When the original article is weak the chain effect is not obvious when the timely adjustment of str

Shanghai dragon and the search engine is a pair of quarrelsome lovers, Shanghai dragon new people in the first class, will be told: "Shanghai dragon is with search engine love!" in the editor’s opinion, Shanghai dragon in the search engine front, has been in a relatively weak position, no matter how when you are unable to please the search engine, will walk into a dead end, do not think Shanghai dragon. Especially recently, experienced a storm, 8.22 love Shanghai 6.28 update K station and storm in a week, a large number of websites have been punished right down, an uproar in Shanghai Longfeng community.

2. pseudo original. Never use pseudo original software, is based on a hot Internet theme, according to their own ideas, write a pseudo original article, in fact, it can be said that the original pseudo original. Although the same theme, but the wording is different. This article can be regarded as a quality article.

1. original

. According to the website of the industry, looking for large amounts of data, the depth of the original, create value to the users of the article, increase website viscosity.

love Shanghai wed2 statement explicitly put forward the collection site of the original article combat and love, in order to enhance the user experience as the starting point of thinking completely manifested. Along the way, changed the idea of a lot of Shanghai Longfeng, began to take the original article route, but also suffered the merciless punishment. Then, they asked: "why my site is the original article, also will be punished, and some large portal sites are collected are not punished?" for this, Xiao Bian believes that the original article also needs to have the quality of, for example, a tourist site. If all the articles are original, uniform is: "from XX to a travel route, what, how much money." This is the original article? What’s the attraction? What can bring to users? Love Shanghai in an official statement also clearly answer questions about the Shanghai dragon world, love Shanghai does not oppose the acquisition article, as long as it can bring good content to the user, is a good website. This time, a lot of Shanghai Longfeng confused, how is it? It seems that the love of Shanghai.

, the original article is weak.

3. proper collection. For some articles, you can make the appropriate acquisition, it can enrich the content of the website, giving users a good sense.

solution: This is not a contradiction, because love Shanghai the user experience is more important and its interpretation is perfectly logical and reasonable. Xiaobian that settled in the station, the need to proceed from the following aspects:

after the storm, more workers Shanghai Longfeng ponder. Have to find a cause from your own, where do bad, violated the search engine of the red line, causing the site to be punished. Small make up through the analysis of the punishment website, in-depth discussion from two aspects in the article and the chain:

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