How to keep the site users to reduce out


when the user can read properly, what do they need? Why do you come to the website? Because users seeking to address the needs of what the user needs is full and the demands of professional information. Not only refers to many, including the types, quantity, a wide range of information. Professional means to obtain trust, authority, let the user feel here the most professional classification. So the content on the page information must be complete and valuable, can meet the various needs of users, no quality content on the website, what is false, even the best design good packaging that is an empty shell, if your site is full of garbage, you can stop here the optimization of the contents of the first back.


2. users need to

why is this the a commonplace talk of an old scholar in the first place, because this is really a big problem, a lot of all sorts of strange things pop really is to allow users to not stop, haven’t started reading was you playing go, or when you are looking for information to be continuous pop bother go. Not to say that the website don’t pop, just say you want to have a degree of all kinds of pop, and how to play, how to play, how many times must grasp, give the user a good reading environment, but also give yourself a chance.

1. reduced


website how to retain users to reduce jump out, improve the conversion has been a hot topic, a website can only truly attract and retain users is complete, since it is to keep the user, talking about how to keep users out of reduction before us first look at the user enters your website is how to read.


users do not read word for word and sentence for sentence all content, when users browse the web, open a new page, scan some text, and click on the first link interested him. In this process, there are a large number of users on the page area didn’t even read. Most users find his interest and can click on the content on the page, once found, click behavior will occur, but if the page does not meet the requirements, may soon shut down. The famous user F many people also know that the saccade region principle, the experimental results show that the user will first be in the upper horizontal browsing content area, then sight down after a distance in a small range of transverse view again. Finally, the user will do the longitudinal browse quickly in the content area on the left side, this has also formed a big F.

although the principle is not 100% accurate, single large to some extent reflects the browsing process, when it is clear that users in the "walk the saccade, and not all of the content on the page you are interested in, but not by you, the most important point of the user is very lazy, many things can not find not found.

well, look at how users browse the web, now return to the site how to retain users to reduce out of

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