With their own optimization method of enterprise operation station station optimization

second, enterprise website program selection. Many enterprise website using a free open-source program, this can be considered PowerEasy CMS, CMS and so on according to their own dream webmaster on the programming language to understand and grasp the degree of choice of their own good website program, this program must pay attention to the selection can generate static pages of the website program, not only can improve the access speed, but also very easy to search engine grab and included. Some of the industry or have considerable strength of enterprises can find the relevant website construction, website construction, one can clearly designed according to their own needs and style of the industry, and its security is relatively open source with high safety and stability, the maintenance is also very convenient. This program is the basic knowledge we choose according to the actual enterprises suitable for their website program.

first, the choice of keywords and layout strategy. Before an enterprise website, we must first have an accurate positioning of the site, well positioned around the basic keyword selection, keyword selection can refer to peer website, also can use some tools to love Shanghai Google index trend, there are some special kind of webmaster analysis tools we can go to the station look at this tool I think it is very comprehensive. We will be writing around the title keyword choose good keywords, keyword tags, writing, and writing description tags, here the author give an outline of the principle, concise title as far as possible, appropriate 2-3 include the main keywords, and will be the site of the slogan in them. Keywords tag should not stack to write many words, you can write a 1-3 keyword, the label weight has been reduced to very low, write more but will cause suspected of cheating. The total description of punctuation and words together, preferably not more than 80 Chinese Chinese characters. After doing the above we have to consider how to carry out effective layout of the key words I suggest in the website, column page to the main keywords for column headings, layout and optimization of the main keywords, channel topic page can be with a long tail word and auxiliary words related on the basis of layout and optimization, finally we optimize the main article page and the layout of the long tail word, let the long tail of the word brings more accurate higher conversion rate for our target customers.

with the development of electronic commerce enterprise website also intensified, A new force suddenly rises. like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, but I found that many enterprises website there are some internal problems more or less before the line, according to the experience and observation, some enterprises stand on the line after the station optimization do very well, update the basic content of some enterprise website there are some problems, the author has been engaged in the enterprise website optimization and maintenance work, with their own enterprises in the station optimization related experience in this respect and share with you.

third directory structure and optimize the site connection. The directory structure includes station connection layout, mainly in the station anchor text and text >

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