The five principles of the Links exchange station

Links analysis

1, enterprise site: enterprise site is generally based on marketing enterprise products, is a small site, so the number of control Links should be how much. The proposed control within 20-25.

3, Links exchange, then what is the most appropriate time to exchange it, it was suggested that the weekend time link. Because of the weekend, the person’s idea is from. The occupation of Shanghai dragon is generally are online, this time is good you exchange the link quality, or is fair, this time the link is also consistent with the search principle, because love Shanghai, updated once a week, this time has been updated, so that the weekend connection in 4 weeks so your links should be effective, after the love Shanghai algorithm adjustment, Links effective rate also increased. About 2 to 4 weeks. Google, too.


Spring Festival, everyone seems to be in the busy New Year, eat the dinner on New Year’s Eve pay New Year’s call activities, and so on, then Tianjin Shanghai dragon to thank you for the support of Tianjin Shanghai dragon, revealed to you today, telling Shanghai dragon Links practice and grasp the direction of the five principles to be.

1, if your site is the site not to the 3 months of new sites, it is recommended that you do not exchange within 3 months Links, is a very new experience for the search engine, that is to say the website after release, the search engine will accordingly recommend your site the position, if your site is in line with the requirements of the web search engine, then the search engine will put your site began to show a relatively good position, such as: love Shanghai will show 76 new sites mentioned on page, if your website design meets the search habits, it will also appear on page 10 within.

2, portal site: the portal site, are generally relatively large sites, but also can be said to be the comprehensive nature of the site, from site characteristics, according to the principle of distribution of cake, general recommendations according to the control link to the home page layout. According to the 28 law, if a number of links to your site is 500, then the number of Links control should be in 100.

2, if your site is the experience of the website is done 3 months after the website. It is recommended that links to your site to increase the speed of friendship on a monthly basis, also is the number of each month increased to 4 is appropriate, it is every week in exchange for a is enough.

The number of Category three, properties of

1, non correlation >

3 blog sites: Blog websites, are generally positioned in a professional one aspect, can also be in accordance with the 28 law in a number of control Links.

, a Links exchange time what the most appropriate time

two, Links exchange

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