargée du projet, il s’agit d’une vaste étude globale de 600.000 dollars co-financée par la Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), la National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) ainsi que la National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Examiner les impacts potentiels des techniques de géo-ingénierie À lire aussiDengue : symptômes, traitement, prévention, où en est-on ?Son but est de déterminer si la géo-ingénierie pourrait être utilisée pour lutter contre les effets du changement climatique. Mais l’étude se penchera sur “un nombre limité de techniques de géo-ingénierie proposées”, a souligné la NAS. Plus précisément, l’optique de l’étude est d’examiner “globalement les impacts potentiels du déploiement de ces technologies en tenant compte d’éventuelles préoccupations environnementales, économiques et de sécurité nationale”, dit encore la NAS. Reste que la géo-ingénierie demeure un concept controversé qui implique l’intervention délibérée et à grande échelle sur le système climatique de la Terre dans le but de lutter contre le réchauffement global. “Il est naturel que sur un sujet comme le changement climatique, l’Agence [de renseignements] travaille avec des scientifiques afin de mieux comprendre le phénomène et ses implications sur la sécurité nationale”, commente pour sa part la CIA. Néanmoins, le contexte est tendu car certains accusent le pouvoir américain de jouer déjà dangereusement avec le temps grâce aux installations du High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP), basées en Alaska. Le 24 juillet 2013 à 18:44 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

These Liquid NitrogenTopped Kit Kats From Tokyo Are Too Cool

first_imgThe Iced Kit Kat Chocolatory does go for a premium, which makes sense considering its special handling needs. However, ¥1,296 ($11.70) isn’t overly expensive for how unique the experience is. For that price you get the treat served in a fancy glass dish brought to your table by two servers, one of whom pours the liquid nitrogen right in front of you.If you want a chance to try the Iced Kit Kat Chocolatory and happen to be in Japan, don’t wait too long. The unique Kit Kat will only be available from now until August 31. Better hurry up to taste those chocolatey noms!Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on target Launchpad Blaze Postpones JAXA’s Cargo Ship Launch to ISSJapan’s Hayabusa-2 Probe Packs Up Space Rock Cargo From Asteroid Ryugu center_img Japan is known for its fantastic and extreme Kit Kats, but a Tokyo Cafe may have taken the candy to the next level. These Iced Kit Kat Chocolatory treats are perfect for a hot Japanese Summer, in fact, they’re about as cool as you can get.While we in the US have to be content with regular freezer treats like ice cream cake and popsicles, those in Tokyo can get their treats extra frozen. The Iced Kit Kat Chocolatory is chilled by having liquid nitrogen poured over it in place of traditional cooling means.If you want to get your hands on this super-chilled treat, you’ll have to head to the Daikanyama neighborhood in Tokyo. On the second floor of Ginza’s Kit Kat Chocolatory store, you can get your hands on this unique chocolate snack.last_img read more

DC Comics Jim Lee Shares Awesome Monochromatic Sketch of DBZs Goku

first_img If you’ve seen Dragon Ball Z, then you know exactly why anyone would love and idolize Goku. The Super Saiyan with a heart of gold is a massively popular character, and pretty much everyone knows who he is, even without watching the newest season, Dragon Ball Super. Goku is a beloved part of pop culture, so it would make sense that DC Comics’ seasoned artist Jim Lee would decide to draw him.Lee happens to think Goku is the bee’s knees too, and who wouldn’t? So the artist decided to share his “first” and only stab at bringing the Super Saiyan legend to life. The talented comic artist threw down Goku with pen and paper in such a way that looks unmistakably like Lee’s signature art style, and yet like it was pulled from the pages of the Dragon Ball manga series.Here’s what I streames this morning: my first (and only) Goku 😉— Jim Lee (@JimLee) April 9, 2018The artist made Goku come to life and leap off the page with just black ink, and now fans who follow Lee on Twitter are practically beside themselves clamoring for Lee to make something official with Dragon Ball. This version of Goku looks much like a more lithe, lean and somehow simultaneously beefy version of the anime Goku, but one thing’s for certain: He can still kick pretty much anyone’s butt.Jim Lee is a Korean-American artist who founded Image Comics before heading to DC Comics at a later time in his career. He’s been working on titles such as Suicide Squad and Dark Days. Judging by his talent working with familiar Dragon Ball Z characters, it looks like he could be a manga artist too, if he really wanted to. What do you think about Lee’s take on the Saiyan? Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. New Adidas ‘Dragon Ball Z’ Shoes Are On the WayThe Best and Most Loved Anime Series of All Time center_img Stay on targetlast_img read more

Geek Deals Pay 12 for Humble Monthly Get Overwatch Right Now

first_imgIf you’re willing to spend $12 for Humble Monthly, you can start playing Overwatch today! When we reach October 5th, even more games will be yours to keep. And since the lowest price we’ve seen Overwatch at previously is $19.99 – this is a steal. • Subscribe to Humble Monthly, Get Overwatch for just $12Stay subscribed to Humble Monthly for November and December, and extra in-game Overwatch items will be made available. Two loot boxes will be included in November’s bundle, and one loot box will come along for December. Alternately, you can cancel after just a month – it’s up to you.And as long as you’re a subscriber, you’ll have access to a bunch of great DRM-free games in the Humble Trove. From The Sexy Brutale to Amnesia: The Dark Descent to Trine: Enchanted Edition, you’ll have dozens of hours of fun for no extra fee.On top of getting cool games, you can make a difference too. Five percent of your purchase goes to Make-A-Wish Foundation for this particular bundle, so you can do good while you play.Subscribe by: October 5th, 2018Note: Terms and conditions apply. See the Humble site for more information.For more great Humble deals, go to TechBargains.last_img read more

