The optimization direction of 2014 enterprise website

so, in 2014 the enterprise website should be the direction of the flow, do first, after doing product. If it is a new web site, you can do a industry station, resolve user concerns, and popularize the knowledge of the industry, to get some traffic and rank, when you have a customer first, you have a certain flow, secondly, these groups, so the level of trust in us the site is relatively high, and if we at this time, add some products on the website, so this time the product conversion rate will be greatly improved, this time we can reach our sales goals, and we are on the shelf products, also can meet the 95% query data users, and this time can we meet the 5%, need to buy products to customers, so this time, we will be able to meet the 100% requirements of customers, so this time, our website does not arrange In the home, who can row on the home page

traditional enterprise website, is to sell products for the website, do search engine ranking. Is the first product, and then flow. This is very difficult, because the search engine will only take the user to can solve the needs of users on the site, while 95% of the users are access to information, and only less than 5% of people to buy products. If your site can only solve 5% human needs, is not possible to rank in the Shanghai home of love.


new year, then in 2014, the enterprise website should be how to optimize? Today, Yang Qiang is here to talk about their views.


first, we must be clear, we rely on the website optimization, what is? Obviously, the answer is the search engine! I think that everyone can understand, is also very clear that the purpose of search engine, is the people to the site, solve the needs of users. So the user needs to solve is the primary goal to do website optimization.

of course I just here simply said this optimization method, the specific optimization scheme, you also need to master the operation and practice in person for

search engine is how to profit? Take the love of Shanghai, there are two kinds of love Shanghai profitable way, the first is the love of Shanghai, tailored for the enterprise website promotion mode, second is the love of Shanghai alliance. So what is the purpose of our corporate website? Is the promotion of products, to sell products, to profit, which is equivalent to rob love Shanghai jobs, you think of love Shanghai will let you in the front row is obviously difficult?. This is not just a love of Shanghai is selfish, because your website violated love Shanghai ranked Objective: to solve the needs of users of


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hope you can seize the optimization ideas, in the new year, the website can get a good ranking


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