Understand the website data analysis website development direction to guide


4. search terms


to operate a website only, must know how to analyze website statistics, because website statistics function not only convenient for you to see how many visitors to your site so simple, at the same time, statistical data can also I solve many questions. Below the author from the 7 aspects of cnzz using statistical tools to guide the website operation, a website as an example.


based on the search term view, we can view the user through which words came to the site, which can be based on this to dig on the long tail keywords. At the same time we can find user access to the website by some we do not think of the word, by the important factors of these words I can also study as user search habits.

2. web access time

data usually tell us how to design ","

statistical data can be found, how many different search engines over the flow from the site data, the main source of the website visitors in love Shanghai, so the station is more need to strengthen love Shanghai more optimization, to love Shanghai.

5. long visit and jump out rate of

from the map data, the website main flow from the external links that various marketing means or have a certain effect, and has direct access to the flow is not ideal, the user loyalty is low, the need to continue to strengthen. The search engine traffic it mainly depends on the content, from the data view, its content is deficient, the need to strengthen the optimization..


by visitors to the page stay time and bounce rate, we can analyze the needs of users, to analyze what the final page, which is over. So that we can according to the analysis of the page is optimized, and which should be placed on the home page and column.

from the above observation, we can analyze the user in the morning 9 points -11 points, at 14 points -17 points, the two times more active, then it can be extended according to this, because the visitors more active, more to promote vomiting effect. Similarly, in the auction promotion, can also be used as a reference.


analysis of search engine

6. browser access ratio of

1. traffic sources




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