The real case demonstrates the use of the old domain site of the Shanghai dragon advantage


domain name age: 6 years.


, don’t change the subject under the condition of using the old domain name site.

usage: before 6 years have been a metal materials enterprise website, but do not know why this site do not do, do not want to renew. When you want to delete at the end of the day, we will buy the domain name. After the transfer, the station made a baby eczema garbage station. We do this station is for the purpose of testing, so it didn’t have to optimize.

After The domain name Case: www.lykeyun贵族宝贝 read more

The new rules included Shanghai for love

then the site collection >

The two stage: the content of


The establishment of

new station included a stable increase, is possible, but on the site after the establishment of the sixth months after the website included quantity began Pujiang, two website at the same time in Shanghai love a big update included in the reduced 70%-80%, surprised, began the internal self review website, this time the content of the website published not to be included, as long as the data is collected, it is to let a person decadent. read more

How to write a soft Wen to let the audience

the /ZYY

traditional hard wide push gradually lose the advantage, but soft wide "influence" is prominent gradually: from the perspective of audience initiative audience passively into conflict, to thrust force.

here, this is a reader to see light suddenly, "Cadillac" ads, but inadvertently also received the "Cadillac is the winner in life with good taste choice" appeal.

The two

look at another Gu Ye "Queen" soft, "Napoleon was crowned by the beginning of the article described in the picture" logic errors led to Napoleon’s Queen’s head crown: the origins of Napoleon to please the goddess, ordered the Royal artisans, duo special jewelry. This is used to CHAUMET jewelry brand origin. read more

To improve the user experience of the site of care

maybe many webmaster would say do not know what the user wants to know, understand, you don’t mind how users will know what users want? Then how, as a webmaster, every day you need to open the number of sites, browse many pages, believe that every webmaster every day in dealing with the site. When you visit the site, they will often pay attention to what, what is the most attractive to his eye, come to this website and want to get what? If you want to understand these problems, I believe you also have a preliminary understanding to the needs of users, know what they want? In fact, he is a true real users to enter the site, why not others mood to enter their own website, consider the user needed to really stand in the user’s point of view, to understand the user’s psychology. read more

How to analyze a website from the perspective of Shanghai Dragon 3

, we need to look at the details page:

, is your title and your content is all about a


Such as:

there are 10 dominant needs of Shanghai Longfeng paper

title is obviously about Shanghai dragon, and >

as long as you learn to analyze the site from Shanghai dragon angle, unreasonable can find out the site, to be amended, let website ranking rise, this is as a Shanghai Longfeng practitioners have pursued.

, from the point of view of a website in Shanghai dragon series the last one,


2, read more

Love Shanghai updated DOMAN website snapshot is on the front page of the reason


server stability is an important factor of website operation and the development of infrastructure. If the server is not meeting cause love Shanghai search engine spiders can not visit the site. We can be sure that the web server is really important. But a small part of the site is open, right down the reason is not in it.

2, temporary right down the problem.

3, the stability of the server is a commonplace talk of an old scholar problem.

small series now in prayer, I hope my website is the case. Before the emergence of this situation on my website, I also see a dozen article, this situation is there, but the probability is relatively small. read more

shlf1314 advertising ranking new algorithm quality will play a more important roleFirst video who i

shlf1314 ad quality scores algorithm has been the latest changes. This will affect the sponsor rankings of search results pages.


what is pornography, the erotic content they define?.

got your money and asked for your questions. "A verdict of guilt!". Suppose you’re guilty, and come back to you,


the graph comes from the page everyone can also go and see, I won’t change it.

users: all groups friends

countries have never been allowed to do medical ads, so what did the first video do? Let’s look at figure read more

The HTML page code optimization the most detailed knowledge

optimization, are based on the framework, data analysis, user experience, and ignore the most basic HTML based code optimization, design optimization to share today rattan experience since the site (because the working relationship has less focus on the optimization and promotion of rattan design awards but for optimization we still have study:


title is one of the most important core information transfer label, whether it is love Shanghai, 360, Sogou, noble baby or other search engines, will according to the label output information to analyze the content of the website, so the information must want to transmit information and content should be relatively often many of my friends to do the title of the party, does not match the information and content of the title, this often causes K (legendary punishment, right down, pulled into the blacklist). read more

