The basic knowledge and skills of the deployment of Web site keywords


users have different habits in the search for information, we can be divided into the core keywords and long tail keywords. For example, the "Li Wenzhong blog" core keywords, long tail keywords example "what" is Li Wenzhong blog website, so for example I believe that everyone has to understand.

site keywords set



(keywords) refers to the user in the search for some information of the words, the choice of keywords and site deployment is one of the important part of search engine optimization, we know that the weight of webmaster tools is to love Shanghai is expected to flow, and the love of Shanghai is expected to flow and according to the website keywords ranking. So the website keywords ranking and website weight is directly related to, some sites may be optimized for a long time without increasing weight, perhaps a great relationship with the website keyword selection.

website keyword density can be queried by the webmaster tools below, search engine optimization, we should try to control the website keyword density is between 2%-8%, the website keyword density is too low, the weight is not high, too high, and may be regarded as cheating. According to different circumstances, may the website keyword density is not the same, if not up to this standard do not deliberately to set some meaningless section increase keywords occurrence rate, must be as natural as possible words.

core keywords and long tail keywords

basically has the website program website keyword set this function, the website keyword set according to the site’s content planning to select the appropriate keywords, can also be said that the website content should be written on the website keywords, website keywords can view the web page source code, keywords tags, can also use Adsense tools to check. I like the Li Wenzhong blog, can go to the home page, right click to view the source code – keywords – find the labels corresponding key is site keywords, which is: Internet business keywords Li Wenzhong blog. Note: the website system backstage without keyword set function can be found on the front page of the site program, add code.

site keyword density


refers to the users to search the keywords of the heat, we can query through the love of Shanghai index (index.baidu贵族宝贝) to a keyword. Note: the site keywords not index ranking in Shanghai’s first love even if there is no weight, so in the keyword selection optimization should pay attention to. At the same time to select keywords corresponding index according to their actual situation, some new friends to optimize the word index is very high, relatively speaking, the higher the index of greater competition, more difficult, choose their own web site optimization keywords index selection is simple.

site index

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