The new station is also why the website more search engine welcome

micro enterprises in the user group, how to love and how to be included in Shanghai Shanghai dragon is that many users are concerned about the optimization problem. We see a lot of users of the website will soon be included at the same time ranking on the first page or first, there are some users of the website is very slow. Today we tell about the influence that the optimization of the railway station.


first, website keywords. Micro enterprises suggest that you first on the site keywords scope, combined with the actual situation of the site to determine the selection of key words direction and scope, in the pre selected keywords, keyword index to choose smaller deployment, by small change big words in their oral language, that the site has such a transition period, it can be a very good website that enhance the stability. Keywords selection, do not frequently change, so there will be a very bad impression on the search engine, will be put on the web crawling spider – all data, make the site back to the sandbox, cause website ranking disappear, included stop phenomenon, also need to pay attention to the problem of keyword density, if the density is too high, it will lead site keywords stack, and the punishment of the search engine, even down the right site.

fourth, Links. In the new line, do not need to focus on this, because this site is not the so-called weight value to exchange website weight is not high also naturally no meaning until the website weight is higher, exchange can be appropriate for the Links, in exchange and the real time state of the other site, I >

third station link. The chain site is definitely a priority among priorities can not be ignored, in this paper we can through the anchor text form in the content deployment of natural keywords, the article page can be connected with each other at the same time to ensure the relevance of the anchor text keywords, avoid the title and content are inconsistent, resulting in decreased user experience the phenomenon of the chain can help improve the search engine full information in the station’s capture, promote the key role Promotion Station included.

for new sites, and a part of any mistake may cause a great disadvantage to the website, the website at the beginning of the line, the site is still not stable enough, so that there are many factors that affect the website, we need real-time combination of ZhengZhan, to all aspects of the site for a detailed analysis and summary.

second, the original article. Here suggest the webmaster to lose the value of your false original article is not high, even a day update original articles, the effect will be much better than those who do not have the quality of the article, in the article content, appropriate keywords into them, so as to enhance the website keyword weight, update the site information can very good for spiders to enter the station information at a fixed time in the new period, the grab, do not deliberately to avoid excessive site optimization, optimization of the phenomenon, the new station, is very bad.

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