Links exchange two domain crime


Links is a high quality link before I wrote the article "do the following ten points is one of the factors Links the essence of" seemingly not the domain name? A page ranking, a snapshot of the first page, why not update the inside pages can change every day link? It seems 58 and some classified information have contacted you? Sadly many people do not see the Links. Here a burst of material, I stand still while PR, but domain at home is not in the first place, the funny thing is there are a lot of people ask me for Links. read more

K two patrol webmaster and how to reflect the love of Shanghai

to talk about their website of pupil composition network, although this was not in love with the sea K station, but was collected by a certain influence, as follows:

to get rid of dependence on the love of Shanghai, the formation of diverse traffic sources themselves. To tell the truth in love when I learned that Shanghai continuously updated, I thought not how honestly do, but to get rid of the shackles of love Shanghai as soon as possible. Since the end of June to the July, I feel nervous every day in tight, not a day do not want to own site, afraid of his own website which day is K what is not left. In fact, think of love, now Shanghai has become China fully deserve the engine overlord, my site of 80 percent of the traffic comes from its contribution, and it is of serious dependent development makes me feel website there are too many uncertainties. Before seen a writer, is about Lu Songsong’s blog has experienced love Shanghai drop right, included reduced, but Lu Songsong’s blog and no interference to love Shanghai and lose development ability, cause obviously, Lou loose as the Internet industry comparison of well-known blogger, has a lot of loyal readers I like this, subscribe to his blog is not a few, and the flow of the source of all direct hits, and not through the love of Shanghai search, so from this perspective, it is of vital importance to strengthen the direct contact between users and websites. read more

Shanghai dragon secret Fuzhou decoration company ranked first

decoration industry old site, the above 7 points worthy of attention, but also a lot of old sites do.

7, do 301 redirect 贵族宝贝baolaiyuan贵族宝贝/ jump to 贵族宝贝baolaiyuan贵族宝贝/, do URL weight

Optimization of

is the industry of Shanghai dragon very bitter. The development of this industry just soon, many brand decoration boss are 60, 70, their thought and the age of the Internet is a bit disjointed. The corresponding resource configuration in place, at the same time, also reluctant to spend money (too small), don’t understand for optimization, feel the effect is slow, so the industry background, Shanghai Longfeng people bring great obstacles. Of course, the decoration industry also has 80 boss, they see the charm of the network, willing to invest, respect work network. read more

Can search engine and make friends is the essence of Shanghai Dragon

I want to contact the Internet as long as people know what is the meaning of Shanghai dragon, but many people do not think Shanghai dragon is a how technical work, think it is a tedious, boring, tasteless, bitter occupation, today I want to express is you as long as you really get to know Shanghai Dragon, will not have the idea that.

We want to put the

home page attitude, I think a lot of people are not careful to read "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide Shanghai dragon white paper", do not think this is not used, you must first put the rules of the industry to find out what industry, home only in the industry, Shanghai dragon is a what occupation in China, he is a Shanghai food industry by love, you know Shanghai and live by love the industry, you need to establish a friendly environment with him, you can’t easily said here, many people will ask, how to love and Shanghai in a friendly environment that I? Here are a few points, help novice Shanghai dragon pointing, say not good, please forgive me. read more

Site optimization should have their own unique way of thinking and habits

second, dynamic search engines have to pay close attention to. We know that we face is the root of the site optimization search engine. Since the optimization to search engine optimization for myself to have a thorough understanding of love in the Shanghai search engine as an example, love Shanghai constantly improve the user experience of the website weight score, so we only have the flow, not only in content to the original, but also to do is to serve the needs of users, in addition, some of the core algorithm, the algorithm of Mars pomegranate algorithm based in Shanghai for what is love and purpose, we should make it clear, understand each other’s requirements can be very good to avoid in the process of optimized website, understand the search engine based on rules is very necessary. read more

Shanghai dragon head five skills through understanding job interview

company recently newly established domestic Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon team, is currently responsible for the work of domestic and Shanghai dragon team recruitment, found some problems in the recruitment process, I hope to the recruitment of job seekers in Shanghai Longfeng some suggestions, so that we can avoid some twists and turns and wrong answer skills in the process of job seekers in Shanghai dragon.

