Single page optimization of Shanghai dragon ranking techniques

[single page ranking] how to operate

2 home recommended: add a single page ranking optimization "link to your single page optimization in Links at home.

3, according to the new single page of the company’s development needs or hotspot timely construction to optimize the ranking, don’t bother to modify your title page, modify the bad and risk.

[page ranked up] how to maintain

[ 4, the transformation of high

Why do the single page ranking [

3, the chain: do something related to the chain, the link is not the home link but do single page:



. Single page is a key to expand the introduction, certainly better than home aggregated content to user help, you can play a good experience similar pages for landing page, believe that the conversion rate is very high.

2, for larger sites, such as shopping mall, forum, 80% of the flow from the inside pages of the rankings (i.e. the optimization of the long tail keywords).

] what are the benefits of a single page ranking

What is the

general can not competition by using the 3 methods do the home page, but if you do the above method or not to love Shanghai (home page, or do the long tail keywords competition is relatively large) how to do? Look at the following

single page supplement supplement, first add the contents of a single page to do his links to single page before add something to be improved, to go back to do within.

Most of the In fact,

Enterprise Station rankings are use the home page, but the page title limited number of words, is also a limited number of keywords. You can do a single page ranking? Of course, I also very tangled single page ranking do, but feel at a loss what to do after the test of practice, found some good tips, today Zhengzhou Xiao Han is to share with you, this paper will elaborate the following points:

has been mentioned above, the single page ranking to supplement the home page optimization, can be launched from the main page of keywords, long tail keywords mining is more targeted to attract users, can be said to be small and beautiful. There is a single page conversion rate is high, has been mentioned above.

1, the chain: good things are from the inside to the outside of the recommended, first is also recommended in the chain is the site of the internal optimization, such as the "single page ranking optimization of the long tail keywords, your website is all about single page optimization" anchor text "single page ranking optimization" link to you want to optimize the single page.

1, a web page title XiMoRuJin, words have limits, there are limits to the optimization of the key words.

4, lore moves: do cross links, this is the best effect, but also the most difficult to do.

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