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website to win at the starting line column this is third days to update the kitten, win at the starting line of course that is the site construction or something when you need to pay attention to the planning stage. Webmaster buddy will generally ignore some small details, but because these small details can lead to the website weight buddy does not improve, there is no natural flow. Then the cat today to give you to talk about these small details, I hope to help you, the cat daily vernacular, go up


nofollow tag is used to link on the page to prevent weight transfer, especially for link filtering has a profound effect. No ranking page can use nofollow to screen out, such as the Lu Songsong blog comment below on the use of the label, do not look at the comment on the site can be opened, but there is no weight transfer, this is just.

!Optimization of

navigation construction

at the bottom of the page navigation time is generally in order to increase the user experience to the site and add buddy, of course, can also be used to layout page keyword density. Make good use of information, at the bottom of the page, you can be a good introduction to the home page weight value. The bottom navigation kitten buddy advice to learn about the classification of information website, there are times almost every page navigation links. The cat here to explain the method here not to teach you use keyword stuffing cheating, but to make the site a better user experience, hope buddies don’t misunderstand the meaning of the cat.

The use of nofollow

kitten first to say is the website TDK optimization, TDK said, is the site of the title, description and keywords. Keywords Title usually write their own industry and their company or product name on the line. Before the article optimization problem with the title of the cat said, buddies can go to turn, look. Key words can be said to be the core and soul of a website, buddy in the choice of keywords must be careful, don’t choose the words, generally choose the degree of competition is relatively small and high conversion words as the keyword of the website. Description of the website is Marxism Leninism and Mao Zedong thought, including the entire website to show the information, do not stack keywords too much to write, can clear statements and text novel is good.

is a web page in addition to the title label, the most important content is described by H1, the small H1 tag title role on a page to play. When Baidu spider to grab the page is the first H1 tag in the content, so the H1 tag in a page can appear only once, otherwise the H1 tag will lose the meaning of existence. The right to use the H1 tag, you can achieve a multiplier effect, buddies are not the heart of the


website TDK

H1 tag using

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