2, Shanghai Phoenix interview, not exaggerated, some people say that they have the ability to take over the team, Shanghai dragon strategy and writing scheme in fact, with no team, the interviewer can not know, but by asking some of Shanghai Longfeng strategies. For example, I often ask, " read more

First get to know the six problems should be a novice webmaster using Nofollow Tags

Nofollow tag to join and search engines crawl the site time Never mind

Nofollow tag can tell what the search engines crawl, what should not grab, then why not use the Nofollow tag to screen out some repetitive links, and then save the crawling time. Of course, this approach is not bad, what will cause a significant impact on the site, but the overall effect is very general, because the operation experience of my own, adding Nofollow tag can’t save a lot of time as we imagine, because love in Shanghai webmaster guidelines specifically, spider web the first link after crawling, repeated and not give weight, and do the record, say spiders remove duplicate links, this is a basic function, because now more stationmaster is grassroots, for Shanghai Longfeng knowledge is not much, if the owners want to get rid of the duplicate link to add Nofollow label what spider. So in order to save time and use the Nofollow tag to remove repeat > read more

Shanghai Longfeng institute should do

contact Shanghai dragon has been a few years time, but the real Shanghai Dragon technology to do network marketing has just begun. At this time, also have the same feeling and other Shanghai dragon promotion personnel, that is tired, bitter, tedious.

I feel the hair of the chain is in the process of Shanghai dragon most tired and most tedious work, but the chain is going to increase every day. Of course, you might say, can go to write text. In fact, it could not be better, but for a novice or a literary bad person, how to write text? The most common way is to go to the forum and the top post. In fact, I see a lot of Shanghai Dragon Master in the hair of the chain when the chain. Visible outside the chain is a compulsory course in Shanghai dragon. So how in the hair of the chain to find some happiness? I usually choose to send the chain in 2 directions, one is the Shanghai dragon forum is a professional forum. read more

The five principles of the Links exchange station

Links analysis

1, enterprise site: enterprise site is generally based on marketing enterprise products, is a small site, so the number of control Links should be how much. The proposed control within 20-25.

3, Links exchange, then what is the most appropriate time to exchange it, it was suggested that the weekend time link. Because of the weekend, the person’s idea is from. The occupation of Shanghai dragon is generally are online, this time is good you exchange the link quality, or is fair, this time the link is also consistent with the search principle, because love Shanghai, updated once a week, this time has been updated, so that the weekend connection in 4 weeks so your links should be effective, after the love Shanghai algorithm adjustment, Links effective rate also increased. About 2 to 4 weeks. Google, too. read more

The data analysis of website ranking analysis

website data analysis is through observation, investigation, experiment and measurement results, the data line to show all aspects of the site situation reflected, to better understand the operation situation of Shanghai dragon Er website, the website optimization strategies to facilitate adjustment. According to the Shanghai based Phoenix website data analysis, including: website, release the chain included, website ranking, website traffic analysis and other aspects. Here on this point:

index: read more

Six new web page included in the page not included

A new website, One of the reasons the page content within the

two pages, the causes of quality problems.

Many of the new

website appeared only included and not included in the page, even some website has been collected for several months, but the inside pages are not always be included. Why did this happen? In fact, the new site this phenomenon is not surprising, it is possible that some search engine a new adjustment included in the algorithm, and search engine for the assessment of new sites, or sites that do have caused some problems. Here, the author for your specific list of these possible causes. read more

Please for your article with pictures

love Shanghai graphic launched from the beginning of last year, and now has a long time, after a few months, love Shanghai photo has been fully mature, from the initial development of individual sites to all sites, we found that as long as a web site configuration pictures or articles with pictures, in the search engine search results it will be shown. Even some personal site or small website, will also be on display, at least in a few of my site, show the graphic information, of course, there are some search results on the site is not in the form of graphic display, the site for the new station, for example, my bread net did not show, because this is a new site has been indexed by search engines. read more

The structure and key content of the website and talk about the search engine optimization of

1, the contents of the original articles to attract users to

1, the core keyword

search engine optimization (Shanghai dragon) is a very deep knowledge, and will be affected by the new technology or influence engine of the new algorithm, in this way no seniority who is the most cattle, only continuous learning in order to better grasp the technology, at the same time the engine optimization is an art, let me feel that the Internet is not only the logic of the cold machine and her program in a way, the Internet is full of emotion and intelligence, we should always keep a curious and motivated attitude to learning. Today the author and talk about some of my feelings and experience read more

The promotion strategy of Shanghai station optimization love weight

as everyone knows, the website optimization process especially for the love of Shanghai search engine optimization, the author thinks that the station weight promotions love Shanghai weight and ranking the most direct way is not to say that there is no need to dynamic external promotion but now we should always concern website optimization love Shanghai search engine, we can love Shanghai "quality the white paper found love Shanghai has always stressed the quality content of the website and the browsing experience is helpful to improve the site in the sea of friendship and love. Below the author station optimization optimization some of his own experiences and look for a detailed analysis, we continued to enter today’s theme of short gossip. The promotion strategy of Shanghai station optimization love weight. read more

