Shanghai Dragon Technology in addition to what is left of you


what is the chain of

miss time started, is a complete stranger to Shanghai dragon, now remember when applying for some questions:

is a very low threshold of the industry, Shanghai dragon is often filled with self > dragons and fishes jumbled together.

The months of ?

do you know how much a domain name

Zac this year issued a compilation book "Shanghai Dragon Art", I can see, this book focuses on a more than Shanghai dragon operation and user experience. Zac is recognized as the originator of the domestic Shanghai dragon, he is on the domestic Shanghai dragon every word and action direction, he wrote a "Shanghai dragon enthusiasts in early 2008" should decide on what path to follow? Post, this paper gives several future development direction of Shanghai dragon, it now appears that all he said was. He said such a sentence: Shanghai dragon service is not good grasp, but Shanghai Longfeng itself is a bright future. In the Shanghai dragon, is higher than the others in the online business starting point. I appreciate it, the Shanghai dragon circles is very practical. Today, I want to share with you for a personal point of view, Shanghai dragon.


Shanghai dragon is very simple, through a series of presentations, slightly understand the Internet people can say that he knows Shanghai dragon is going away, so that now the Shanghai dragon is very cheap, cheap to the Internet can pull to do Shanghai dragon. But Shanghai dragon is really so cheap? Shanghai dragon, you in addition to

I’m not a brain dead people, I love you to figure out problems, know Shanghai dragon why, A5, ChinaZ etc. the Shanghai Dragon Master gathered every day, love to do the most is the global forum, do not know what to start from the first, see about the chain of the East West link, then the chain, the chain chain, understand the influence of the rankings, the form of the chain of the rankings…. later on, director gave me a book, "Shanghai dragon master Zac actual combat password", complete, I began to study the basis of Shanghai dragon, although this Zac is for the Google search engine, but the Shanghai dragon is interlinked, I came home from work every day, see more, before the less doubt, more and more understanding of the nature of my work.

technology, what is left?

contact work, every day is in accordance with the supervisor for the hair of the chain, Links. Every day the work is so often confused to ask the supervisor, but thought when he said to me: you don’t need to understand why, why do more You’ll see.

I can only answer is that the search engine is love Shanghai! Ha ha, now think how lovely me, but I still passed the interview, he was very do not understand, do not understand what others want.

SupervisorWhat is the

search engine


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