This Toronto Subway Lego Kit is a Builders Dream

first_img A Canadian transit employee is shaking up the toy sector with his new innovation: a Toronto Rocket subway Lego kit that comes with all the buildable fixings.Aaron Chapman, a Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) subway operator, developed the Lego kit in August when he couldn’t find one in stores. With support from the TTC and his colleagues, Chapman submitted his Lego kit to Lego Ideas, a website where people share Lego product ideas and vote for their favorite Lego design proposals. With 4,243 supporters and 360 days left, Chapman has to get 10,000 supporters to move to the Lego Review round. If he passes this step, his Lego creation could hit shelves in the future.Chapman’s TTC Toronto Rocket Subway Train Lego kit, which comes with 2,946 total pieces (28 pieces of track, 2 TTC Operator mini figures, and 2,910 bricks), is a builder’s dream. It’s replicated like the real Toronto Rocket subway system, so people can create three TTC subway cars that move on tracks. There are additional cool features including slide opening doors and a detailed driver cab that blow average Lego trains away.“A Canadian born TTC operator designs a Canadian Lego set, based on a Canadian made subway train by Bombardier, operating on North America’s third largest transit system, in Canada’s largest city,” wrote Chapman in his Lego Ideas proposal. “I hope the review panel at Lego Ideas will understand this set does not only appeal to the Toronto Lego fans.”Fans of Chapman’s Lego kit are also in for the ultimate holiday treat. Chapman’s Lego kit will be displayed at the TTC’s Bloor-Yonge subway station in Toronto, according to Global News. At the station, visitors can see how a Lego enthusiast’s dream became a reality with his toy-meets-transportation creation.More on Overwatch Sets Leak on Target App‘Harmless Home’ Built From Lego-Inspired Bricks Made With HempToy Tuesday: The Craziest Over-the-Top Lego Sets The New Lego UCS Imperial Star Destroyer Is Nearly Four Feet LongLego Makes Building Sets Accessible to the Blind Stay on targetlast_img read more

Amazon Is Discounting Devices Just in Time for Valentines Day

first_img Valentine’s Day is coming and you might be struggling to find gifts for your partner, family members, friends, or coworkers. Thankfully, chocolates and flowers aren’t your only present options: Amazon is slashing prices on many tech and gaming devices before the big day.Whether you’re looking for a wireless charger or a controller, Amazon has you covered for Valentine’s Day gifts. Plus, if you want to add other gadgets to the mix, Amazon’s Valentine’s Day Gift Shop has other items, including Instax Mini Cameras and Fitbit watches, that are on sale.Read on for Amazon’s top tech and gaming deals for Valentine’s Day.Save $30 on the Echo (2nd Generation)Photo Credit: AmazonConnect to Alexa to play songs, read the news, and ask questions with the Echo (2nd Generation), which is on sale for $69.99 compared to $99.99 on Amazon.Buy it HereSave $13 on the Nintendo Switch Pro ControllerPhoto Credit: AmazonThe Nintendo Switch Pro Controller includes motion controls, a HD rumble, and built-in amiibo functionality for a cool gaming experience and you’ll save $13 off its original price ($56.99) before Valentine’s Day.Buy it HereSave $50 on the Space Gray Apple Watch Series 3Photo Credit: AmazonTrack your heart rate and fitness activity with the Space Gray Apple Watch Series 3: You’ll only pay $229 compared to $279 on Amazon.Buy it HereSave $11 on the Anker 10W Wireless ChargerPhoto Credit: AmazonThe Anker 10W Wireless Charger powers up your smartphone on the go and it’s case-friendly. Thankfully, Amazon is offering it for only $12.99 compared to $23.99.Buy it HereSave $100 on the Xbox One X 1TB Console – Fallout 76 BundlePhoto Credit: AmazonTake your gaming experience to the next level with the Xbox One X 1TB Console – Fallout 76 Bundle: It comes with a wireless controller and a full-game download of Fallout 76. You’ll save 20 percent off its original price ($499.99) on Amazon.Buy it HereSave $49 on the Gold 32GB Apple iPadPhoto Credit: AmazonIf you want all the Apple laptop perks without dropping major bucks, the Gold 32GB Apple iPad is on sale at Amazon for $279.99 compared to $329.Buy it HereSave $32 on the Soundcore Infini Integrated 2.1 Channel SoundbarPhoto Credit: AmazonTwo built-in subwoofers and flexible placement make the Soundcore Infini Integrated 2.1 Channel Soundbar a top pick for your home entertainment setup: You’ll save $32 off its original price ($99.99) during Amazon’s pre-Valentine’s Day sale.Buy it HereMore on Alexa Now Lets You Choose Your Own AdventureAmazon Launches Scout Delivery Robots in WashingtonHere’s Everything Coming to Amazon Prime Video in February 2019 Stay on target Amazon Employees Join Sept. 20 Global Climate WalkoutGeek Pick: Amazon Smart Plug Puts Alexa in Your Walls last_img read more

Bear Family Relocated From Highway Median Den in Massachusetts

first_img Watch: Dolphin Leaps Feet Away From Unsuspecting SurferWatch: Deep-Sea Octopus ‘Billows Like a Circus Tent’ Stay on target A family of bears was relocated from a highway median in Massachusetts, and according to officials, the quick rescue operation went “beary well.”On Thursday morning, state police closed an area of Route 2, a four-lane highway in Templeton, to relocate a mother bear and her cubs that set up a temporary den in a nearby highway median, Associated Press reported. State environmental police tranquilized the mother bear, and safely moved the bear clan to a nearby state forest.Everything went beary well! Mother was tranquilized. Mother & cubs have been relocated to a safe location by @MAEnviroPolice & MassWildlife in nearby State Forest.Thank you all for your patience in #MAtraffic while we made this happen.— Mass State Police (@MassStatePolice) March 14, 2019“Everything went ‘beary’ well! Mother bear was tranquilized. Mother and cubs have been relocated to a safe location by Massachusetts Environmental Police and MassWildlife in [a] nearby state forest,” Massachusetts State Police wrote on Twitter. “Thank you all for your patience in #MAtraffic while we made this happen.”Authorities said the bears had to be moved, due to the risk of injury or death for the animals and motorists traveling on Route 2. The highway, which was shut down for roughly 45 minutes, was reopened once the bears were transported.More on Leopards Rescued After Falling Into 50-Foot Well While Fighting ‘World’s Sexiest Koala’ Might Be the Hottest Internet SensationPhoto of ‘Enormous’ Wolfdog at Florida Sanctuary Goes Wild on Instagramlast_img read more

