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the summer of 2011, YAHOO staff will be busy with organic search site was transferred to the Microsoft platform, in the transition period, from Microsoft’s Bing website management tool provides Site Explorer services. Now the transfer has been completed, Microsoft webmaster tools is the only source of Bing and cover site data and analysis.


organic search results is provided by Microsoft, YAHOO will continue to provide an innovative network to Internet users search experience.

after running for six years, YAHOO announced the closure of its popular Site Explorer webmaster tools in November 21, 2011. Site Explorer this service allows the site administrator or optimize the staff view site in YAHOO search index information, the final results from YAHOO and Microsoft alliance.

Microsoft’s Bing team has added several new features in 2011, including detailed site traffic statistics and reports, as well as a promising function of inbound links. The new analysis is currently in development, including the use of YAHOO search will use details.

Although YAHOO’s

September 29, 2005, YAHOO launched Site Explorer, with its simple, and easy to use interface by the webmaster to love. This service gives tools of its own web site and the rival owners a convenient optimization. YAHOO Site Explorer gave a lot of network marketing personnel famous enlightenment. The famous optimization tool developers Shanghai Longfeng Moz Rand Fishkin received one of Genesis YAHOO inspired established Linkscape index, etc.. YAHOO paved the way for the third party to the optimization tools, many of which are more advanced and useful than Site Explorer. His founder Tim Mayer said: "I was always very excited, especially when people upgrade Site Explorer to get more features:" he continued to search engine focused on user is very important, but also to focus on the development of the webmaster tools. I also see the future for these tools still have a lot of opportunities to improve and progress. The rural education resources sharing network 贵族宝贝edu.cuncun8贵族宝贝 compiled reproduced please indicate the source.

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