Talk about enterprise web site outside the chain method to increase your

A., the increase of the chain there are many ways, basic summary: soft release, is to write the soft issue in each relatively high weight site such as: Chinese enterprise website library submit corporate website, with this web site. For enterprise site keywords ranking is also has the very important significance.


please indicate: China enterprise website database source: 贵族宝贝soso.legougou贵族宝贝

B. blog post release and message, is to establish a blog post on the blog, or leave a message on the other more well-known blog on the web link, but the message must have substance that can easily be considered spam links.

your business

as long as you work hard, we can see the effect of

2. or through the soft link chain increased

1. for the establishment of Links

C. forum website promotion method. Registered dozens of hundreds of BBS, every BBS registered dozens of accounts, the signature set for your web site. Popular content published, his top their posts. Change Ma3 jia3, release the title of the controversial content. Good title is the 100% forum to promote the success or failure of. The forum is a universal forum, including the message of this forum, Post Bar, etc. all the possible places where Internet users.

Links is a good way to increase the import link. On your website, a link to each other, on the other side of the site, you hang a link, even Links. In exchange Links when we should pay attention to: try to establish a link with PR high site, PR high to some extent is high weight, and the weight of the high site exchange can drive the weight of this website; and try not to be K website links, this will reduce the trust of the search engine on the web site collected; regularly check the exchange links, if the right to be reduced or not included in the website found, should be deleted Links immediately.


content is king, the chain for the emperor’s argument, has been widely circulated, what does this mean. The chain for the website of the importance of no doubt, enterprise website is not the same, the chain ranking for enterprise site keywords but also has the very important significance. So, the construction of enterprise website how to do the chain

good, for search engines, can improve the weights for viewing links do good things will attract a lot of popularity

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