Shane McMahon vs Kevin Owens tonight at Hell in a Cell live

first_img Videos Articles Twitter Facebook Videos Articles WhatsApp Is The Rocks Return To WWE In Jeopardy? Now Playing Up Next Now Playing Up Next Adam Martin RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Now Playing Up Next Shane McMahon vs. Kevin Owens headlines tonight’s Smackdown-only WWE Hell in a Cell PPV tonight from Detroit, Michigan airing live on the WWE Network.The McMahon vs. Owens match will take place inside the Hell in a Cell structure under Falls Count Anywhere rules per the announcement this past Tuesday night on Smackdown.Another top match scheduled for tonight is Jinder Mahal defending the WWE Championship against Shinsuke Nakamura in a rematch from SummerSlam in August.Here is how the card looks like tonight in Detroit.Hell in a Cell MatchFalls County Anywhere RulesShane McMahon vs. Kevin OwensWWE Championship MatchJinder Mahal (c) vs. Shinsuke NakamuraWWE Smackdown Tag Team ChampionshipsHell in a Cell MatchThe New Day (c’s) vs. The UsosWWE United States Championship MatchAJ Styles (c) vs. Baron CorbinBobby Roode vs. Dolph ZigglerRandy Orton vs. RusevWWE Smackdown Women’s Championship MatchNatalya (c) vs. Charlotte FlairPlus, the return of The Fashion FilesKickoff Show:The Hype Bros vs. Chad Gable and Shelton will have live coverage of WWE Hell in a Cell tonight beginning at 8:00 p.m. ET (7:00 CT) with live thoughts on Twitter via @wrestleview.Wrestleview Live also returns tonight on YouTube following Hell in a Cell! The stream will be posted on the front page or you can view it below later tonight. Pinterest Chad Gable advances to the finals of the King of the Ring to be held on this Monday’s RAW Kevin Owens sends cryptic NXT messages after being “fired” on Smackdown Live Google+ Brock Lesnar “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt being advertised for Title Match at Hell In A Cell PPV Will Bobby Lashley Finally Face Brock Lesnar? Now Playing Up Next Bobby Lashley WWE Rescheduling San Jose NXT Is WWE Losing Its Audience? Becky Lynch `WWE 24` Documentary Premier Date Announced Recommended videosPowered by AnyClipWill Bobby Lashley Finally Face Brock Lesnar?Video Player is loading.Play VideoPauseUnmuteDuration 0:31/Current Time 0:02Loaded: 100.00%0:02Remaining Time -0:29 FullscreenUp NextThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.Replay the list Paul Heyman Now Playing Up Next Videos Articleslast_img

Early preview for Smackdown Live in Providence Smackdown not airing live in

first_img WhatsApp Now Playing Up Next Early preview for Smackdown Live in ProvidenceWWE has posted an early look at tonight’s Smackdown Live in Providence.Tonight’s show will feature the second night of the Superstar Shake-up, including the follow up to The Miz getting shifted over to the blue brand last night.You can check out the preview above courtesy of WWE.Smackdown not airing live in CanadaDue to coverage of the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs, tonight’s Smackdown Live will not be broadcasting live on Sportsnet in Canada according to The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online. The show will instead replay tomorrow night (April 18) at 8:00 p.m. instead.The show will be available to stream online for Sportsnet subscribers. Pinterest Why WWE’s The Miz Won’t Stop Talking About His Newborn Daughter Videos Articles Vince Mcmahon Google+ WWE Draft confirmed to be taking place as a two-night event starting on October 11 WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus confirmed for WWE Smackdown premiere on FOX Wrestleview Weekly: Predictions for tonight’s Clash of Champions event in Charlotte Recommended videosPowered by AnyClipVince McMahon Sends Supportive Message To Roman ReignsVideo Player is loading.Play VideoPauseUnmuteDuration -:-/Current Time 0:00Loaded: 0.00%Remaining Time -0:00 FullscreenUp NextThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.Replay the list Videos Articles Twitter Facebook CM Punk & AJ Lee Join Horror Movie How To Win A Trip To Meet The Miz And Becky Lynch Adam Martin RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Videos Articles Triple H Madison Square Garden Pays Tribute to Roman Reigns Now Playing Up Next Now Playing Up Next Vince McMahon Sends Supportive Message To Roman Reigns The Miz Now Playing Up Next Now Playing Up Nextlast_img read more

WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry speaks with TMZ about Hulk Hogans

first_img WhatsApp WWE Superstar Jimmy Uso arrested on DUI charge Thursday morning in Pensacola, Florida Google+ Pinterest WWE celebrates Smackdown’s 20th anniversary on the first episode on FOX on October 4 Jason Namako RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHORcenter_img Facebook Twitter In the video seen above, WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry recently spoke with TMZ about Hulk Hogan being reinstated into the WWE Hall of Fame following a three-year suspension for racially insensitive comments this past weekend.Henry said that its a teachable comment for people to forgive and that Hogan sincerely wants to change, after seeing that people look differently at him now.Henry noted that there is still a 50/50 split among the African-American wrestlers on their feelings towards Hogan’s reinstatement.Henry finally said that Hogan should look into helping out organizations that assist urban communities to be part of the solution and not the problem. WWE RAW Results – 7/22/19 (RAW Reunion show, Hall of Famers and Legends return)last_img read more

WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins discovers his siblings through a 23andMe DNA

first_imgRecommended videosPowered by AnyClipSeth Rollins Defends WWE On Two Separate OccasionsVideo Player is loading.Play VideoPauseUnmuteDuration 0:30/Current Time 0:15Loaded: 100.00%0:15Remaining Time -0:15 FullscreenUp NextThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.Replay the list Cesaro WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins recently announced on Twitter that he has siblings he never knew existed.Rollins discovered that he has a brother and sister through the 23andMe service. 23andMe checks your DNA to inform you about your ancestry, but it can also be used to connect you to members of your family by comparing your DNA with other samples.Rollins thanked the service for bringing people together and mentioned that “life is a crazy, awesome thing and we are all insanely lucky to experience it.”It has been quite the month for Rollins’ personal life. In August, he announced that he was engaged to RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch.In a wild turn of events, I recently found out I have a brother (and sister, not pictured) I never knew existed! Thank you @23andMe for bringing people together. Life is a crazy, awesome thing and we are all insanely lucky to get to experience it.— Seth Rollins (@WWERollins) September 11, 2019 Are Becky Lynch And Seth Rollins Dating? Now Playing Up Next Seth Rollins Wrestleview Live #65: Reviewing and discussing WWE Clash of Champions from Charlotte Google+ Kurt Angle Now Playing Up Next Now Playing Up Next Now Playing Up Next Cesaro Hopeful WWE Will Reunite The Bar Videos Articles Mike Tedesco RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Now Playing Up Next WrestleMania Could Be Biggest Ever Videos Articles WWE Lists The Shields Top 10 Wins WhatsApp Videos Articles Facebook Seth Rollins Defends WWE On Two Separate Occasions WWE Clash of Champions Results – 9/15/19 (Rollins vs. Strowman, Kingston vs. Orton) Pinterest Twitter Video: Watch the live WWE Clash of Champions Kickoff Show from Charlotte tonightlast_img read more

Woodland boy becomes honorary rescue swimmer in Alaska

first_imgWhen 8-year-old Andrew Bishop was given the choice between family trips to Hawaii or Disney World, visiting Boston to watch a Bruins game or going to Coast Guard Air Station Kodiak, the choice was easy.“He pointed to the Coast Guard,” said Andrew’s mom, Stephanie Bishop.Andrew, who is nonverbal and nonmobile, has for years had a fascination with rescue swimmers. The love dates back four years, when a 4-year-old Andrew watched “The Guardian,” a Coast Guard rescue swimmer movie starring Kevin Costner and Ashton Kutcher.“He watched it repeatedly, like continuously,” Bishop said. “But he was 4. We thought he would get over it. But he didn’t — ever.”So when Make-a-Wish’s Alaska and Washington chapter selected Andrew as a wish recipient, Stephanie Bishop and her husband, T.J., knew they needed to include a Coast Guard visit among the options for Andrew. They printed off pictures of each activity and let Andrew choose.They weren’t surprised when Andrew passed up Mickey Mouse for Kodiak, Alaska. Stephanie, T.J., Andrew and younger brother Aiden left their Woodland home for Kodiak on Thursday and returned Monday night.last_img read more

Food Drink Koi Pond pairs wine Italian fare at bistro

first_img Michelle and Wes Parker of Koi Pond Cellars in Ridgefield recently opened a bistro and tasting room in downtown Vancouver (in the space formerly occupied by Veraison) that feels like a visit to their former home, Sonoma County. The primary focus here is the wine. Koi Pond Cellars’ wine is available in six ounce pours or as part of a five-glass wine tasting flight served in a unique wine glass tower (which Michelle Parker found on The flights are not only eye-catching and Instagram-friendly, but a good way to taste a variety of wines made by this Ridgefield winery.This is a place for wine aficionados as well as wine novices. The Parkers are interested in making wine less intimidating. Michelle Parker told me, “Sometimes I break it down to what kind of food they like. That will break it down to what kinds of wines they’ll like. We talk about do you tend to like sweet foods or salty foods.” She added, “I’ve had countless tasters apologizing to me because they don’t understand what they’re tasting. You taste what you taste, you like what you like. If you don’t like something, there’s no judgment. Trying to strip that negative snootiness out of it is a mission of mine. People are intimidated — they think wine is such an elevated experience.”In addition to wine, Michelle serves food that she describes as Italian bistro-style. She explained, “A lot of the things here are very simple. I think people overcompensate by adding too many things. If you start out with good ingredients and put them together thoughtfully, it’s going to be amazing all the time.”The tasting room and bistro is open from 11:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. Happy hour is from 3 to 6 p.m. Sunday brunch is served from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., and happy hour is 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. I showed up for lunch and ordered (they offer counter service). The lunch menu included panini sandwiches, pita pizzas, antipastos — small plates of wine-friendly bites. The specials menu, which had a roast beef panini and a pear and prosciutto panini. I tried the charcuterie plate, the bruschetta, and the pear and prosciutto panini. The tomatoes in the bruschetta tasted as if they had just been picked. The charcuterie plate offered a nice mix of high-quality salty treats (salami, prosciutto, capicola, havarti, mozzarella, marinated olives and pickled asparagus). I especially liked the crisp, sour pickled asparagus. The pear and prosciutto panini had a tantalizing blend of sweet and salty flavors. Rachel Pinsky can be emailed at [email protected] Follow her on Instagram @couveeats and @rachelapinsky and on Facebook @coueeats.last_img read more

