Only the formation of the brand can transcend the rely on search engines

loves Shanghai and now Shanghai before the fire, love not to dry up and 360, the results do not dry up. But it is the webmaster and dry up, exactly is the webmaster and love Shanghai dry up.

The 6.22 and 6.28

: so the malicious down, the relevant state agencies will certainly intervene. Malicious network event is not without precedent and convicted. To the end of love Shanghai or justified. Because he updated the main reason is to clean up the garbage, but also users a good network environment so wrong?. Some may be deleted. But can be interpreted as the technology is not mature, so who can bite him? As long as Chinese become an industry of No 1. are not so easy to get across. If you are willing to take the opportunity to get love Shanghai, so I’m sure.

as everyone knows has become the owners of the awful day, don’t know that next year there will be someone to pay homage to this day. Anyway, the black in June, but in July began to busy. This is not the webmaster busy, do the bidding business busy.

one: no matter how hurt businesses is no way to justice. After all, this is not love the sea. Perhaps too serious, love Shanghai will take some official compensation measures? If so, then no doubt love Shanghai is the final winner. Love Shanghai not only earned more money, but also a certain extent earned reputation.

webmaster riot or money ability weak now. If it is a brand, have their own loyal users and customers. So even less search engine traffic on itself is not.

third: I think a perfect. Love Shanghai and willing to compromise, the webmaster and Shanghai Longfeng personnel to build a communication platform to promote the sound development of the search engine. I think this is the most impossible, love Shanghai as Chinese search engine boss, for this thing and compromise? Before it could take account of this situation, the corresponding method may also.

from the beginning of 18, many owners and businesses forced exit bidding malicious click. But so far the 100 has not given an official statement? Perhaps love Shanghai will default this behavior, but to a certain extent, will stand out. After all, to establish the image of justice. Actually do the most benefit or love Shanghai, one day can be a lot of advertising revenue. Although I do not know the true purpose of planning activities, but so far has hurt many businesses, they are innocent. It reminds me of the event Taobao riots. Many well-known sellers on millions. But Taobao won the result?. Love Shanghai do so can be said to also follow Taobao’s strategy to go fine route, the real search for users to do things. Of course we do Shanghai and the head of the dragon is the number of people were hurt. I think this gossip said, my personal webmaster PK love talk about events in Shanghai.

The reason why

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