Three step to enhance the optimization of dotting Shanghai Longfeng optimization effect

professional in Shanghai dragon eyes of ER, the web site of the Shanghai dragon optimization must not be used "random" two words, it is not only a idea of keywords set, adjust, on the column for the friends of the chain are deleted, foreign chain optimization behavior of the so-called mass, but a the rule should be optimized as a detailed engineering work seriously. The so-called random optimization and no tricks will be counterproductive, not received the expected results, to achieve the optimization effect is predetermined, need is planned to carry out Shanghai Longfeng optimization work.

two, the optimization measures is to ensure the strict implementation of and adherence to

Shanghai dragon on site optimization, the needs of various aspects of resources to support, it is successful to carry out basic optimization work. These resources include: the content of high quality material, high quality Links site, outside the chain of high quality resources, good internal link realization way.

, optimization of collection and preparation of resources is the foundation of


first, to ensure the high quality of original content filling for a website, improve the search engine for the content included and given the weight of the website, fill these contents to maintain frequency in every relatively fixed period of time, and avoid the interruption of the update, otherwise it will.

to do this on several main resources collection and preparation, in order to successfully carry out and implement the optimization of the follow-up work. To obtain high quality material can rely on their own or hire the studio to provide original content, it is the most popular search engine is the most popular material; high quality Links should focus on the collection and their related website theme, the best is the same field and have a higher weight, better collection of Web sites; the high quality the chain is focused on the collection of the weight is high, included fast forum platform, and can smooth release included link soft text or signature links to build the chain; internal links good way to achieve is to consider increasing the relevance between each other using what plug-ins to make the website content, and prepare the site map enhanced search engine friendliness tools.

website optimization competition is really at the end of the day, it can be attributed to two aspects: one is to optimize the competition can depend on how much resources and the quality of the competition, the two level is on the implementation of the optimization measures and continue to adhere to the competition effect. To achieve these two points, the webmaster need or professional optimization staff to raise awareness and attention to the optimization, the optimization of the site as an interlocking project to do, so as to ensure and enhance the realization of the optimization effect. Generally speaking, in order to make the site optimization plan to carry out and implement, we should follow the gradual optimization of "three steps":

has been carried out in Shanghai Longfeng plan optimization, various resources are ready to, will enter to implement link optimization. To strictly implement the plan is the key to ensure the effectiveness of the optimization.

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