Marijuana banking backlash snares Vancouver couple

first_imgTy and Tracy Camp have been together for 11 years, and married for seven, but they rarely mix their finances.Until May, she worked as an assistant vice president and financial center manager at Bank of America in Vancouver, and also owns and manages several residential properties around Clark County. He owns a construction company and Sunshine Farms, a marijuana grower and processor in Sifton. They share only one bank account, which they use to cover mutual costs — a rental property they co-owned, and some standard household expenses.Which is why Tracy Camp was floored to return home from a vacation with her husband to find that she’d been fired from her position with the bank, and told by an internal company investigator she’d been flagged on suspicion of money laundering.Her husband, who works in the marijuana industry, had moved funds from his construction business’ account into their joint account, and she’d moved some of the money from the joint account into her personal account.“We’ve been running our businesses and our books and our lives like that for the last 10 years,” she told a corporate HR representative in an interview recorded by the company.The official reason for her termination was a code of conduct violation. She described being told that as a bank employee, she should have known that mixing funds with a person growing marijuana — her husband, no less — put the bank at risk of noncompliance with federal law.last_img read more

Inslee to pardon misdemeanor marijuana convictions

first_imgSEATTLE — More than six years after the state legalized the adult use of marijuana, Gov. Jay Inslee said Friday he plans to pardon thousands of people convicted of small-time possession charges — the latest in a series of moves by states and cities to ease the burdens people face from having minor criminal records for using pot.The Democrat, who is mulling a 2020 presidential run, made the announcement at a cannabis industry summit in SeaTac. Inslee said he was creating an expedited process that would allow about 3,500 people to apply for and receive a pardon without having to hire a lawyer or go to court.“We have people who have this burden on their shoulders from a simple, one-time marijuana possession from maybe 20 years ago, and that’s impeding the ability of people to live their lives,” Inslee said in an interview. “It can damage their ability to get financing for a home; it can damage their ability to get financing for colleges, even simple things like going on a field trip with your kids.“We should not be punishing people for something that is no longer illegal,” he said.Several states allow for expunging or sealing marijuana convictions, but obtaining such relief has typically been onerous, requiring a lawyer or court appearances. As more states have eased marijuana laws or followed the lead of Washington and Colorado in legalizing recreational pot use since 2012, some cities, counties and states have simplified the process of clearing convictions.Seattle, San Francisco, Denver and some local prosecutors in New York City, where marijuana remains illegal, are clearing old marijuana convictions en masse, and a new law in California requires prosecutors to erase or reduce an estimated 220,000 pot convictions.last_img read more

Review Iran – Portugal

first_imgIran’s passion and desire paid off in injury time, but Ansarifard’s penalty kick wasn’t enough to send Iran through to the next stage. Ricardo Quaresma opened the scoring at the end of the first half, while Ronaldo missed a penalty in the second.#IRNPOR // The teams are in!— FIFA World Cup (@FIFAWorldCup) June 25, 2018In the 3rd minute of the match in Saransk, Cristiano Ronaldo had the first attempt on goal which was calmly saved by Alireza Beinravand. In general, Iran’s goalkeeper was nervous, making three mistakes within the first 15 minutes. In the 16th minute, Amiri kicked Adrien Silva, giving Ronaldo a free kick. His attempt was blocked by the wall. In the meantime, Morocco surprisingly took the lead against Spain, but Isco levelled the score just five minutes later. Iran was playing as expected, with eleven men behind the ball deep in their own half when Portugal was in possession. However, they were more aggressive in attack than usual when they had the ball. Kicks, fouls and tackles were plentiful. Scoring opportunities… not so much.Top 5 biggest Flops in World Football Tomás Pavel Ibarra Meda – August 24, 2018 Time to talk about an infamous list of players who we thought would become world stars but ended as the biggest flops and disappointments in…The Iranians were gaining confidence as the game wore on and just as it seemed the teams will head to the half-time break tied, Ricardo Quaresma and Adrien Silva played a wonderful one-two, which was followed by a spectacular shot by Quaresma that landed in the far corner of the net. His signature, technically perfected shot with the outside part of the boot gave his team an all-important 1-0 lead.In the 50th minute, Ronaldo was carelessly fouled on the edge of the box. Paraguayan referee Enrique Caceres didn’t blow the whistle initially, but after the replay booth signalled him to take a look, he changed his decision and showed on the penalty spot. The Iranian players were vivid, captain Ehsan Hajsafi was booked, but the rulling was correct. It was a foul and it was a penalty. It took some time for passions to calm down. When everyone thought Ronaldo would tie Harry Kane as the tournament’s top scorer, Iran’s goalkeeper read his shot and made the save. Milad Mohammadi replaced Hajsafi three minutes after the penalty miss.Two consecutive fouls riled up Ricardo Quaresma, so he went after Ezatolahi, the player who committed the second one, earning himself a booking. Fernando Santos did the right thing by pulling him out in the 69th minute. Bernardo Silva came in as the substitute. At the same time, Ghoddos replaced Jahanbakhsh. Ansarifard became Iran’s third captain today after coming onto the pitch instead of Ezatolahi in the 76th minute. Team Melli was using every atom of energy in order to combat the Portuguese and attempt a comeback. The tension on the field was palpable. Nevertheless, The Navigators seemed to have the match under control.The hearts of all Portugal fans around the world must have stopped for a second when Caceres was looking at a video replay of Cristiano Ronaldo inadvertently punching an Iran player in the jaw. Fortunately for the entire 2018 World Cup, the referee made the right call and showed him only a yellow card. While that was going on, Morocco amazingly took the lead again in the match versus Spain. In the 93rd minute, Caceres was in the replay booth once more, this time checking whether to give Iran a penalty for a hand ball. Even though it didn’t look like the Portuguese defender touched the ball on purpose, the penalty was given. Karim Ansarifard converted and the game was tied.While that was going on, a replay in Kaliningrad gave Spain a second goal which tied that game as well. Right after Iran scored, Mehdi missed a tremendous opportunity to bring joy to the stadium filled with Iran fans. As it turned out, it was the last interesting moment of a pulsating encounter. Portugal and Spain moved on to the Round of 16, but the injury time goals changed the outlook of the final standings. Spain finished first on goal difference and will face Russia, while Portugal finished second and will play Uruguay.last_img read more

