Grassroots webmaster do local station of Shanghai Longfeng experience share


first, the domain domain name, use of time, with the correlation between core keywords, so I registered several domain names are the names included Larry domain plus prefix or suffix, such as Taizhou’s taizhou8贵族宝贝 and zjtaizhou贵族宝贝, PS, domain name registration must be calm, think twice before buying, to register the com, in addition to check the domain name history, and easy to remember, don’t like me are a bit too long, if money can buy a good domain name, Larry, area code, a good domain name let you twice. Safety procedures, otherwise the site can not access, data loss, flood of spam, the Shanghai dragon disadvantage, unfortunately I have been met, keywords ranking drop. The premise of access speed and other factors. To solve the problem for the record, I like the original station for the record, to spend a month before filing, the site is only accessible, weighted down badly.

second points, correlation, density, layout, a local station, first as far as possible the natural increase the names in the title, keywords, navigation, column, page tail and other places, for example, could have called the city group purchase group purchase channel, it can be changed to Taizhou could have called the group purchase, column today, it can be changed to focus on Taizhou, the end of the page contact, originally called contact us, it can be changed to Taizhou (station). Including message title time can add names.

I have a little experience where I do practice that Shanghai dragon share:

fourth points, content, relevance, practicality, quality, update frequency (cycle). The contents of the original is better, as far as possible high correlation and strong practicability, production method, content: 1, pseudo original, modify the title and text, collect relevant themes, collation, merger. 2, reprint of electronic documents, such as electronic newspapers, Internet is not how. 3, foreign language translation. 4, scan books and magazines, use OCR software to scan the image into Word text >

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third, outside the chain, the chain the quantity, quality, extensive and correlation. With more, is to do Links, like local station, first consider the local station, then is the same type of station. The chain can increase the text to the high quality of the site, there may be many reprint.

from the beginning of the 08 year do local station, then the station name is Taizhou information network, Shanghai dragon do good, love Shanghai search Taizhou ranked first, Taizhou second-hand real estate, Taizhou top three, PR5. Rely mainly on the day in and day out to You reap what you sow. But because the web application security, filing and other issues, then a bit downhearted, eventually gave up in the past year, re do a local station. It also missed the good opportunity, now do not stand in universities, more idle time, can concentrate on doing Shanghai dragon.

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