Several key points of construction on the site before the Shanghai Dragon



Select the

, the 3 parameter space

, the length of the domainThe

is now the virtual host may limit the number of IIS connections and CPU occupancy rate and traffic restrictions. In general, the blog and the enterprise network.

domain name as short as possible, convenient visitors memory, remember the NetEase before using netease. If not for 163, now do not have such a big change. Ask some of the largest domestic portal, where a domain name will be long? Such as Nantong weather domain www.a***贵族宝贝 a+ code. This domain name is the user memory.

5, the domain name is search engine punishment

1, IDC host

select the regular reputable IDC host, do not covet cheap, in the end, they give you the space off the host to run away, don’t say your money is gone, the most important thing is to use a lot of thoughts of the website data so lost, but not

The choice of the domain name:

needless to say, two or more stages of domain name, the first impression is not normal.


domain correlationThe


1, independent domain name

space The 4, try to choose the

website is not easy, choose from the choice of the domain name to the space, and then to the use of the program, will be related to our Shanghai dragon, below, I want to talk about, from the beginning to the end, we need to do what. The front also mentioned the medical network marketing: a scheme of hospital website construction, here again to elaborate Shanghai dragon, several points on the construction site.

site see the domain name record, the reverse link link and domain command to view the domain name. If the site is not recorded, and reverse link records or enter the URL records, while site has no record, it would have to be careful. Domain name of the long history, generally better.

domain name, if a keyword, it would be more wonderful, the search engine is more love this station.


贵族宝贝 domain,.Cn domain name.Net is not to say that the weight will be worse than贵族宝贝, but the贵族宝贝 domain has been deep, relatively easy to be accepted by the public.

this is a very important point. Simply, if you are telecommunications, but the virtual host you choose the net, when you use what it would be like. Can contact customer service, to provide the test space, look at the connection speed. Stability and long-term development of the site after, this is essential. And the site optimization process in the future, is also an important factor to consider. This will return to the space in front of that choice.

?The speed and stability of

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