You want to take the Shanghai dragon more simple it will make you more tangled

Many of my colleagues around

in two years time, two years is no longer let their young students that year, is no longer a mad pursuit of the holder of the future, now in their pragmatic, full and happy, contented, speaking of his now occupation – site optimization is also accidentally found, but to do their own it can also, not only accumulated a certain amount of network resources, but also has several good profit website. May be a man of Arts relying on Internet make a living in the ordinary people it seems unbelievable, I thought. Many of my colleagues in the website optimization above has its own unique insights, I have to ask how to do website optimization, website ranking will be stable in a certain extent. Here today, I give everybody to tell the truth, about the Shanghai dragon is a Xiaoshuai ordinary people, neither special channel, no God help, thanks to their hard work in return, but to say their thinking is not impossible, I and you talk about yourself for a little Shanghai dragon view.

The essence of website

in good Shanghai Longfeng, webmaster should continue to tap new profit point

before I said today the market environment, only rely on the website optimization must not allow sites to obtain long-term profitability, unless you do is very high heat, but such words we grassroots webmaster how many people can do? So, this situation is to use measures >

Shanghai Longfeng not in rank, nor in the flow, brand construction is

The ranking based

of our industry is not optimistic, because although the number of sites into a growth spurt, but in the all Shanghai dragon era, more and more Adsense know website optimization knowledge, and these self-taught people will inevitably have some impact on our profitability, of course, more important point is now a lot of cases show that the ranking is not equal to the profit, before done a lot of cases, although the relevant keywords do the home page, but the stationmaster himself not profitable, on this issue, many peers also asked me, Xiaoshuai opinion is the future development of Web site optimization to minimize the rely on. Why? Because a good ranking does not mean that there is a good profit, the website wants to develop, as long as the ranking is not enough, we also need to rely on their own websites actually some marketing, such as soft Wen, such as beauty, another example of word-of-mouth marketing, we do the purpose of optimization is not ranked, but brand building, the reason why more and more owners rely on ranking and traffic to make, the ultimate reason is that we are unable to impress consumers with their own brands, but the use of this or that cleverness will lie to the tourists, and this traffic sense? Also know the website Xiaoshuai website, there is no ranking, the other is no, but I want to say is not only the website ranking, you can develop the brand? So Xiaoshuai is of the opinion that the shortest with focus on website optimization, Spend the most time in marketing.

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