Six new web page included in the page not included

A new website, One of the reasons the page content within the

two pages, the causes of quality problems.

Many of the new

website appeared only included and not included in the page, even some website has been collected for several months, but the inside pages are not always be included. Why did this happen? In fact, the new site this phenomenon is not surprising, it is possible that some search engine a new adjustment included in the algorithm, and search engine for the assessment of new sites, or sites that do have caused some problems. Here, the author for your specific list of these possible causes.

value is not high in the page are not included. The value in the page search engine will be included, even if not timely release, but sooner or later will be released. But there is not much value ", even if the search engine included, will also give up included after the analysis of web content. Because these pages are not for visitors, no one reason for browsing these pages, so these pages, search engines are not included, the purpose is to provide search engine users valuable needs useful information, so no value "included what benefits? So the new station, not to collect articles or by pseudo original tools, to write, to do original content. I remind you: relevance, creation of original content should pay attention to the content of quality assurance, can be read, this article will be included.

three, website structure problem.

if the website design problem, such as taking many of the search engine friendly JavaScript, flash, iframe etc. to design a website, or advertising popups, may cause the search engine is not included. To know the spider is no way to read JavaScript, flash, iframe in the content of the website, not excessive pursuit of appearance, while ignoring the usability of the website, some techniques can be used to replace DIV+CSS. In addition, the new site is changing frequently, not too stable, including the title, keywords, description, often these changes would lead.

causes in the trust assessment period.

they all know that most search engines have a assessment period of the new site, time of general assessment period in about 1-6 months, there is even the website home page is not included, after a certain time to your home, but for the inside pages included is more cautious, takes over the assessment period included will start. Therefore, if the new site value included the home page and not included in the page, it is likely that the site is in the assessment period, the assessment period after the page will naturally release, and began to include. The reason for the establishment of new site assessment period, the author thought that the primary cause is the search engine to the station on content, the new site is cheating, and whether the formal filing and other aspects of an assessment, to prevent some of the rubbish site included, temporary site, ensure the normal and effective search engines..

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