How to make the website ranking stable

One of the important factors of

two, the website structure

How to get a stable ranking website

Site Title Importance to Shanghai dragon is self-evident, because of his great, a lot of people tried to set up a website keyword, make the site a better ranking, more traffic for Shanghai dragon. But according to my observation that many people love to stack keywords in the title, especially some enterprises, regardless of keywords is not able to bring the directional flow of words, it is the industry related words, words, words to a high index in the title heap, heap is not the title, key words, description tag or label don’t let go. I don’t understand is to rely on keyword ranking stack up? Some people would say, that their ranking is also very good ah! Yes, that is they have not encountered stronger competitors, they are junk’s defective, want to find a better search engine, but can not find, so do. If there are more competitors, you can’t change it, it would be easy to be pass off. read more

How to write an article with the user experience good articles

The content of

optimize the content and writing method of the text:


1, the contents of the body must be around the site title narrative, now many of the headlines is a meaning, the content is also a meaning, how such articles can be love? This article will cause the website jump out rate is too high, the bounce rate is too high it will affect the normal development of the website. Love can not love Shanghai a lack of respect for the users of the site, do not believe you try.

4, website content must keep. read more

Only the formation of the brand can transcend the rely on search engines

loves Shanghai and now Shanghai before the fire, love not to dry up and 360, the results do not dry up. But it is the webmaster and dry up, exactly is the webmaster and love Shanghai dry up.

The 6.22 and 6.28

: so the malicious down, the relevant state agencies will certainly intervene. Malicious network event is not without precedent and convicted. To the end of love Shanghai or justified. Because he updated the main reason is to clean up the garbage, but also users a good network environment so wrong?. Some may be deleted. But can be interpreted as the technology is not mature, so who can bite him? As long as Chinese become an industry of No 1. are not so easy to get across. If you are willing to take the opportunity to get love Shanghai, so I’m sure. read more

The basic knowledge and skills of the deployment of Web site keywords


users have different habits in the search for information, we can be divided into the core keywords and long tail keywords. For example, the "Li Wenzhong blog" core keywords, long tail keywords example "what" is Li Wenzhong blog website, so for example I believe that everyone has to understand.

site keywords set


(keywords) refers to the user in the search for some information of the words, the choice of keywords and site deployment is one of the important part of search engine optimization, we know that the weight of webmaster tools is to love Shanghai is expected to flow, and the love of Shanghai is expected to flow and according to the website keywords ranking. So the website keywords ranking and website weight is directly related to, some sites may be optimized for a long time without increasing weight, perhaps a great relationship with the website keyword selection. read more

Quanzhou Shanghai dragon teach you brush the relevant search and love Shanghai love Shanghai drop do

URL then this would include two key words: "Quanzhou and Shanghai dragon" and "Quanzhou Shanghai dragon love Shanghai roar" the two web site copy, brush to the two. (the best is gray in the power of the network, so that people in different regions, so click) that fall in love with the sea these two words in this period of time, is very popular and search, these two words will be like Shanghai will naturally appear in love Shanghai input box and relevant search, is very simple? But this may take some non God, clever you believe you will do.. read more

Several key points of construction on the site before the Shanghai Dragon



Select the

, the 3 parameter space

, the length of the domainThe

is now the virtual host may limit the number of IIS connections and CPU occupancy rate and traffic restrictions. In general, the blog and the enterprise network.

domain name as short as possible, convenient visitors memory, remember the NetEase before using netease. If not for 163, now do not have such a big change. Ask some of the largest domestic portal, where a domain name will be long? Such as Nantong weather domain www.a***贵族宝贝 a+ code. This domain name is the user memory. read more

Single page optimization of Shanghai dragon ranking techniques

[single page ranking] how to operate

2 home recommended: add a single page ranking optimization "link to your single page optimization in Links at home.

3, according to the new single page of the company’s development needs or hotspot timely construction to optimize the ranking, don’t bother to modify your title page, modify the bad and risk.

