The promotion strategy of Shanghai station optimization love weight

as everyone knows, the website optimization process especially for the love of Shanghai search engine optimization, the author thinks that the station weight promotions love Shanghai weight and ranking the most direct way is not to say that there is no need to dynamic external promotion but now we should always concern website optimization love Shanghai search engine, we can love Shanghai "quality the white paper found love Shanghai has always stressed the quality content of the website and the browsing experience is helpful to improve the site in the sea of friendship and love. Below the author station optimization optimization some of his own experiences and look for a detailed analysis, we continued to enter today’s theme of short gossip. The promotion strategy of Shanghai station optimization love weight.

second, the visit speed of website search engine is to win the bonus chips. We know that the first time the user can affect open speed access site for the weights of the website is the main factor affecting, in addition to the server, site access speed factors as well as the domain name resolution time, page size, resolution time we contact space providers to do server analysis of DNS, the page size is mainly manifested in the "in design when is there a lot of redundant code, and download time and complex, the size of the page itself. For example, the page image more, this is very big video download speed for the occupation, we must pay attention to the details of the station optimization, to be optimized, such as strengthening the server access speed, reduce the redundant code layout can be used with CSS layout div this way, and the best code > style file

first, through the website details found website health index. We illustrate the health status of people, a normal person is very good, the mental state is also very good, but if the situation is serious, cold invasion and so on adverse factors would exist in the spirit of low-spirited without any conditions. As the site is a truth, details there are common sites, such as sites, chain safety, server stability? These are indicators reflect the health status of the website, the website links to death for example, spiders in the grab site suddenly to the wrong link is not like a wide high-speed road encountered landslides, in this case the traffic jam is inevitable the website is a truth as spider crawling its encounter dead link state will be affected. We look at the safety, the main performance for the website was hacked, stolen by hackers or domain name, release a lot of junk information. This case in order to restore the cycle is very long, love Shanghai for this case the website often direct K station included reduced to zero, the author suggests that in this case the first time to deal with the Trojan virus, replacing the website template, or recommend changing the domain name, because no safety net station love Shanghai is zero tolerance, server stability it is very easy to understand, that space is a problem, as long as the general contact space business visit the web site can be, as long as the time is not more than 2 days, it is relatively easy to restore ranking.

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