James Milner hails Liverpools perfect start

first_imgLiverpool midfielder James Milner believes that the club have made the “perfect start” in the Champions League by beating Paris Saint-Germain 3-2 in their opening gameLast season’s beaten finalists blew their two-goal lead at Anfield on Tuesday night after Kylian Mbappe’s equaliser just eight minutes from time.But a stoppage-time winner from substitute Roberto Firmino secured Liverpool all three points in Group C.“It is the perfect start for us. Hopefully, we can build on that,” Milner told BT Sport.Roberto Firmino, LiverpoolVirgil van Dijk praises Roberto Firmino after Liverpool’s win Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Virgil van Dijk hailed team-mate Roberto Firmino after coming off the bench to inspire Liverpool to a 3-1 comeback win against Newcastle United.“I think it would have been very disappointing not to win. They didn’t create too many and we had a number of chances.“I can’t say enough good things about Bobby. To come off the bench after his injury at the weekend is incredible really.”Milner also got his name on the scoresheet with Liverpool’s second of the game from a penalty.It means that the English midfielder has now scored his last 10 goals from a spot-kick.last_img read more

Davide Astori is still with us – Stefano Pioli declares

first_imgHead coach of Italian football club Fiorentina, Stefano Pioli, has set his sight on Europe and the Coppa Italia, as he reveals the bond between the club and former captain Davide Astori who died in his sleep in March.Even though the Viola comes as a surprise package of the season so far in Serie A, they could battle for a top-four finish.“I would very much like to qualify for Europe, but it won’t be easy. I think it’s clear to all that there are teams better equipped out there, but we’re ready to take advantage of any slip-ups,” said the Coach at a Q&A with La Repubblica newspaper via Football Italia.“At this moment, I see a Fiorentina side that is ambitious, but not winning yet. There is a step between ambition and victory that we still need to cover. The Coppa Italia cannot be considered a secondary objective and it’s only right to target going all the way.”“Astori and Milan Badelj were my reference points in the locker room. The team had changed so much that summer and I leaned on them for support, as everyone did with Davide.“What happened was a shock and it pushed me to appreciate my players even more on a human level. What Vitor Hugo said recently is the truth: Davide is still with us.Cristiano Ronaldo, JuventusSerie A Betting: Match-day 3 Stuart Heath – September 14, 2019 Considering there is a number of perfect starts so early in the Serie A season, as well as a few surprisingly not-so perfect ones….“The lads who were here last season have done so well to pass that situation on to the new arrivals. We are a team with an extra reason to do well.“These lads were so strong and united in their grief. I simply told them to carry on what we had started with Astori. I always did get very fond of my players, but even more so with this group. I think what happened united us even more and made us feel stronger.”Meanwhile, when Cristiano Biraghi scored his debut Italy goal in the Nations League victory over Poland, he took his fingers high and formed the figure 13  which we think symbolises Astori’s number.“I was so proud of him after that goal, for the work we’d done together and his great desire to improve. Biraghi was always aware of his weaknesses and is one of those players I feel that as a Coach I can really help to grow stronger.“Federico Chiesa has a great chance of pace, can shoot with his right or left foot, and is approaching a level that will make him a complete player.”last_img read more

McClair Pogba needs more consistency to become worldclass

first_imgEx-Manchester United forward Brian McClair demands more from an inconsistent, yet talented, Paul PogbaThe French midfielder scored for the fifth time in last Sunday’s 2-1 win over Everton, but continues to be criticised for his rather underwhelming performances.United fans and critics alike believe Pogba is yet to deliver the kind of displays that saw the club fork out a then-world transfer fee of £89m to Juventus.But McClair, who used to be the director of United’s youth academy, knows first-hand just how talented Pogba is.And while manager Jose Mourinho reckons his happy with Pogba’s campaign, McClair knows the United academy graduate is capable of better things.The 54-year-old feels some more consistency from Pogba could help him on his way to true greatness.“Pogba is doing pretty well at Manchester United,” McClair told ESPN.Daniel Fark, Norwich City, Premier LeagueDaniel Farke, From mid-table in the Championship to the Premier League Manuel R. Medina – September 14, 2019 Norwich City manager, Daniel Farke, has taken his team from the middle of the table in the English Championship to play with the big boys in the Premier League.“There is a bit too much social media nonsense, which is nothing to do with playing football, but Pogba has scored some important goals and played well in important games.“World-class players grab the main events, the semi-finals and finals for club and country, the biggest league games. France won the World Cup this year.“But I don’t know how many people would say that one particular player grabbed the whole thing. Pele grabbed World Cups, Garrincha and [Diego] Maradona too.“[Michel] Platini grabbed European championships. Real Madrid, with players like Cristiano Ronaldo, [Luka] Modric and Sergio Ramos, grab the most important games when it really matters.“They change games when things are going against you. Lionel Messi does the same. Cristiano did it when he was at Manchester United.“A top Manchester United player needs to be at least 7/10 every game. And in the proper big games you need to make some 10/10 appearances.”Pogba has managed five goals and four assists in 13 appearances across all competitions for United this season.last_img read more

