The data analysis of website ranking analysis

website data analysis is through observation, investigation, experiment and measurement results, the data line to show all aspects of the site situation reflected, to better understand the operation situation of Shanghai dragon Er website, the website optimization strategies to facilitate adjustment. According to the Shanghai based Phoenix website data analysis, including: website, release the chain included, website ranking, website traffic analysis and other aspects. Here on this point:


of course, the website ranking reflected to some extent in the website keywords positioning or mining quantitative index ranking, website ranking is the keyword ranking number, level, conversion efficiency etc..

data analysis

long tail keywords generally have specific competition degree is small, easy to participate in the rankings by the webmaster favorite, when often can actually bring traffic is not much, so back to the front Many a little make a mickle., "can optimize the word", so to a certain extent the nature of the industry Web site (a) to limit the weight of ascension.

website, Shanghai dragon industry limited scale Er can optimize the word, simply say: the type of portal website of Shanghai dragon Er relative is not "target", as long as the keywords ranking (in theory), the specific industry instead of the typical enterprise website, the station can only be back and forth a few words of "playing", some degree of happiness Shanghai dragon Er visible site.

small website but will choose "## Shanghai dragon ##" long tail keywords, market segments can bring flow.

(1) < > basic rules of keyword transformation

in front of both analysis due to enhance the actual flow site issues, Shanghai is also the most fundamental purpose: Dragon Er bring to the site traffic even is the actual transaction value or value. Here we have some basic concepts:

1. rank


The number of

high ranking keywords can improve website weight and flow, to a certain extent keywords bring traffic and competition degree, rank, ideal state: achieve the objective of the website ranking in the keywords competition degree on. Of course, the small and medium-sized site because of the nature, the scale of enterprises can only choose limited and certain degree of competition (more reasonable applicable) keywords to optimize, such as large Shanghai dragon website (here is not put forward, "Shanghai dragon), Shanghai dragon optimization" competition is relatively high,

Analysis of

2. ranking

ranking website

small sites because of structural constraints (no two level domain like), only limited column optimization keywords, so the number of target words will be "strong and weak". The number can be reflected in: the optimization of the word, in ranking words, bring the flow of words.

into Keywords Keywords

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