Shanghai Qiushi dragon station case from the search engine in the 100 million P

domain name:

imperceptibly has been in 2011, is the sixth year from 2005 to now contact Shanghai dragon. Shanghai dragon has become attached to, but also accumulated a lot of experience in Shanghai dragon. During the period of 2006-2008 also released a lot of cases, made a lot of friends, they also benefit.


million IP day is February 9, 2010, the twelfth lunar month twenty-six, is the Spring Festival peak. The following is a screenshot flow:

At the time of registration of the domain name

08 years ago I mixed SEO forum more, remember in the stone made a post said 08 years to begin to study Wangzhuan knowledge. A weather station is one of the. A lot of people think I released a lot of cases, all success seems very cattle. In fact, not more successful, but not released.

But when

is accidental, because I just got a weather forecast program, the thief program. Not to 2M station source package. But is such a thief program is later brought me to the house, the car. I am from the traffic statistics in the intercept of a period of time high flow: May 12, 2009 to May 12, 2010, this year from the cumulative search engine traffic 95 million IP, average 300 thousand IP. The following figure:

  build the station should be said that the approach is not much, is the black chain blog group + few buy. The domain name is their direct registration, the registration time I felt strange, so a good domain name is not registered, is the weather forecast spelling. Estimate may be registered, the station was K, and then give up renewal.

built the station to station ready to fight a long time being, does not affect the use of K. The line on the website before the keyword layout, internal link adjustment to do some work (now open the site see 15 day weather forecast, weather information, weather and other international channels are added after 10 years in June, so all of you in my analysis of the station can take these factors over).

to the case announced today, I believe that many people already know this site. The search engine algorithm update is always faster than the speed of Shanghai Longfeng learners, so now to look at this case may be some of the methods have failed, think of it as a story to read.

Registration time: February 4, 2008

on the line in a few weight good site do link, the noble baby is included. But Shanghai has not received the love, this is also proved my conjecture, site >

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