The enterprise station how to save the love Shanghai promotion expenses

words accurately seize the customer psychology

good use of love Shanghai products benefited from

for a small and medium-sized enterprise website, want to see the effect in the shortest time, the most effective way is to love Shanghai, this is the preferred way of network marketing, many small and medium enterprises in Shanghai to promote work station indeed, love is the fastest, but for some small businesses is difficult to support the bidding the cost of such a burn promotion if there is no financial backing of strength is difficult to persist. The following A5 webmaster Shanghai dragon team of enterprise diagnosis and we stand to save the love Shanghai promotion expenses.

is set to

the promotion of regional area

A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis team encountered a customer advisory said: "every day the promotion cost is very high, a little bit of hot words, all bid high, but did not break up, do not know how it was" at first A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon.Admin5贵族宝贝/ Shanghai dragon zhenduan/) thought it was their competition in the industry caused by the more powerful, but later on he this industry to conduct a comprehensive investigation to understand the market after the occupation health industry, they do not compete and, arguably, would not be the case, then remembered, is not his promotion area set the country, if it is set to the competition will naturally, the price is high, after confirmation, confirmed his guess is correct, the customer because of love The bidding do not understand, there is no love for Shanghai background settings, is the direct use of.

can often see some enterprises in order to flow, there are more people to visit the site, the so-called IP, is to be able to do the bidding auction words, some words are very popular, one year may not search a person, but some companies will stop or spend money to do the bidding, sometimes really do not understand why? For each enterprise website, will have its own target user groups, users usually search what words come in, what kind of words can be transformed into our customers, believe that enterprises do station owners will have a certain understanding, love Shanghai promotion webmaster should fully understand the user’s psychology, grasp the key words with potential conversion rate, price appropriate adjustable high, if not the first, but also to do the first three. For those specious words can appear on the line on the right side, not necessarily to the left before three, to have a IP to a waste of money is not necessary, enterprises should be pursued by the precision of IP.

Shanghai to promote sex friends should find a lot of keyword bidding is really very high, if only pure burn a word row up, some of the fierce competition in the word, click once to ten yuan, for such a high burn promotion, many enterprises can not afford. At this time, as the website promotion personnel should have to deal with the method, not.

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