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love Shanghai graphic launched from the beginning of last year, and now has a long time, after a few months, love Shanghai photo has been fully mature, from the initial development of individual sites to all sites, we found that as long as a web site configuration pictures or articles with pictures, in the search engine search results it will be shown. Even some personal site or small website, will also be on display, at least in a few of my site, show the graphic information, of course, there are some search results on the site is not in the form of graphic display, the site for the new station, for example, my bread net did not show, because this is a new site has been indexed by search engines.

picture can give an article with a lot of points, but also some of the rules of the configuration pictures, first ensure that you configure images and themes, followed by the size of the picture to the right, the sharpness of the image is better, these are the most basic, but also consider the space flow and capacity, while gradually increasing website images when space flow and capacity consumption will increase, there is a need to face the problem, once the website picture increases, site backup will also increase the difficulty, 07 years had a blog, and update the more than 700 articles, the whole back down before more than 10M, and the site is now the 300 article, the backup file has been 30M.


Brutus, overall, Shanghai is the development of graphic love >

is now writing, I have formed a habit, basically ninety percent articles with pictures, sometimes to a picture will spend a lot of thoughts, but I think it is very worthwhile, since operating according to this method, I found several web traffic has improved, website bounce rate is greatly reduced, thus, every user love with pictures and articles, there is no doubt that if a product can be directly displayed in the search results in the love of Shanghai, will undoubtedly increase the attraction of the user, and the graphic display of search results more abundant, occupy a greater position in the search results in.

simple personal observation, the current domestic search engine, only love Shanghai increased the graphic effect, while 360 Sogou search and no graphic display function, a product similar to the 360, when searching only in large shopping sites and video sites to see the information, the general site is not displayed the. But increase the graphic display function is the sooner or later matter, whether it is 360 or Sogou search, in the near future will launch this feature, for the love of Shanghai graphic, every webmaster should pay attention to it, is not only helpful for graphic display products and customers, but also help in the ordinary site, since Shanghai is love graphic display of results, I found that many bloggers are writing in the article with pictures, but also for the image modification and control are very good.

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