Case analysis of URL optimization techniques of the site as a whole


is the last page. Each content page has only one specific URL, unless you have to link, otherwise there won’t be a content page there are two or more than two URL. For the content page, I love pure static, because when the content page is not the spider crawling most frequently, many of the spider crawling a content page to stay when it is column page 1/10 of the time, so let the spider crawling a content page on the line, many times will result in repeated collection, detrimental to the overall site optimization. There is a content page is best generated page, rather than by calling the data.

the first page. Most of the webmaster love the page static, in fact this is a not so good phenomenon. Because if you have space buffer, just send the article will not show up immediately, you will not add an article in each generation one. And a static web site there must be a dynamic web site and a default web site, when both are in a dynamic form, which is why so many webmaster said his home has several snapshots, here’s why. Now the search engine technology is more and more saturated, understanding the character relative also started only know the letters and numbers are much more, such as the English condition? And & connection number can be normal to the recognition.

so, no need to pursue the static, dynamic effect for home page is a little better than static. I recommend ZhengZhan URL description method is dynamic page column page pseudo static page static. Because the spider is from home began to expand around the crawling down. The use of dynamic can let the spider to grab the most timely new content, rather than to the column page can be indexed to crawl.


for the website of URL, many webmaster feel pure static good, easy to search engine included, in fact. As long as the search engine does not know the special symbol does not exist in the web site, can be search engine included. Of course, for the website included, there are many factors that influence, but for users, URL short for memory. So today I will use their own actual cases to analyze how URL should do website optimization:

the second column page, I recommend using the pseudo static column page, for home page, column page is a good supplement to the URL column and it is best not to take too many special characters, if you want to take, is also the largest search engine to normal recognition, such as English and condition? That is, = – all the webmaster all know, if similar to < > such symbols, the search engine does not recognize, should take it as a blank, so even if included, because the site is wrong, resulting in "not normal, this quickly collected and deleted.

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