First get to know the six problems should be a novice webmaster using Nofollow Tags

Nofollow tag to join and search engines crawl the site time Never mind

Nofollow tag can tell what the search engines crawl, what should not grab, then why not use the Nofollow tag to screen out some repetitive links, and then save the crawling time. Of course, this approach is not bad, what will cause a significant impact on the site, but the overall effect is very general, because the operation experience of my own, adding Nofollow tag can’t save a lot of time as we imagine, because love in Shanghai webmaster guidelines specifically, spider web the first link after crawling, repeated and not give weight, and do the record, say spiders remove duplicate links, this is a basic function, because now more stationmaster is grassroots, for Shanghai Longfeng knowledge is not much, if the owners want to get rid of the duplicate link to add Nofollow label what spider. So in order to save time and use the Nofollow tag to remove repeat >

many webmaster friends will simply think the web content by adding the Nofollow tag will save time, let the search engines to crawl other content, so the emergence of new Adsense in order to improve the so-called web site is included to set the Nofollow label on purpose. I won’t say it right, only reference love Shanghai webmaster guide a word, "for Nofollow do not give weight", this sentence you see the trick? Link weight that is love just to Shanghai under the Nofollow will still be included, so saving time said is groundless statement. If your site in a certain period of time the amount collected is much higher, it is other work such as the construction of the chain or supplementary contents do well, Never mind and Nofollow tags, actually search engine is not in favor of Nofollow content, because this part of the majority is of no value in the course of time, the spider will increase access to this part of the cycle, so it is caused to everyone not to be included.

? ?Many of my friends think that since the

Nofollow tag believe we are not unfamiliar, if the webmaster want to screen out some content in the website, he can use the Nofollow tag to tell search engines this place does not need to crawl, and then integrate the website weight. But this is a frequently used auxiliary labels, everyone will always be in doubt, once these questions can not be solved in time, is bound to the webmaster friends (especially novice webmaster) has a significant negative effect of the website optimization. So today in this and we talk about their thoughts on this, I hope everyone can help to establish a correct understanding.

use the Nofollow tag to remove duplicate links have no actual effect of


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