The new station through the sandbox period case analysis and reasonable suggestions

new construction will begin experiencing a period of sandbox period, this is especially reflected in the love of Shanghai is more obvious, the author made 3 experimental site on the same server, now to talk about the 3 station to the railway station, the construction of sandbox experience and some advice, hope to help some friends.

: the first case in November last year, built a class type station. The domain name is used 1 years old spelling domain, this should be in love for Shanghai is an advantage. Because of their lack of experience, early in the website construction, website design in many places are not good. The analysis is as follows: 1, the website title written a problem, I put all the keywords high index as the site of title, the word is as high as 48 Chinese characters, and one of the key words, class 2 words repeated 8 times. 2, the mate tag is written very well, almost like title. 3, website template frequent changes. 4, the quality is not high, because this site is in collaboration with others, so the heart is not enough. This article from the Internet is almost complete. 5, the construction of the chain is normal. Especially friends to help me do the Sina blog chain within a month soared more than 200. But even this website for more than 1 months has not been included in the Shanghai love. After about 1 months of time to start included website.

first, Title Description and mate is very important. I believe that this love of Shanghai know you this site plays a decisive role.

second: the author makes a good words site in February. The domain name is the domain name spelling, the registration time of 2 months. The domain name is in the A5 to buy, should be registered, do not do the station can make nothing of it. Site title and mate tag syntax basic and class station. Because you are my station, and going to this station as his master, do a good job. It is noted in the choice, the chain is also engaged in, adhere to good. About 2 weeks after the start of Shanghai included love.

I understand the new fast through the sandbox period mainly pay attention to the following aspects:

third: Construction May one-time investment 2 websites. One is security, one is summarized. After half a year of Shanghai Longfeng self-study, have a very good understanding of me on the website optimization. The 2 station in title writing a lot of attention, keyword selection also have a very good understanding of. Pay attention to the website article originality and readability, but also attach importance to. In the chain of 2 stations didn’t do. 2 sites are included within a week. Included, I want to try under the influence of title on the new sites included, modify the security website title, the results of the second day snapshot stop, and now more than 1 weeks, I still adhere to the update, but still not included. Stay in the day to modify the home page snapshot.


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