The structure and key content of the website and talk about the search engine optimization of

1, the contents of the original articles to attract users to

1, the core keyword

search engine optimization (Shanghai dragon) is a very deep knowledge, and will be affected by the new technology or influence engine of the new algorithm, in this way no seniority who is the most cattle, only continuous learning in order to better grasp the technology, at the same time the engine optimization is an art, let me feel that the Internet is not only the logic of the cold machine and her program in a way, the Internet is full of emotion and intelligence, we should always keep a curious and motivated attitude to learning. Today the author and talk about some of my feelings and experience




2, the best have their own point of view, of course, this view can not be too extreme, because you want to please hold both positive and negative views of the viewer, you can only be in the middle of the identity of the person to speak of these views and add a little bit of comments, I do love the Chinese line, then here you have the golden mean about

keyword has five kinds, which are the core keywords, keywords, long tail keywords, keyword error and uncommon keywords, the author respectively and discuss the five key is how, and how to choose their own keywords


as the name suggests, the core keyword is the most direct description of a website, such as a movie download site, it is the most direct description movie download, but the key is definitely difficult to make up, because of the excellent movies download web site is many, the key is their "occupation" before


is now two times or post editing phenomenon is very common, the author has discovered a phenomenon like this, it is a hot news every day, you can also find a lot in the search engine is the same, the content is the same, we can see that this article’s source is only one. So if you can’t row in the search engine first, the user is not to click, then you have no conversion rate, so for a long time, the light is reprinted articles website also will lose a lot of users. You want to attract users, the article must be original, each editor or the author has his own style of writing, the same content in different people’s will have different emotions over there, so the original


related keywordsHere is an example of

, for example, when you love Shanghai to answer questions, when you answer after answer will find there will be a problem and the problem related to, here is the key, in fact, that should be more explicit related content, such as web site map correlation label alt, pictures if >

two, how to choose the

! !

, who can attract users to the article is how


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