Think why in the chain is essential

, starting from the number.

here, Xiao Bian today from the Shanghai dragon point to tell you, why do you want to build the chain do? However, Xiaobian share is not what God theory, is only my personal view! If you also have their own views on this, to put forward the discussion.

right of the construction site, is helpful to improve the search engine on the web crawling efficiency index, from a certain extent, will also help website Oh! That is the premise of correct construction! Some editors in the construction of the chain, often ignore the relevant content, to give the chain this way, it is not good. After all, from the user’s point of view if he wants to get the information is certainly relevant, so webmaster in urging editors to send the article, must pay special attention to the construction of the chain of

a chain structure of the site, to a small series of feeling is that every single page, but this site for search engines, grab only caught a page, and then return home to continue to explore, we do not think this method is very inefficient? In fact, search engine the site also found the problem, so it is more love in those crawling chain structure rich site.

to some extent.



maybe you would ask Xiao Bian, these thoughts have the answers? In fact, who do not know what is the so-called standard answers, we can only according to the theory of knowledge to answer their doubts, then will follow the prescribed order execution of Shanghai Longfeng work, every day for the flow and head pain row. Although after thinking the answer is still we need rote, can be compared to the then unsuspectingly, at least now we know why to do this work, the performance of the work for the Shanghai dragon what is the meaning of

, isn’t it? ! The internal links Since According to the Hefei

when it comes to improve the web page ranking, usually starting from three aspects:

recruitment network Xiaobian reflected in the chain is from small series began to work at the beginning of Shanghai dragon ingrained deep in Shanghai Longfeng each practitioners, perhaps a lot of people do not know why to do within the chain, just because a lot of God said in the chain on the site optimization, good rankings, so he Pidianpidian start the construction of the chain in the journey. Of course, small in the beginning of Shanghai Longfeng work, did not consider why, a lot of work, such as writing articles and published every day, the construction of the chain are commanded to do because of the director. After almost two years of work in Shanghai Longfeng, small start thinking, in the daily work of Shanghai dragon why to do within the chain, why the construction of the chain and other issues.

2, in the chain, make the page ranking improved obviously

is correct!

1, inside the chain, let the spider crawling range more widely, the site also included will speed up a lot of Oh

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