How to use the first half of viral marketing up to PR4

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, whether the site traffic and popularity will come from, why so hard every day of the update Duoxinxin webmaster, wrote dozens, hundreds of articles are not up to this effect, a small blog did? Then I studied, finally understand the reason: many smart sellers Taobao, a variety of network products in the sales package will be sold free video on this blog to provide, but the use of many different names, such as "XXXX" and "XXXXXX" secret cheats I bought was called "XXXXX" and so on marketing methods. Some prices even sold 40 yuan, single store sales of thousands of pieces. You see, how many people will see this video, how many people will come to his website

in the second half of last year, I opened a new Taobao store, in order to improve Taobao’s reputation, I and a lot of people, selling virtual goods, including coins and e-books, software etc.. These data are collected online, some in Taobao very low price to buy, to tell the truth I haven’t seen. But there is a video course I looked, called the "XXXX" marketing method. In this course, including the 7 video, which has a blog. The video address, I found this blog. To my surprise, this blog had only a few dozen blog articles, columns are few, but PR=4. And a lot of QQ group. I think maybe the QQ group is false, but the PR=4 for a year to the blog is not easy, at least his flow and the chain considerable! (note, my first article is stationmaster net which has real ShanTie, information, I think there is a suspicion of advertising, so this time only hide)

Research on the ?

traffic sources secret

second, although this video content is not new, but for the novice is worth learning from the knowledge. So those who wanted to sell, dare to sell.

why are there so many people to take the initiative to promote his video for this blog advertising? I think the main reasons as follows.

is one of only a dozen blog, with less than half the time PR rose to 4, and built dozens of Q group, the popularity is flourishing, how did he do? – the answer is viral marketing

brings great interests of the chain extension effect

first, this video introduces Taobao shop cheats, so there is a huge potential demand in Taobao. To many people, people will naturally think about how to sell


third, the profit of this high rate of products. Virtual products almost no cost of sales, selling is net profit. And this product has just come out, a lot of people still do not know who has the strength to introduce mass businesses, the group of a lot of publicity. (I remember, I want to still recommend this video in < > textbook)

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