[page ranked up] how to maintain

[ 4, the transformation of high

Why do the single page ranking [

3, the chain: do something related to the chain, the link is not the home link but do single page: read more

Talk about enterprise web site outside the chain method to increase your

A., the increase of the chain there are many ways, basic summary: soft release, is to write the soft issue in each relatively high weight site such as: Chinese enterprise website library submit corporate website, with this web site. For enterprise site keywords ranking is also has the very important significance.


please indicate: China enterprise website database source: 贵族宝贝soso.legougou贵族宝贝

B. blog post release and message, is to establish a blog post on the blog, or leave a message on the other more well-known blog on the web link, but the message must have substance that can easily be considered spam links. read more

How clever the wedding photography site in Shanghai Longfeng based

then, is to give full attention to the role of the chain. The chain extension for wedding website promotion, local forums to promote the soft effect, add pictures, put on a regular basis to the forum, will attract a large number of users to watch, air > Forum

again, wedding photography website should pay attention to the refinement of the optimization process of Shanghai dragon. Because the wedding website has many pictures, this is business requirements of beauty, is the user experience a visual impact. But the truth is not love the search engine website with hundreds of pictures and sharp images, therefore, the webmaster in website content update when the image processing should be very cautious. The picture is the priority among priorities of wedding photography website, many wedding photography website, adding a lot of pictures, if the site space, speed and smooth, will give the user a good test, but in fact it would cost the cost of money, therefore, the webmaster can add text, add less pictures not only to access quickly, and give the user a different feeling, the more simple and more able to get a good user experience. The webmaster in Apple visual wedding photography website ( while adding a lot of pictures, the basic processing technologies have done, narrow space, give users a smooth access to space. read more

Based on the site visitors to truly serve the visitors

The probability of

3, we want visitors to buy our product or service.

stands in the visitor’s point of view, our visitors on our site to buy products when there will be what concerns, if our site visitors can solve these concerns it, so visitors can have a big chance to transfer to our customers. As a consumer, when we in the online consumption of a product or service, our mind will first consider the problem is: why do you want to buy in this website? Here to buy what good.

if we want visitors to our site after leaving the real contact do? Visitors will take the initiative on our site left contact reason from two aspects, one is the visitor to our product or service has a strong demand, and self initiative to leave contact information we hope to contact him. This part of the user is most easily converted to our customers. Another is the visitors to our products or services are only interested in it, we need a method to let visitors more initiative to leave contact information, for example we can provide a product free tutorials allow users to download free download, of course before the first visitors leave their contact information, many visitors will hold try attitude to leave contact information, and do not spend money anyway. read more

About love Shanghai search results analysis and some conjecture thumbnail


search results means what thumbnails? Means to attract users to click on this issue not only for the title and description of the web page is written. The picture for the user’s visual stimulation is more strong point, a good-looking, relatively strong correlation "thumbnail" can attract more users to click. At this time we may wonder if the thumbnail is the webmaster can control itself is good, let the search results show which picture shows which picture, this is clearly impossible, but we can go to observe, to study the search engine might grab what the picture as the page thumbnails, really is a random crawl or "scratch" read more

Case analysis of URL optimization techniques of the site as a whole

is the last page. Each content page has only one specific URL, unless you have to link, otherwise there won’t be a content page there are two or more than two URL. For the content page, I love pure static, because when the content page is not the spider crawling most frequently, many of the spider crawling a content page to stay when it is column page 1/10 of the time, so let the spider crawling a content page on the line, many times will result in repeated collection, detrimental to the overall site optimization. There is a content page is best generated page, rather than by calling the data. read more

2B young Taobao Adventuressh419 affiliate ad detail analysis

is not tall, handsome, rich background, and not particularly poor, low twist, senior otaku, 2B youth, silly, annoying love, basically can be described as me.

thought I was a high school when looked at the mother’s four novel, results in a simple young mind is a sin pseudo literary seed! Often fantasy on a beautiful afternoon, lying on the balcony on the sofa, warm sunshine on the body, drinking coffee and listening to music. Now, come on, what a fucking fit!

actually, I opened Taobao shop is not easy, just to help online banking, registration, auditing and other things took more than a month’s time, the shop is ready, the supply is still relatively headache. I began to find sources on the Internet, but do not want to risk, how to say that they did not experience the courage is relatively small, can not purchase, looking for a home to sell, do not purchase, do not have their own delivery, fairly good, Download Taobao assistant, do not use and continue to learn, to upload pictures while many can modify the batch, but there are still many need one by one to the baby is very hard, so upload. read more

