About love Shanghai search results analysis and some conjecture thumbnail


search results means what thumbnails? Means to attract users to click on this issue not only for the title and description of the web page is written. The picture for the user’s visual stimulation is more strong point, a good-looking, relatively strong correlation "thumbnail" can attract more users to click. At this time we may wonder if the thumbnail is the webmaster can control itself is good, let the search results show which picture shows which picture, this is clearly impossible, but we can go to observe, to study the search engine might grab what the picture as the page thumbnails, really is a random crawl or "scratch"

1, ALT label text is not less and the correlation with the content of the page is relatively strong, the search engine provides search results is to provide more natural correlation "thumbnail".

on the search engines crawl the page picture of some conjecture and analysis

search results "thumbnail" meaning

3, grab your weight and thumbnails and picture location never mind.

the first thing I noticed in the search results thumbnail size is 121px*75px. This picture data can explain what we think about it, the search result is provided to the user to "see", so that a search engine will try to avoid the search results appear the image deformation situation. If the image search results are then presented to the deformation of the search results the user experience as can be imagined. That is to say the search engines crawl your web page for pictures, picture and pixel size I want to have certain requirements. Think of what the picture here I want you to search engine will crawl web pages may have a vague idea. I say that my personal observations and conjectures.

4, the picture >

2, the size of the picture and the proportion of 121px*75px is similar to that of "into the thumbnail" not serious deformation. General site within the banner map would presumably grab the.

at the end of 13, Shanghai love search results for all sites began to appear "thumbnail" form. This is a trend, the future of the search results will be more colorful, vivid and comprehensive. A graphic display of the search results "algorithm" is still in the adjustment, so now some search results are displayed "text", and some search results have been "thumbnail". This is to show a new form of search results, the search results of the thumbnails, I think than description for attract users to click on more significance, pictures for the user visual stimulation effect is more intense. But the search engine how to grab the "thumbnail", which will crawl web pictures are still in confusion, which is yet to be found and everyone study. Below I talk about some of my personal opinions and conjecture.

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