How to make the website ranking stable

One of the important factors of

two, the website structure

How to get a stable ranking website

Site Title Importance to Shanghai dragon is self-evident, because of his great, a lot of people tried to set up a website keyword, make the site a better ranking, more traffic for Shanghai dragon. But according to my observation that many people love to stack keywords in the title, especially some enterprises, regardless of keywords is not able to bring the directional flow of words, it is the industry related words, words, words to a high index in the title heap, heap is not the title, key words, description tag or label don’t let go. I don’t understand is to rely on keyword ranking stack up? Some people would say, that their ranking is also very good ah! Yes, that is they have not encountered stronger competitors, they are junk’s defective, want to find a better search engine, but can not find, so do. If there are more competitors, you can’t change it, it would be easy to be pass off.

? Do Shanghai Longfeng people want to make their sites to get stable rankings, but really there are many? Many people have spent several months making it home page keywords, can be one or two months or even half a month a week ranking disappeared. Why is this? Some people want to know the answer, but never to think about the problem. Always think I do the home page, no ranking is only temporary, as long as I insist that every update and send the chain, over time have ranking. In fact, no, you do not work on the site, put their hopes in the independent factors, is tantamount to death. So how to make the website to obtain stable rankings today? According to the author’s own experience on website to get a stable ranking, do not like do not spray!

, a website title

website structure is website ranking, but many sites do not pay too much attention to this point. What good website? Can let users spend the least time to find what he wants is a good website structure. Careful observation you will find, especially enterprise station, when you open the website on the first screen, basically can not find something useful, if you want to find something to the second screen, third screen to screen two or three, even more bad can you find. The first screen is the most important for the website, a new user to a new website, see article second, > Real

then the correct title of the website is how to set? For, here only a brief account, if you are a novice can website optimization Shanghai dragon three labels before I write a look written specification of this article. The first site title must contain target keywords and target keywords should be controlled in less than five. The website title is set to meet the needs of users, can not cry up wine and sell vinegar, that is what the title of your website is set, it is necessary to find the corresponding content on your web site. The website title words best control in less than 32 words, highly summarized the content of the website, is to let people see the title will understand your website is about what content.

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