Shanghai Longfeng institute should do

contact Shanghai dragon has been a few years time, but the real Shanghai Dragon technology to do network marketing has just begun. At this time, also have the same feeling and other Shanghai dragon promotion personnel, that is tired, bitter, tedious.

I feel the hair of the chain is in the process of Shanghai dragon most tired and most tedious work, but the chain is going to increase every day. Of course, you might say, can go to write text. In fact, it could not be better, but for a novice or a literary bad person, how to write text? The most common way is to go to the forum and the top post. In fact, I see a lot of Shanghai Dragon Master in the hair of the chain when the chain. Visible outside the chain is a compulsory course in Shanghai dragon. So how in the hair of the chain to find some happiness? I usually choose to send the chain in 2 directions, one is the Shanghai dragon forum is a professional forum.

but again, what kind of work do not have to experience these? Take my previous work, I used to be a programmer, tired and bitter because you had heard that some people may think that the programmer is not complicated, in fact not, write to many customers to things you need over and over again of course, familiar with the work flow, you will find a lot of things are not so complicated, but early who will tell you? Complicated things for everyone to go through, so that we can get the truth, but how doing complicated things do not feel tired? This is what I give you today talk topic: how do Shanghai Longfeng Kuzhongzuoyue!

Shanghai Phoenix Forum: Shanghai Longfeng forum, are generally the chain through the signature. Shanghai Longfeng Forum gathered 3 people, one is the simple hair of the chain, is a simple learning, another is the learning side chain of people. I hope you use the last one way. Because I found that the only people who will not be in their interest in learning things feel tired. But if you say that you are not interested in the Shanghai dragon, the hair of the chain is pure work, so I hope a I suggest you use the following. I’m going to talk about my in Shanghai Longfeng forum outside the chain approach. When I was in the top posts, I will go to see this theme for me is not useful, if some stereotyped posts, I will not go to the top of the original post, because this probability is very small, the probability of love Shanghai included is relatively small. In addition, I love to ask some of the forum, I think through my learning, not only to solve their own problems encountered in Shanghai dragon, and can help to others, while others put your answer as the best answer, you will feel a sense of achievement. Shanghai Longfeng tired, but really very happy.

related professional forum: concentrate on an industry station, will let you know of an industry. As you believe, I believed anyway. For example, I do is recruitment websites, so I will know a lot about the details of the recruitment problems, in the course of time, you will feel has become a personnel manager. Why.

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