How clever the wedding photography site in Shanghai Longfeng based

then, is to give full attention to the role of the chain. The chain extension for wedding website promotion, local forums to promote the soft effect, add pictures, put on a regular basis to the forum, will attract a large number of users to watch, air > Forum

again, wedding photography website should pay attention to the refinement of the optimization process of Shanghai dragon. Because the wedding website has many pictures, this is business requirements of beauty, is the user experience a visual impact. But the truth is not love the search engine website with hundreds of pictures and sharp images, therefore, the webmaster in website content update when the image processing should be very cautious. The picture is the priority among priorities of wedding photography website, many wedding photography website, adding a lot of pictures, if the site space, speed and smooth, will give the user a good test, but in fact it would cost the cost of money, therefore, the webmaster can add text, add less pictures not only to access quickly, and give the user a different feeling, the more simple and more able to get a good user experience. The webmaster in Apple visual wedding photography website ( while adding a lot of pictures, the basic processing technologies have done, narrow space, give users a smooth access to space.

first, wedding photography website that audience positioning. Why do the webmaster position, because the wedding website there are many regional restrictions, are aimed at some fixed audience, the general nature of the service if it has a certain influence on the local area or do the first, market share is amazing. So when we choose keywords, usually take the form of regional + wedding photography company to grab customers, but even in the wedding plus area, degree of competition in this industry is very high, therefore, the webmaster in confirmation of promotion Keywords must be aimed at customers, small series in the Sanya wedding photography website is the place to do, this will be more targeted.

second, in the first place we have said even if the choice of regional + wedding photography, wedding photography company, wedding photography studio, especially high fever or competitive keywords. Therefore, we can dispel the heat and avoid the harm, and then choose the local wedding photography shop famous scenery, hotel, landmark name, this is also a good way. In a word, the word in the wedding photography competition intense situation, choose the long tail keywords is the best way.

with the electronic commerce and the Internet is hot, network market appeared more market share and seize, wedding photography is the inheritance of group purchase again after a very hot industry. The rise of many wedding photography website, let a website also appear for the promotion, to carve up the market trend. More small and medium sized wedding website is paid more attention to the effect of network promotion, and network promotion in the promotion of their wedding in the station also summed up some experience, and the webmaster to share the following.

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