Why do you need to improve the current website optimization Website constantly

enterprise website besides products may have to do is our daily updates, but customers generally most want to see is more about the function of products or news information, so I suggest her revision. The visitors into the enterprise website for the purpose of detailed information about the product, we also hope to see others in the product, because the essence of optimization is to obtain directional flow through the Internet bring to the site core of a large number of customers for the company, not to optimize their release a lot of unnecessary articles, so the focus should be on products and enterprise website the successful case, the author thinks that the enterprise in this article you will stand around your business services around the product to do, as long as the spirit of customer service for the purpose of going, is not updated every day I think there is not much need according to the actual. >

We know that the


is the A5 forum before one of his classmates website ranking can not enter the home, asked me if I drop right? He said has no ranking, you always are trying to optimize, now I do not know what to do, ask me to have the solution. When I got his website after careful analysis, have found a lot of problems, the problem of excessive site optimization is the first I hate the most, especially the web site keywords stack keywords layout is serious, do not good enough, look at the contents of a search engine are scanty in deception, I finally gave a few suggestions, first of all to remove all traces of excessive optimization, what stack keywords, station anchor text, wantonly release the garbage outside the chain and so on, give me the chicken ribs removed, really trust affect your website.

I found that the search engine algorithm upgrade 2015 website optimization user experience was dust, 2015 website optimization content is king seems to be a common recognition of the topic, indeed, the website optimization is becoming increasingly unpredictable, today I share with you, why do you need to improve the current website optimization website, constantly well, let’s continue into the theme of short gossip.

user experience must be based on user behavior analysis on the optimization of enterprise is to see after I stand you into my website is real I for premium content provided by the user, what title and keywords, add anchor text ah here were removed, which in my opinion is to optimize cheating. Is the search engine in the deception, we know that visitors come in to see is the real content, such as my website keywords is information storage medium to eliminate tools, users would want to see is the information storage medium to eliminate the role of tools, information storage medium elimination tool, rather than see the title of the article content but many keywords superposition but if you do not believe you can absolutely empty, love Shanghai search information storage media to eliminate tool, look at my website ranking, The website address and finally I will indicate the copyright information, we look at how I optimize the website, you can read after the actual operation, unlike many other Shanghai dragon Er just talk about a truth, but with no decent case.

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