Hao Mingxia love Shanghai know drainage free blog guest skills

The next step is to know love Shanghai

‘s name is very important, and some of the more popular keywords or don’t take my name, the name of the example, the name for Hao Mingxia blog blog. Because the name of people is relatively not much, basically you for this blog, send some original articles, it would be easy to row to the first page of the first position, the name is very important, must be in the home on the first position. (before PS blog name best first love Shanghai is a popular word, to choose a certain can love Shanghai first name, this will be the key to know the love behind Shanghai. Nobody used the name is the best, why should we all know method)

said it is my method,

two, let the customer search directional your blog

first to ask you to promote issues related products, such as take the summer is coming, what is the word we search, I am a girl, of course, will think of sunscreen, you can ask about sunscreen to write a word.

The specific steps of

is a word or a name search volume is relatively small, basically in these you send a blog to 2 articles, can be quickly included, a problem to note here is, the hair must not take leveling, it is easier to be included, until the blog was collected, in addition to Taobao the guest promotion link and soft.

, create a search source

then the next day can you answer, the most important is the answer to the third party, the tone of the questions answered, "


The method of

blog for good, the next step is how to let Shanghai know love fast included problems.

with free blog as a guest, Taobao products, long before they have some friends in use, also has a lot of friends earn money. The method is very simple, here I simply said the next steps. At first, Sina, NetEase, Shanghai love space, Hexun, etc. these relatively high weight of the blog for free to apply for a blog, this I believe we will, but here to give you say next to my own way, a lot of friends love do the long tail word with a free blog, this method is also useful to me. But less can be routed to the front of the word, also need to constantly update later, shared today will soon see the effect, here for everyone to share is a relatively easy and simple method, you can also quickly earn money.

articles, the method is very simple, I take the question and answer mode, you can also take the group Friends of mutual assistance, it’s still much love Shanghai knew.

In fact, as long as the

love Shanghai know, I believe we are not unfamiliar, I believe that many novice veteran has done to promote experience in Shanghai love to know, this technique is also useful method for the establishment of the friends will not help will be greater, and this method can also be used to promote a lot of products, specifically under the following.

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