The website to win at the starting line several small details of the optimization of the railway sta

website to win at the starting line column this is third days to update the kitten, win at the starting line of course that is the site construction or something when you need to pay attention to the planning stage. Webmaster buddy will generally ignore some small details, but because these small details can lead to the website weight buddy does not improve, there is no natural flow. Then the cat today to give you to talk about these small details, I hope to help you, the cat daily vernacular, go up read more

To the understanding of the Shanghai dragon roots the ultimate Shanghai Longfeng process optimizatio

Key words:

for a just contact Shanghai dragon root words, know Shanghai dragon’s goal is to optimize the website, improve our website ranking, which from the search engine (like Shanghai) to get traffic, it is disguised, please search engine. A flow of words, we can make money, I think this is an idea that most people just contact Shanghai, indeed, as long as the search engine with words, in these words we flow reasonable use, can indeed bring us money benefits. But Shanghai, how to do? I think that plagued the vast majority of people, after all, just a touch of Shanghai Longfeng people what all don’t understand, if you want to do the Shanghai dragon, it is Arabian Nights; unless you through hard work, for a whole process of Shanghai dragon, has a profound understanding it is possible to really put Shanghai dragon well; everyone in order to be able to do better in Shanghai Longfeng, today Xiaobian to Shanghai dragon of the whole operation process to share out, as long as you are careful to practice, can not guarantee that you become a master of Shanghai dragon, but let you become an entry-level Shanghai dragon, the read more

You want to take the Shanghai dragon more simple it will make you more tangled

Many of my colleagues around

in two years time, two years is no longer let their young students that year, is no longer a mad pursuit of the holder of the future, now in their pragmatic, full and happy, contented, speaking of his now occupation – site optimization is also accidentally found, but to do their own it can also, not only accumulated a certain amount of network resources, but also has several good profit website. May be a man of Arts relying on Internet make a living in the ordinary people it seems unbelievable, I thought. Many of my colleagues in the website optimization above has its own unique insights, I have to ask how to do website optimization, website ranking will be stable in a certain extent. Here today, I give everybody to tell the truth, about the Shanghai dragon is a Xiaoshuai ordinary people, neither special channel, no God help, thanks to their hard work in return, but to say their thinking is not impossible, I and you talk about yourself for a little Shanghai dragon view. read more

Why do you need to improve the current website optimization Website constantly

enterprise website besides products may have to do is our daily updates, but customers generally most want to see is more about the function of products or news information, so I suggest her revision. The visitors into the enterprise website for the purpose of detailed information about the product, we also hope to see others in the product, because the essence of optimization is to obtain directional flow through the Internet bring to the site core of a large number of customers for the company, not to optimize their release a lot of unnecessary articles, so the focus should be on products and enterprise website the successful case, the author thinks that the enterprise in this article you will stand around your business services around the product to do, as long as the spirit of customer service for the purpose of going, is not updated every day I think there is not much need according to the actual. > read more

Three step to enhance the optimization of dotting Shanghai Longfeng optimization effect

professional in Shanghai dragon eyes of ER, the web site of the Shanghai dragon optimization must not be used "random" two words, it is not only a idea of keywords set, adjust, on the column for the friends of the chain are deleted, foreign chain optimization behavior of the so-called mass, but a the rule should be optimized as a detailed engineering work seriously. The so-called random optimization and no tricks will be counterproductive, not received the expected results, to achieve the optimization effect is predetermined, need is planned to carry out Shanghai Longfeng optimization work. read more

How to search for the self analysis 360

But now the 360 Seek cooperation with the alliance of


therefore, no matter from which point of view, 360 want to get in the market at present more than 2 percent share of the performance, so it must seize the weak point of the search industry for self perfection and development. Love Shanghai has many deficiencies, but instead of facing the competition will also highlight its 360 weak, therefore, the need to do some strategies and progress in some other places.

only 360 of the power is at most a minor on the existing basis, impossible love from Shanghai who wipe more share, only through the alliance form, set 100 long before it is possible to completely change the user’s habits. After all, in the existing search system, whether aliyun, immediately, even so Youdao search, do not blindly think alone, with a good idea can make a career, you know the search face is more ordinary users, rather than refined users, allows most people recognize you is the key. From the point of the whole industry point of view, we need to give the user, give yourself a new definition of the search engine, search your mind completely subvert the old thought form. Otherwise we just love in Shanghai and scrappy knowledge framework. In fact, if the establishment of the alliance, and several other products Sogou cooperation, these products behind the portal station, two products and other resources can continue to impact on the formation of love Shanghai, of course, a short time will not have too big change, but if long-term force, even will be slowly eroded, until well-matched in strength to love Shanghai the market, as the domestic search engine market will be more hardships. " read more