Koeman touts Netherlands enormous progress

first_imgNetherlands coach Ronald Koeman is happy with the “enormous steps” his side has taken after they defeated France 2-0 in the UEFA Nations League.The Netherlands have found their feet again under Ronald Koeman, after having failed to qualify for the last World Cup in Russia.They could finish top of their Nations League group if they draw with Germany on Monday, and Koeman is happy with his side’s progress.“This was a complete match at the very highest level,” Koeman told Sky Sports.Virgil van Dijk, NetherlandsVan Dijk isn’t better than Messi & Ronaldo, says Van der Vaart Andrew Smyth – September 12, 2019 Rafael van der Vaart reckons Virgil van Dijk is “special”, but he’s still behind Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo as the world’s best players.“I was not expecting a perfect match from our side but that’s really what it was. We were very, very good.“I was surprised by the France line-up and the way they played, but our match was perfect. We dominated the match for 90 minutes.“I also did not expect that this team would be as far in their reading of a match.We have shown on such a night that we have made enormous steps. From the beginning to the end we played really well.”last_img read more

Schopf Schalke can beat Dortmund

first_imgSchalke 04 midfielder Alessandro Schopf believes victory over a world-class team like Borussia Dortmund is possible in Saturday’s derbyFollowing last season’s second-place finish, Schalke have struggled this time around and currently find themselves only 12th in the Bundesliga table.The Royal Blues have only won four times in 13 league games this term and will now face the runaway and unbeaten leaders Dortmund this weekend.But, while he has a lot of respect for Dortmund, Schopf sees no reasons why they cannot inflict a first defeat on their rivals ahead of the Revierderby.Jadon SanchoMerson believes Arsenal should sign Sancho Manuel R. Medina – September 14, 2019 Borussia Dortmund winger Jadon Sancho might be the perfect player to play for the Gunners, according to former England international Paul Merson.“Dortmund are currently a world-class team and are rightly the league leaders,” Schopf told WAZ.“It’s important for us to be defensively compact and look for our chances going forward. We want find our feet with fight and the right mentality and then play football as well.”“If we perform, we can beat Dortmund in front of our home crowd.”The Schalke and Dortmund derby will take place at the Veltins-Arena with kick-off set for 15:30 (CET).last_img read more

Solari hopes Messi plays in El Clasico

first_imgThe Real Madrid coach wants the Argentinean superstar to play for Barcelona in the Copa del Rey Semifinal.Real Madrid and Barcelona will play in the Copa del Rey Semifinal.The first leg will be played tomorrow at night at Camp Nou, while the second leg is scheduled for February 27th at Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.But Barca’s superstar Lionel Messi might not play the first leg of the Semifinal, because of a thigh problem in Saturday’s 2-2 Spanish La Liga draw with Valencia.“In football, it is good for the best players to play in all games,” Solari said to ESPN as he wants Messi to play this match.“That is how it is.”When asked if the doubt over Messi’s participation will change his preparation for the match, Solari replied: “Not at all.”“Nobody is undroppable in football,” he said after being asked about Vinicius JuniorMadrid will have one less day to prepare for the match, as Barcelona played earlier in the weekend, but for Solari, that’s just something that happens in football.Gerard Pique, Neymar, BarcelonaLa Liga Betting: Match-day 4 Stuart Heath – September 14, 2019 Despite it being very early into La Liga season, both Barcelona and Real Madrid have had unprecedented starts to their campaigns. With this in…“I hope not, although it is curious, to say the least,” Solari said.“We do not set the calendar, which is for La Liga [authorities] to answer for. We just have to go out there and give our best.”Madrid has a very difficult month of February, as they take on Barcelona tomorrow in Copa del Rey, then on Saturday, they visit Atletico Madrid.Next week Los Blancos will play against Ajax in the UEFA Champions League Round of 16, and then will have two La Liga matches: against Girona and Levante.They end their February month hosting Barcelona in Copa del Rey action.🎙💬 This is what Solari had to say about tomorrow’s Clásico!#RMCopa | #HalaMadrid— Real Madrid C.F. 🇬🇧🇺🇸 (@realmadriden) February 5, 2019last_img read more


first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items:Amanyara Resorts, Autism for Hope Foundation, beaches, Blue Haven, Blue Loos, Chartered Trust, Footsteps4Good, Grace Bay Resorts, Graceway Sports Center, HAB Group, Intercaribbean Airways, interhealth canada, Island Thyme, jill beckingham, KPMG, Misick & Stanbrook, National Cancer Society TCI, Nutrition in Demand, Ocean Club, Olympic Construction, parrot cay, Porters Island Thyme, provo runners, red cross, Rising Stars Basketball Club TCI, Sale Cay Divers, salvation army, Scotiabank, Seven Stars, SNAP (Special Needs Association of Provo), Somerset, Sotheby’s, Stanbrook Law, TCI Red Cross, TCI Youth Center, The Hartling Group, Turks and Caicos Heart Foundation ScotiaBank TCI to become one location, Grace Bay to close July, Grand Turk to close September Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales. 30 Oct 2014 – FOOTSTEPS 4 GOOD – Mrs. Jill Beckingham & Provo Roadrunners.Meeting Spot: MAIN IGA – Leeward HighwayTime: 5:00 am to warm up and register, 5:30 am start.Route: Leeward Highway to BEACHES roundabout to BEACHES and on to KINGSTOWN Corner. Left at Kingstown Corner past Tourist Board to Somerset, to the Sands, to Seven Stars, Leeward Gates, International School (formerly Ashcroft) and end in Blue Haven (formerly Nikki Beach).PRE-REGISTER BY CONTACTING a Provo Roadrunners at : 232-4743, 232-8852 or 241-9366 oremail: [email protected]$20 Registration – water stops, light snacks, gamesTransportation back to IGA will be arranged by Provo Roadrunners.Fund raiser for charity of YOUR choice…Rising Stars Basketball Club TCI, TCI Youth Center, Autism for Hope Foundation, National Cancer Society TCI, SNAP (Special Needs Association of Provo), Salvation Army, TCI Red Cross, Turks and Caicos Heart Foundation, Nutrition in Demand …or a charity of your choice.T-shirts are limited and on a first come first serve basis.Sponsors: Amanyara Resorts, Blue Haven, Interhealth Canada, Parrot Cay, Grace Bay Resorts, Sotheby’s, BEACHES, HAB Group, Misick & Stanbrook, The Hartling Group, Somerset, Stanbrook Law, Scotiabank, Seven Stars, Ocean Club, Island Thyme, Chartered Trust, Intercaribbean Airways, Olympic Construction, Porters Island Thyme, Graceway Sports Center, Blue Loos, Sale Cay Divers, KPMG Recommended for you ScotiaBank Grace Bay closed today, nationwide downsize begins TCI: Savory favors investor residency status, heralds KPMG economic report, says Caicos link is economic lifelinelast_img read more

