The breakdown of six misunderstandings in Webmaster Tools query



two, site


when I see someone in the friendship connection, the weight of 1, PR3, included 145, trans 11400 snapshot 7-30, this data is very sad, the weight value was used as index, and some tools are not accurate, several tools to produce several different results, sadly, can be said that the weight value is there, but the tools to check out is extremely ridiculous. The weight really exist but love Shanghai did not give the query interface, by simulation tools love Shanghai algorithm, found a reliable numerical, and we also trust like the pursuit, I have observed that he loves Shanghai weights, ranking from the keywords of your site, your site is estimated about nature the flow of more than 100 IP, his weight is 2, you can see the simulation flow of less than 100 of the weight value is 2? I am a very clever website (贵族宝贝js028贵族宝贝/) in the previous ranking is very good, to simulate the flow in the more than 180, the natural weight value shows 2, but now the simulation flow 71, the value of the weight dropped to 1, imagine if I put the keyword ranking assault, let the simulation flow of more than 100 the weight value should be changed to 2. That is the case, do not believe you can go to do an experiment. As shown below:

three, domain

traffic is expected to love Shanghai


some time ago we collected queries every day of ups and downs, rose a joy, fell a scolding, love is rubbish in Shanghai. I want to say is that the mentality of peace, love is not to say that the Shanghai index only love Shanghai statistics inside is more accurate, the other is nonsense, site is not accurate, and those tools are called site data love Shanghai, so will occur in the case of the day included change radically within. You must have a rudimentary understanding of your own website.

, a weight value


all the webmaster inquires the site data with the tools of love, because of convenience, is also possible that the data is good, meet my little vanity, but the tool gives credible data really? Weight value really like that? You have to observe, after a period of observation I found a lot of problems, the breakdown of several major errors:

query tool

domain query can only check the URL or web links, do not check to the anchor text, this is his YAHOO than a defect of the chain, a lot of Shanghai dragon love do anchor text, because the anchor text for keywords ranking ascension is very obvious, so we see the competitors web site can only be found when some foreign domain. The anchor text query tool to check out is a small part, but there is no good query tool.

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