How to write an article with the user experience good articles

The content of

optimize the content and writing method of the text:


1, the contents of the body must be around the site title narrative, now many of the headlines is a meaning, the content is also a meaning, how such articles can be love? This article will cause the website jump out rate is too high, the bounce rate is too high it will affect the normal development of the website. Love can not love Shanghai a lack of respect for the users of the site, do not believe you try.

4, website content must keep.

website optimization may seem easy but in practice there are many need to pay attention to the details, today I bring you is one of my strengths in website optimization: write optimization. Multi time operation of the site for two years, I still do not know how to build a station group of black chain is how to use, but three sites in my hands have good rankings and flow, because the site optimization articles I will write formal, I talk about how to be able to write a regular web site optimization articles welcome Paizhuan.

2, the optimization of the contents of the article must have on the website publicity information, what is the site of the information, it is concerned with the site’s news, value promotion, development trend and so on, all these can be summarized as the website information, there should be awareness of writing to this we write in instead, in order to writing and writing, the fundamental purpose is to write articles and websites.

3, the optimization must be guided by the keywords, such as you do lose weight, weight within, so the article certainly has a relationship with this aspect, and guide the keywords you can use the domain name of the website, the website of the people do lose weight too much, and want to optimize their I think the domain name website, into the middle in this chapter is a good method, although an article the effect may not be good, but ten, one hundred, ten thousand

1, the title writing should be closely connected with the optimization of the key words, if you are a "motor" website, so you can write the title of the article is about the motor and motor, for example: analysis of what kind of quality and price models of motor, motor, these are with the motor.

2, headline writing should also comply with the site’s content, in accordance with the needs of users, a good article not only is the title to attract people, but also should include the title and content of complement each other, if you write the title is the motor and the price, and the content is on this kind of motor, this paper can not be optimized this article.

optimization title writing method of the text:

3, the title of the novel and attractive as possible, it is the most important title had better not included in the search engine and the same title, then not only can not attract people, there is such a title will affect your search engines may.

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