Emlog station program is the key functional advantages outweigh the defects A new force suddenly ris

two: Emlog offers a variety of custom features, although relatively few larger blog site program, this custom function may not be so strong, but for the common application can totally realize flexible custom, such as some advertising plug-ins, plug-in can be flexibly customized, very convenient.

Emlog blog site program has a good site advantages, but its shortcomings are also obvious, especially the defects of the station optimization, through the re set optimization webmaster can achieve better, if using the default mode for the station optimization, the optimization effect of Shanghai dragon will not be very obvious, but also the following also introduced three kinds of defects,

three: the current related Emlog blog template free or very much, not only in the official website can provide a variety of free templates, there are many third party development company developed a lot of rich Emlog template, which solves many webmaster own custom template troubles, enhance the webmaster efficiency.

is currently free procedures of the station has a lot of, especially the independent blog site is even more so, WP, zblog are the current mainstream personal independence blog preferred, but recently in the independent blog site Emlog software on the market, with many years of accumulation and the advantages of the software itself has received many, many webmaster favorite even, has begun to gradually erode the traditional WP has a market share of Zblog, so many people in the industry, in surprise at the same time, technological innovation also have to admire Emlog’s creative. Here we have to analyze several advantages about Emlog itself has the.

Emlog: since launch at the beginning of the small size makes countless Adsense eyes bright, the program is just a few hundred K only, 1M not to, now in the station program continue to move closer to the 10M above, even hundreds of K procedures of the station, and the blog site program seems to be misfits is. This makes a lot of love is simple, little and dainty, and pay attention to the details of the owners delight.

: the current Emlog blog site of the program page can not be pure static, the present Shanghai Longfeng optimization, will undoubtedly have a lot of adverse effects, support pseudo static pages can also be Emlog though, but this function is palliative, only can optimize the function of Shanghai Longfeng a little improvement in Emlog, but far from pure static pages so powerful, and now a lot of mainstream WP and Zblog site program has supported the pure static, for this, Emlog developers will soon launch the latest version of the solution to the defects.

Although the

two: head meta tag Emlog default settings is not reasonable, for the website on the new page will automatically take the site title, which for Shanghai Longfeng optimization, search engine spiders will think site >

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