first_imgSharing a case study at Apollo, Vohra says, “Social mediaSharing a case study at Apollo, Vohra says, “Social media is also triggering relationship breakdown in many cases. A 17- year-old girl came to us after she was harassed by her ex- boyfriend over Facebook. So much so that the girls family had to file a police complaint against the boy, who has become obsessed with her.”He says besides triggering anxiety, depression and self- destructing tendencies, social media platforms have also led to people suffering from “body dysmorphic disorder”.”So we had a 21-year-old girl who was brought to us, who insisted that her nose was imperfect and tried rhinoplasty despite the fact it was alright. Constant bombardment of images on social media, peer pressure and selfie-culture has engendered this narcissistic behaviour that borders on psychological disorders,” Vohra says.Ganga Ram Hospitals Kumar says she gets “cases where young people especially adolescents come to me complaining they have suicidal tendencies and ask what they should do. After going through their history, one realises that many of them had some sort of harassment or bullying on social media.”A 24-year-old Delhi-based professional, who did not wish to be identified, says, “There is this culture of unwanted tagging with nasty posts on Facebook and trolling on Twitter that the social media culture has spawned. I myself have been its victim, so I know.”Though I think social media is a tool to network and be in touch with people who are far off, but excessive use of it is affecting people in a bad way.”advertisementVohra says “social media also has become a platform for catharsis for the youth.”It is an open and free forum, and many of them see this virtual place where they can let out their pent-up emotions or rent anger. Many also post suicide notes on Facebook before claiming their lives, so, it has both pros and cons. And one has to use it judiciously.”Sagar at AIIMS says, the only way forward is to educate the youth when they are in school. “Just like we do it for cigarettes and alcohol use, I think there should be an education and counselling programme in schools for social media too. Since, we are living in a digital era, we cannot say we should divorce ourselves from social media, but we can learn to adapt it the right way.”The World Mental Health Day theme by the UN this year is –Dignity in Mental Health — Psychological & Mental Health First Aid for All.”Social media has taken over real socialisation. Playgrounds are shrinking and children are more into internet gaming then outdoor sports which is a cause of concern… Majority of mental health patients dont seek treatment, just about 10-15 per cent do. That is mostly because of the stigma attached to it,” Sagar says. PTI KND ZMN RCJlast_img

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