Publicity settlement commission from January 28th to February 3rd has been paid offRed herring big s

remittance failed,

, 2432cn, Wujiang hint: credit card number is abnormal

, just last weekend, we received a lot of emails from start-up companies, excited about the feeling of getting 2012 Red Herring Awards Asia. Yes, won the red herring award in the past Red Herring Awards it is a happy thing, but recently I received some very bad news, some companies even said that this is a scam! Then let me share a friend’s personal experience.

wants to join the Admin5 League channel, please contact read more

How to use the first half of viral marketing up to PR4

Later on I

, whether the site traffic and popularity will come from, why so hard every day of the update Duoxinxin webmaster, wrote dozens, hundreds of articles are not up to this effect, a small blog did? Then I studied, finally understand the reason: many smart sellers Taobao, a variety of network products in the sales package will be sold free video on this blog to provide, but the use of many different names, such as "XXXX" and "XXXXXX" secret cheats I bought was called "XXXXX" and so on marketing methods. Some prices even sold 40 yuan, single store sales of thousands of pieces. You see, how many people will see this video, how many people will come to his website read more

Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform club VP new home on the line the privileges have been fulfilled

sincerely welcome the high quality of the site and love Shanghai together, build a green ecological circle search.

The new home

VIP Club direct link: 贵族宝贝zhanzha>

VIP Club online features finally opened the first phase of the line, "privilege", for the VIP club members understand and participate in the activities under the line to get through the channel, also please help promote. VIP and two are invited to join the club, to the site as soon as possible to improve the contact, in case not received the invitation code, thank you. read more

Shanghai Dragon Technology in addition to what is left of you


what is the chain of

miss time started, is a complete stranger to Shanghai dragon, now remember when applying for some questions:

is a very low threshold of the industry, Shanghai dragon is often filled with self > dragons and fishes jumbled together.

The months of ?

do you know how much a domain name

Zac this year issued a compilation book "Shanghai Dragon Art", I can see, this book focuses on a more than Shanghai dragon operation and user experience. Zac is recognized as the originator of the domestic Shanghai dragon, he is on the domestic Shanghai dragon every word and action direction, he wrote a "Shanghai dragon enthusiasts in early 2008" should decide on what path to follow? Post, this paper gives several future development direction of Shanghai dragon, it now appears that all he said was. He said such a sentence: Shanghai dragon service is not good grasp, but Shanghai Longfeng itself is a bright future. In the Shanghai dragon, is higher than the others in the online business starting point. I appreciate it, the Shanghai dragon circles is very practical. Today, I want to share with you for a personal point of view, Shanghai dragon. read more

Shanghai dragon how to optimize the website ranking how quickly upgrade

, a website title keywords, reasonable layout.

Three, a large number of external links to

update is necessary to pay attention to the original or false original, there must be an end to collect and copy, not for the value of the article, the search engine is very easy to make a low rating website, after the lead content included slow down, grab the low quality, poor ranking. The updated content contains the site to optimize the best appropriate keywords title, content related degree is high, it helps to enhance the ranking. read more

The enterprise station how to save the love Shanghai promotion expenses

words accurately seize the customer psychology

good use of love Shanghai products benefited from

for a small and medium-sized enterprise website, want to see the effect in the shortest time, the most effective way is to love Shanghai, this is the preferred way of network marketing, many small and medium enterprises in Shanghai to promote work station indeed, love is the fastest, but for some small businesses is difficult to support the bidding the cost of such a burn promotion if there is no financial backing of strength is difficult to persist. The following A5 webmaster Shanghai dragon team of enterprise diagnosis and we stand to save the love Shanghai promotion expenses. read more

The breakdown of six misunderstandings in Webmaster Tools query


two, site


when I see someone in the friendship connection, the weight of 1, PR3, included 145, trans 11400 snapshot 7-30, this data is very sad, the weight value was used as index, and some tools are not accurate, several tools to produce several different results, sadly, can be said that the weight value is there, but the tools to check out is extremely ridiculous. The weight really exist but love Shanghai did not give the query interface, by simulation tools love Shanghai algorithm, found a reliable numerical, and we also trust like the pursuit, I have observed that he loves Shanghai weights, ranking from the keywords of your site, your site is estimated about nature the flow of more than 100 IP, his weight is 2, you can see the simulation flow of less than 100 of the weight value is 2? I am a very clever website (贵族宝贝js028贵族宝贝/) in the previous ranking is very good, to simulate the flow in the more than 180, the natural weight value shows 2, but now the simulation flow 71, the value of the weight dropped to 1, imagine if I put the keyword ranking assault, let the simulation flow of more than 100 the weight value should be changed to 2. That is the case, do not believe you can go to do an experiment. As shown below: read more

