How to search for the self analysis 360

But now the 360 Seek cooperation with the alliance of


therefore, no matter from which point of view, 360 want to get in the market at present more than 2 percent share of the performance, so it must seize the weak point of the search industry for self perfection and development. Love Shanghai has many deficiencies, but instead of facing the competition will also highlight its 360 weak, therefore, the need to do some strategies and progress in some other places.

only 360 of the power is at most a minor on the existing basis, impossible love from Shanghai who wipe more share, only through the alliance form, set 100 long before it is possible to completely change the user’s habits. After all, in the existing search system, whether aliyun, immediately, even so Youdao search, do not blindly think alone, with a good idea can make a career, you know the search face is more ordinary users, rather than refined users, allows most people recognize you is the key. From the point of the whole industry point of view, we need to give the user, give yourself a new definition of the search engine, search your mind completely subvert the old thought form. Otherwise we just love in Shanghai and scrappy knowledge framework. In fact, if the establishment of the alliance, and several other products Sogou cooperation, these products behind the portal station, two products and other resources can continue to impact on the formation of love Shanghai, of course, a short time will not have too big change, but if long-term force, even will be slowly eroded, until well-matched in strength to love Shanghai the market, as the domestic search engine market will be more hardships. "

search to do more unrealistic values, first user groups have been formed, except white users because of some small tricks 360 and choose it, some regular users or users will choose to fall in love with the mature sea to search, second, 360 in the search content with the love of Shanghai the gap is still very large, even love Shanghai bidding criticized by everyone, but the correlation of love Shanghai is much better than in 360, finally, in the circle, we still can do the lovely Shanghai station, is also the first love at sea ranking, although we are go with the user, but seize the webmaster group, ascension in their hearts the influence is a must.

360 now has almost to search for more than two years of time. During the war, the marketing battle and slobber upgrades are also differences in the 360 meet the eye everywhere, on the road of working hard, trying to steal some food from the rice bowl of Shanghai love. From the current point of view, the 360 search acceptance rate is OK, but the market share remained at 2 percent, than less. Of course, this is definitely not the 360 want results. Google alliance, upgrade algorithm, improve the function of the open platform, and so on, 360 want to do more clearly, the recent revision of the browser, the default version of the home page 360 direct search, apparently in the show is still not forget to search this fat.

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