Quanzhou Shanghai dragon teach you brush the relevant search and love Shanghai love Shanghai drop do

URL then this would include two key words: "Quanzhou and Shanghai dragon" and "Quanzhou Shanghai dragon love Shanghai roar" the two web site copy, brush to the two. (the best is gray in the power of the network, so that people in different regions, so click) that fall in love with the sea these two words in this period of time, is very popular and search, these two words will be like Shanghai will naturally appear in love Shanghai input box and relevant search, is very simple? But this may take some non God, clever you believe you will do..

there is a window brush, go to another site to buy some pop ads,… . yuan a month, every day can play… At times, another method, induced by clicking. Is a catchy title, induced to >

once again enter the "Quanzhou Shanghai dragon love Shanghai roar" will be like

URl:贵族宝贝baidu贵族宝贝/s? Wd=%C8%AA%D6%DD & rsp=1& oq=%C8%AA%D6%DD; Shanghai Longfeng; Shanghai Longfeng%B0%D9%B6%C8%BA%F0& f=1& tn=baiduhome_pg& rsv_ers=xn0

the words "Quanzhou Shanghai dragon" as an example, in Shanghai: "Quanzhou Shanghai dragon" input enter will find love in Shanghai

We have to

on the network, we can often see such words: "love Shanghai brush search", "love Shanghai related search tool", in fact no software, we can still do the relevant search keywords will be above Shanghai to love. So how are we going to do keywords we need to go? Love Shanghai related search (also known as the love Shanghai brush drop-down box) is love Shanghai Shanghai Dragon (love Shanghai optimization) category, the relevant search is a pilot, the principle of the brush is when you search keywords, one word, for example "Quanzhou Shanghai dragon" in Shanghai will not only love the search box will appear related words, and there will be related search terms, at the bottom of the search results page love Shanghai such as Quanzhou Shanghai Shanghai Quanzhou Shanghai dragon dragon roar love love Shanghai roar blog and similar words, so you can not PPC can do promotion the purpose of.

let me briefly brush love Shanghai search.

URL:贵族宝贝baidu贵族宝贝/s? Wd=%C8%AA%D6%DD%B0%D9%B6%C8%BA%F0& rsp=0& oq=%C8%AA%D6%DD; Shanghai Longfeng; Shanghai Longfeng & f=1& tn=baiduhome_pg& rsv_ers=xn1

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