Shanghai Qiushi dragon station case from the search engine in the 100 million P

domain name:

imperceptibly has been in 2011, is the sixth year from 2005 to now contact Shanghai dragon. Shanghai dragon has become attached to, but also accumulated a lot of experience in Shanghai dragon. During the period of 2006-2008 also released a lot of cases, made a lot of friends, they also benefit.

million IP day is February 9, 2010, the twelfth lunar month twenty-six, is the Spring Festival peak. The following is a screenshot flow:

At the time of registration of the domain name read more

The new station is also why the website more search engine welcome

micro enterprises in the user group, how to love and how to be included in Shanghai Shanghai dragon is that many users are concerned about the optimization problem. We see a lot of users of the website will soon be included at the same time ranking on the first page or first, there are some users of the website is very slow. Today we tell about the influence that the optimization of the railway station.

first, website keywords. Micro enterprises suggest that you first on the site keywords scope, combined with the actual situation of the site to determine the selection of key words direction and scope, in the pre selected keywords, keyword index to choose smaller deployment, by small change big words in their oral language, that the site has such a transition period, it can be a very good website that enhance the stability. Keywords selection, do not frequently change, so there will be a very bad impression on the search engine, will be put on the web crawling spider – all data, make the site back to the sandbox, cause website ranking disappear, included stop phenomenon, also need to pay attention to the problem of keyword density, if the density is too high, it will lead site keywords stack, and the punishment of the search engine, even down the right site. read more

With their own optimization method of enterprise operation station station optimization

second, enterprise website program selection. Many enterprise website using a free open-source program, this can be considered PowerEasy CMS, CMS and so on according to their own dream webmaster on the programming language to understand and grasp the degree of choice of their own good website program, this program must pay attention to the selection can generate static pages of the website program, not only can improve the access speed, but also very easy to search engine grab and included. Some of the industry or have considerable strength of enterprises can find the relevant website construction, website construction, one can clearly designed according to their own needs and style of the industry, and its security is relatively open source with high safety and stability, the maintenance is also very convenient. This program is the basic knowledge we choose according to the actual enterprises suitable for their website program. read more

The optimization direction of 2014 enterprise website

so, in 2014 the enterprise website should be the direction of the flow, do first, after doing product. If it is a new web site, you can do a industry station, resolve user concerns, and popularize the knowledge of the industry, to get some traffic and rank, when you have a customer first, you have a certain flow, secondly, these groups, so the level of trust in us the site is relatively high, and if we at this time, add some products on the website, so this time the product conversion rate will be greatly improved, this time we can reach our sales goals, and we are on the shelf products, also can meet the 95% query data users, and this time can we meet the 5%, need to buy products to customers, so this time, we will be able to meet the 100% requirements of customers, so this time, our website does not arrange In the home, who can row on the home page read more

Think why in the chain is essential

, starting from the number.

here, Xiao Bian today from the Shanghai dragon point to tell you, why do you want to build the chain do? However, Xiaobian share is not what God theory, is only my personal view! If you also have their own views on this, to put forward the discussion.

right of the construction site, is helpful to improve the search engine on the web crawling efficiency index, from a certain extent, will also help website Oh! That is the premise of correct construction! Some editors in the construction of the chain, often ignore the relevant content, to give the chain this way, it is not good. After all, from the user’s point of view if he wants to get the information is certainly relevant, so webmaster in urging editors to send the article, must pay special attention to the construction of the chain of read more

Understand the website data analysis website development direction to guide

4. search terms

to operate a website only, must know how to analyze website statistics, because website statistics function not only convenient for you to see how many visitors to your site so simple, at the same time, statistical data can also I solve many questions. Below the author from the 7 aspects of cnzz using statistical tools to guide the website operation, a website as an example.


based on the search term view, we can view the user through which words came to the site, which can be based on this to dig on the long tail keywords. At the same time we can find user access to the website by some we do not think of the word, by the important factors of these words I can also study as user search habits. read more