360 Wikipedia has open editing we quickly occupy your own field

currently has 360 China is the second largest search engine, and the momentum is growing, another point is 360 search user groups are white users. It is easy to believe that the white users of online content, so we in the Encyclopedia of advertising than love Shanghai should be more valuable. But here it should be noted that 360 entries will not be included in the love of Shanghai, you don’t expect a chain of sex in Shanghai, if you are a little mind to do this 360 encyclopedia words believe will make you disappointed. Do 360 encyclopedia is the best to do the promotion, advertising, rather than rely on it to do outside the chain, the chain there are many ways, and do the promotion is not much, now the 360 encyclopedia is a godsend.

I think this two days to put important keywords our industry occupied all the 360 encyclopedia, but here is a bit to explain, at present I tested a few words, 360 search and none of the 360 entries were included. Some of them just before those who edit their own high-quality entries included, but I think it is only a matter of time. We first do the content, the next thing is to come. Do this kind of thing is very simple, as long as the love of Shanghai, the key words in your industry Sogou search, can put all the Related words in your industry are searched out, and then copy and paste work, of course, we must in our website advertising, rather than simply leaving a link.

We know that the weight of

At present,

is due to the 360 encyclopedia just on the line, so everything is in a blank period, the special needs of content. So the 360 entries especially easy to pass, I tested a few key words yesterday, did not think through all. And it is very easy to leave your links, only one link some advertising, 360 Encyclopedia also let me pass, but the link is removed, other words are safe with the link. The 360 Encyclopedia for visible content is a kind of hunger, so the audit can be said is very relaxed, now is the best time to occupy the 360 encyclopedia, in the future with the entry increase, I believe will become more and more strict.

is very high, in the major search engines above can be ranked in the front position, the most familiar than the love of Shanghai encyclopedia, but the love of Shanghai is very strict audit. For example, some medical entries cannot edit, Wikipedia is crucial for search engine, search engine is a moat important, like Shanghai blocked 360 search crawl, this 360 get depressed, 360 fight to decide their own encyclopedia, 360 just do the test when they are inside the some important words, you know this thing to rely on everyone to work together, so recently the 360 Encyclopedia has been open for everyone to edit.

as long as your advertising other too naked on the line, but the author is not tested in the end is not artificial.

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