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, just last weekend, we received a lot of emails from start-up companies, excited about the feeling of getting 2012 Red Herring Awards Asia. Yes, won the red herring award in the past Red Herring Awards it is a happy thing, but recently I received some very bad news, some companies even said that this is a scam! Then let me share a friend’s personal experience.

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, look at their commonly used killer tactics:

and Alex will give you a call, said a congratulations accepted cliches, including such a rigorous selection process, but obviously he doesn’t understand your company, it is the same for every company he said, I say this is because he called me three times, and I also know that many entrepreneurs have also experienced sales calls "

"originally, they email you said you were nominated, they CEO Alex wanted to open a conference call with you, they will make sure that you have not been to before their meeting so maybe you do not know this is a hoax."

Red Herring Award winners, you can come to see if you have gone through the process, do not believe it to see it:

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my friend’s company won the Asian Red Herring nomination in 2011 and 2012 after he won the Red Herring nomination in 2009 and 2010. Here’s his personal experience:

editor’s note: "red herring" is a famous American Internet investment and technology magazine. It holds a start-up company competition every year.

Finally, he said

the Commission for settlement from January 28th to February 3rd has been paid off,

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,


"winning" only "is required and respected jury meeting together, and this of course means that you have to bear their own travel expenses and conference tickets", before you put any questions, he will start telling the story of some of the nominees including an Idaho the man and a mysterious man, Kurdistan red herring expected to help him and his family to pay travel expenses."

, "red herring," called me and said, "after a rigorous selection process, we were nominated by the specially invited jury for red herring award.". But a former employee of the red herring told me that this company in addition to the individual staff, most sales, the main job is to lobby the startups in their meeting, CEO is the biggest sales."

red herring Awards Red Herring Awards of the "certificate of merit" company name has hidden

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as like as two peas!

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