Analysis of details of the main points of website weight stability during the Spring Festival

second, prepared for the original site. Now the network is very to, in the holidays website update is very difficult, because the Spring Festival is coming and everyone is very busy, zouqingfangyou who also wrote the mind! But small there is a coup, we can in the new year before the holiday a few days to write some original article, send to our Q the mailbox, during the holidays can come in handy. Now the network is developed, both in the countryside and the city, as long as the network we can update their web sites, articles prepared in advance, can not prevent the working state of our festival, not writing, which led to the renewal of stagnation, decline caused by weight.

first, before the Spring Festival as much as possible to exchange some quality links for the web site. We know that the weight of the website optimization stability many times due to the stability of the chain, and the relevance of the site of Links is very important for the optimization, as a webmaster must in the holidays come before their site links, check them, to see if there is no death and cheating links, secondly, for the website in exchange for some good quality related Links is very important in the festival these days come before, we do it every day with some peer contact webmaster, the quality of their Links enrich.

fourth, do website safety precautions. The fourth can be said to be a very important point, safety is the life of the website, if all is ready, we site did not take into account security issues, may cause the loss is very great, mainly on the station to backup the entire site the day before the holiday, do security work of the site, such as file read and write permissions settings, contact the space business to Trojan virus prevention measures, for many open source site timely updates etc.. The Spring Festival is coming, we can’t only shop in the festive.


we all know, the holidays are the most difficult period for the website, especially more than seven days of holidays, the Spring Festival is to relax, we as a webmaster in the inventory of a year of harvest at the same time also consider our website maintenance plan for next year, during the Spring Festival holiday we should pay attention to the enterprise website details of the

third, prepared a number of high-quality original soft Wen promotion for submission. This truth and update the same, website content is very important, the chain can not be ignored, on occasion we will have a holiday, in addition to some of the original article, can be properly prepared about 3 articles of the original text, about 7 days of our holiday two days for a time node, publish the article prepared to the webmaster Shanghai dragon net, why, tui18 and other industry-leading Webmaster Platform, these platforms will generally have the staff, they will promptly review the manuscript, although we had a vacation, but the extension continues, the effect of propagation of the soft is in doubt, you only need to release, many owners of such platform will take the initiative to reprint, outside the construction of the chain problem we can smoothly done or easily solved.

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