Based on the site visitors to truly serve the visitors

The probability of

3, we want visitors to buy our product or service.

stands in the visitor’s point of view, our visitors on our site to buy products when there will be what concerns, if our site visitors can solve these concerns it, so visitors can have a big chance to transfer to our customers. As a consumer, when we in the online consumption of a product or service, our mind will first consider the problem is: why do you want to buy in this website? Here to buy what good.

if we want visitors to our site after leaving the real contact do? Visitors will take the initiative on our site left contact reason from two aspects, one is the visitor to our product or service has a strong demand, and self initiative to leave contact information we hope to contact him. This part of the user is most easily converted to our customers. Another is the visitors to our products or services are only interested in it, we need a method to let visitors more initiative to leave contact information, for example we can provide a product free tutorials allow users to download free download, of course before the first visitors leave their contact information, many visitors will hold try attitude to leave contact information, and do not spend money anyway.

wants to let visitors buy it, the most basic method is based on the visitors to think about the problem, to help our visitors they encountered in our power problems. Otherwise it will not spend time on your site. So how to make our site real service

2, we hope that visitors can spread our website.

1, we hope that visitors leave their active contact.

for a site, no matter what type, only to help visitors to the site in order to truly realize the development, popular to say that the living need your site has value to visitors, as can help to visitors, the visitors will give you the bill. But in today’s Web ecosystem, the author found that there are still many sites do not meet this point, the site operation is purely for profit, no value to the users of the site, visitors are not stupid, what makes you buy your account.

so that visitors can take the initiative to spread our site is very small, unless we content on the site is of high value. These are our grassroots webmaster provide a large number of high value content is difficult, we want users to spread our site, so our site will be appropriate to our visitor a good health, so that he is willing to share the spread of your site. For example, our website is selling a product, if the user through the sharing of our website can get a coupon or some points, and coupons or integral can take our shop cash directly, this is equivalent to give users a reason to share.

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