Shanghai dragon how to optimize the website ranking how quickly upgrade

, a website title keywords, reasonable layout.

Three, a large number of external links to

update is necessary to pay attention to the original or false original, there must be an end to collect and copy, not for the value of the article, the search engine is very easy to make a low rating website, after the lead content included slow down, grab the low quality, poor ranking. The updated content contains the site to optimize the best appropriate keywords title, content related degree is high, it helps to enhance the ranking.

as the search engine for the threshold of the industry continues to improve, Shanghai dragon ranking optimization has been a part of many websites indispensable, not ranked all zero! According to nearly ten years of Shanghai Longfeng experience, summed up the following:

four, the website ranking optimization software.

The weight of for everyone

some friends worry optimization software will lead to the site by K, is absolutely impossible, if possible, it would not have to do a competitor or delete negative. There may be so magical? So do anything moderate is beneficial.

20-30 before a word is quite high, the deployment is correct, so easily into natural ranking 100 in. If you do not enter, you can give the chain under the love of spiders in Shanghai, when the normal included, easy access to 100 in.

click on the appropriate third parties, help ranking to improve is beyond doubt, but the market with many such software, which? I recommend using 100 search optimization software, address: www.baizhongsou贵族宝贝, free trial software, on-line more than four years, is the most stable in the industry, more than 100 edition when released, suggested that the use of pure manual optimization effect, help to improve website ranking. There is a spider chain can promote new sites to increase the exposure rate, fast included, enter 100, combined with the software of pseudo original function, keep updating; finally, ranking optimization rankings and flow.

update frequency, which can recommend regular quantitative, every Monday, a week or a few, every day, every day a few articles can be, this mainly depends on the content of the website, be sure to pseudo original.



some friends said that Links has been out of date, after Shanghai green love do not do this algorithm out; it is not, just say the garbage chain don’t do too much, just like the update, if copy don’t do too much, but the chain or should do, do link the high weight of the home related friendship or have a certain effect.

two, website content update.

ranking optimization to sum up, don’t worry, is a long process, the longer the optimization is more stable, more than four points to do, your site’s ranking is no reason not to enter the home page, the top three is no longer a dream.

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