Middle Caicos has a new man in charge

first_img North to Middle Caicos Causeway behind schedule; residents concerned over Joaquin flooding New Nature Trail in Middle Caicos highlights Caicos Pine PNP open North & Middle Caicos causeway in tribute Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Recommended for you Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 07 Jan 2015 – A new district commissioner has been hired for Middle Caicos and it is former Beaches assistant operations manager at the Key West Village, and Hotel and Tourism Association Ambassador award winner, Fredrico Johnson. Johnson is not only a descendant of Middle Caicos, according to the Deputy Governor, but his educational background with a degree in International Business from Johnson and Wales University and experience in up close and personal hospitality makes him the ideal fit for the position. Johnson in the statement said: “I am grateful and honored to be given the opportunity to perform in this role for the island of Middle Caicos, a premier outer island destination in the TCI. I am passionate about the growth of the Turks and Caicos Islands and confident that by working along with numerous government services and the stakeholders, we can implement new ideas and initiatives…” And it seems this is where Mr. Johnson was most impressive, his ideas for the country’s largest island which is home to one of the Caribbean’s longest subterranean caves as the DG Anya Wiliams explained, “He has great ideas for the island of Middle Caicos in helping to develop and build a better business sector and to also foster more community spirit on that island.” Related Items:fredrico johnson, Hotel and Tourism Association Ambassador, middle caicoslast_img read more

Department of Maritime to host STCW95 Basic Safety Training

first_img Recommended for you TCI Premier blasts Opposition side for “slop” information, sets it straight in HOA Related Items:#MagneticNewsMedia, #MaritimeSafetyTraining Bahamas Police Commissioner Greenslade gone to UK, appointed as High Commissioner Nearly 30 Haitians caught following illegal landing in Nassau, says Defence Forcecenter_img Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, TCI, January 18, 2017 – The Department of Maritime (MD), in collaboration with Sea School International, will be hosting the annual STCW/95 Basic Safety Training for local captains and skippers wishing to obtain a Boat masters License.  This licence is the legal document required by a person who wishes to participate in the water sports business as a local captain, or anyone who wishes to be the captain of a small commercial vessel.  The holder of a local Boat masters license will be permitted to operate a small commercial vessel up to twenty-four (24) meters in length or up to one hundred and fifty (150) gross tons and a pleasure vessel under four hundred gross tonnes.The training will be held in Providenciales at the Department of Environment & Coastal Resources, Lower Bight Road for a three day period, commencing January 23rd through to 26th 2017.The three-day training will include:* Basic Fire Fighting;* Personal Survival Techniques;* Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities;* First Aid/CPR* RefresherFees for the course for ‘First Time’ attendees will be $630 per participant for the three days. A refresher course, for individuals whose 5 year course certificate has expired, will cost $355.  For further information please contact the Maritime Department Providenciales at 338 -4171/4179 or the Maritime Office, Grand Turk at 649-338-3173.   Re-sits, are being asked to register on/or before 23rd January, 2017.*All interested persons are asked to walk with one form of Identification upon registration. Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp #MaritimeSafetyTraining#MagneticNewsMedialast_img read more

Haitian Government makes major donation to Turks and Caicos 630 generators among

first_img Related Items:#, #magneticmedianews, #TCIreceivesdonationfromHaiti Recommended for you Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp#TurksandCaicos, October 30, 2017 – Providenciales – A monumental gift arrived on board the Kristina cargo ship direct from Port Au Prince, Haiti loaded with a generous contribution from the Haitian Government to the Turks and Caicos Islands in the aftermath of deadly hurricanes Irma and Maria.  This is the first official gift from the Government of nearby Haiti and the items were handed over to Minister of Home Affairs, Hon Delroy Williams and DDME director, Dr. Virginia Clerveaux on Monday by Haiti’s Consul to the TCI, His Excellency Jacques Adolphe.HE Adolphe said, “it is our contribution to our neighbors the Turks and Caicos where so many of our compatriots reside and who consider this beautiful by nature country their second home.”Usually Haiti is on the receiving end of the gifts during a storm season, and while we are still 31 days from the end of the 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season, Consul Adolphe explained that Haiti is counting its blessings that no catastrophe has come its way via hurricane this year, so far.The supplies include:  630 generators, 1000 sheets of plywood, 4,500 tarps, 2,000 sheet rock and 4,000 metal roof sheets which were presented to TCIG.On behalf of Haiti’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, who is the former Ambassador to the Bahamas and Turks and Caicos, Antonio Roderigue, the Consulate office explained:  “We know how to be prepared and this is our chance to return our gratitude for the years of being supported when we have been devastated by storms. It is a show of solidarity; we are acting on behalf of the people of Haiti.”It was explained to #MagneticMedia that the items were donated and TCIG alone will oversee and determine the distribution of the supplies.   There have been other donations shipped to TCI from Haiti since the back to back September storms. Boyfriend protects woman from gunshots in Provo shooting; ‘critical’ in hospital Prime Minister breaks ground for Darliston Serviced Lots Development Gold Medal Shaunae & Maicel in Celebrity Wedding, Bahamian style at Atlantislast_img read more